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  • Hey, person you see next to me amazed me.

  • And I think she will amaze you too.

  • Hi, my name is Sharon Barack because this person is solving the plastic pollution problem.

  • Yes, this problem.

  • It's no secret by now that plastic is hurting the environment.

  • Every year we produce 300 million tons of plastic and 50% of that single use plastic like this.

  • You use it once for a few seconds, you throw it away and it stays in nature for hundreds off years in the forest and in the oceans, causing harm to everyone.

  • Single use plastic is a problem, and that's where Sharon comes in.

  • This chemical engineer used to work at a plastic company until she quit to go sold the plastic problem.

  • After years of research and hard work, she made a unique product that looks like plastic that function plastic.

  • But it's not really plastic because this product, it's not plastic it'll but it looks and feels like one.

  • So how many materials did you makes?

  • So when you put her product in the water with dissolves within minutes after you finish using and you throw it away, it will just go back breakdown in bio degrading nature.

  • It really plastic stays the same.

  • Her product is so environmentally friendly that even when it disappears in water, you can still drink it from this material.

  • She can make plastics for packaging, for food, covering for bottles for anything.

  • And when it works, it really has the potential yourself, this problem and make the world.

  • Now Sharon has assembled a team here in Israel to take over the world with her invention.

  • And it's so exciting, you know my way.

  • She is eight months pregnant and together with her partner is working every single day to make the world better for her Children.

  • See you next week.

  • It hasn't been done for.

Hey, person you see next to me amazed me.

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