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  • the following video is about a guy.

  • Hey, who is the fastest to save your life?

  • But first, let me tell you what the problem is.

  • Imagine you're in a remote area.

  • You get a heart attack and you call an ambulance for that ambulance to get to you, it has to drive away through traffic and narrow streets on by the time it gets you are dead.

  • This'd is how millions of people die every year.

  • Ambulances are just not fast enough.

  • And that is scary.

  • I think I met this guy.

  • Hi, My name is Elie.

  • Beer.

  • This'll guy found a unique way to sold the ambulance problem.

  • Here is how it's very simple.

  • The ambulance is too big.

  • So, Ellie, use e motorcycle and called it and and your cycle instead of am buoys.

  • Ellie found volunteers regular people just like you and me teacher, the engineer and the student.

  • He trained them for months.

  • Give them medical supplies and an ambulance, and he let them go back to their normal life.

  • And every time someone calls for help, his technology finds the closest volunteer that can help.

  • Think of it like uber.

  • But this is for free and we say lives.

  • They drop whatever they're doing, arrive on the scene and give medical care until the big ambulance shows up.

  • This'll is how the difference between life and death looks like the 1st 3 minutes are the most important to save a life.

  • Eli's system is so fast that any phone call is answered in three seconds or less and show up in three minutes or less.

  • In most cases, we show up 90 seconds or less.

  • So by the time you spent watching this video somewhere is already at your house, saving your life.

  • This'll is the fastest medical emergency service in the world and the cheapest because it's entirely three.

  • The way our team is 5000 volunteers, and it's all sponsored by donations.

  • It's an organization that's 100% politics free, 100% cost 300% amazing and 100% human people of different backgrounds volunteer to join Ellie, Steam medics, the Jews, Muslims, Christians and everyone else sitting here united between ultra Orthodox.

  • All of them dedicated their time to save others, regardless off religion or race, and overall they saved over 3.5 million people.

  • My own father had a heart attack.

  • First volunteer who came to save him was a Muslim.

  • Volunteer was nearby and my father is Jewish.

  • My dad.

  • Get toe the tithe fast person.

  • Tell him the fastest response.

  • Waas from a Jewish volunteer on my dad is a Muslim.

  • What you're looking at is a group of people who came together under one organization called United Hot Sala to rise above politics above money above raced above religion just to save lives.

the following video is about a guy.

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