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Oh, they were making Swedish pancakes.
That's right.
American pancakes.
What is this disgusting?
Swedish pancakes was one of the first things I learned to make in terms of cooking.
It's very simple.
Anyone can make it.
And older, sudden you were realized.
These are the best pancakes you could make.
All other pancakes fail in comparison is not right.
She says.
Yes, with so much confidence, I'm watching over because I'm so tall.
Look at this.
So All right.
Thanks, Flower.
My sisters were used protein powder as far.
Oh, my game.
It is illegal.
Uh, butter.
So milk.
And then you put the game.
My tip.
It's the talent pancakes.
This is probably one of the hardest things for me to accept with our marriage that wants to put you put, Dan, you put jam.
You should try and stop shifting.
Kept the best thing about this recipe.
My that recipe pancakes every Sunday and his mom.
Thanks for the memory.
Weakest Well, so it's sweetest tradition and switch pancakes often get mixed up with cracks.
No, no, we're not making friends.
Well, people think street beggars.
The recipe is from actually my dad said the recipe is from like a Donald Duck magazine recipe.
You guys read.
Don't look.
I know the Swedish epic thing.
Get someone with Donald.
The recipe is so easy because you can remember it in your hands.
100 milliliters.
One this leader, British people.
I hate you.
Why you do this?
Okay, I'm just gonna I'm gonna skip the protein.
It's too complicated.
My brains confuses.
Two liters flower being not best leader.
So I have to just bang.
This is for two people to eggs.
Remember that to two main being bang bomb one.
I was watching.
This was great.
Are you making Swedish bank X touch?
My family I robbed free to thank it.
They're not like those French scraps and those crappy American warns Thank you there.
Thank you.
They're only wrong.
Uh, cricket.
Next up.
Get milk.
I don't usually drink milk, but I want to be true to the recipe.
It's afford this.
Liters of milk 2 to 4.
That's when you gotta remember.
So this is 250 someone four.
Yeah, I'll do a little less in your mind.
Yes, a little bit of salt.
It's important not to forget the song.
I used to be just like that.
Okay, that looks good.
Now we wish this baby.
I remember my dad was whisking like this, and I was like, That's so cool.
I wanted to make sure your whiskey properly.
Look at this technique.
My dad would be proud.
My grandma would put a sour milk instead of regular milk.
I don't think you have some amount in UK, but it's really good.
It sounds, but it's good.
I think this is too much flour.
I heard this was an animate I've been watching at work.
This will be in slow motion.
My God, must he's risking so good.
How does he do it so well?
Uh, are you impressed?
That looks nice.
And even no bits of flour in there.
Just pure love.
Actually, I should have heated up the banks to be fair.
Science has helped make plans go quicker.
Then when I was so I probably put way too much butter but way don't have a spatula.
We used to have to One day.
One day I throw away what we don't mean.
Wow, we're getting there.
You get a little quick.
I want to put on the things that will be to just imagine sign anything.
Yeah, Yeah.
Spread out the butter.
What's so funny?
I'm making pancakes.
You want to make sure that spread out evenly across so that it doesn't stick to the cash once you flip it and you want this golden golden you want that?
Give it another extra waste.
Okay, then you pour it.
This is very important for from the center there, make sure it's even beautiful.
I think I put too much.
Oh, damn it.
I mean the same thing on the other one.
Now to think now, not today.
These are American pancakes.
Not supposed, but they're not thin, like rep.
Steven, look at this battle.
Now wait.
Build one of Sweden called Stone.
Oh, but this is already getting finished.
Is it too hot?
You're still showing the other one.
What do you do?
Have this flower?
Yeah, that's normal.
That's extra flavor.
As I recall, a flower kick quick, a leading got better flower in my mind.
I want to check on the neck.
Oh, look at that.
A look at this.
Get to see this.
That's actually pretty good.
I was thought it was so cool when people flip the pancakes just a little bit more.
I'm so I mean, I'm not.
I know what I'm doing.
Pranking doesn't work out about the shape of Oh, no.
But I scared him.
Patience is the key off the mastering of Swedish pancakes.
It's like watching a flower.
So if you do the recipe to To eggs to flour and four mils, that's where two people, if you want to increase the amount you do three x three fire six milk war for fire for Yeah, I understand.
Thank you.
I don't want Okay.
You ready for the first flight?
Think we're ready, but beautiful.
I like my little browner.
You like the liner, so this will be yours.
Thank you.
You look like a weird shape.
Fat America something.
That's right there.
They're Seattle.
I never Seattleites now.
Thank you.
Looks like a little crab leg.
Just like a tank.
Oh, that's a number.
I can say this.
Oh, you know God, What is that?
Doesn't this make you hungry?
I bet chefs are watching this How would you do?
Oh, I think this one is ready for a But this is my only pancake.
I'll eat it.
3 60 baby.
That's how you know game.
All right, It's ready.
We'll take Yeah.
Oh, that I never really What is this one gonna look like?
Okay, make them.
This is a monster.
I don't know what that looks good.
Just some.
So many more time.
Something later.
I remember.
You can only eat this for breakfast or lunch.
If he this for been there.
There's something wrong.
When I was a kid at birthday, parties would sometimes give us pancakes for dinner.
And I was always like, That's illegal.
Oh, that looks good.
Could be more simple, but yeah, it's alright.
This one looks okay.
This is my 1st 1 That's why I put yours on this moment.
I'll put mine.
How about that?
You want to tell him you put your no show?
I mean, look at that.
So beautiful.
Pretty Yeah.
Eso even.
That's normal.
That's no, that's normal.
Yeah, There's bulls inside.
It's a Swedish cooking.
Pickney cold for, like, step over.
Be mine.
because I failed, man, make sure they're round.
It Looks like a guy hates his life.
Ooh, that's beautiful.
You want this?
Excuse me?
Just in time.
Just a little bit Bang by singing.
Why these so symmetric?
Okay, there's I open the jam.
Not even a problem.
You're being my mom.
And you spreading across like Dex.
Known Attallah?
No stupid Sarah.
No stupid.
It'd be.
And then you roll that clip, you roll it.
Oh, that looks good.
Kind of beautiful.
And I think this is beautiful.
That's pretty.
Not a whole pancakes or seek the same.
Just like people being.
Yeah, like I'm doing your thing a little burnt, but, you know, that's like, there we have it in all its glory.
Swedish pancakes.
Look, how much better mind look that much?
You help the bay with presentation.
Just a tiny bit.
For the taste test, also, you gotta have milk with a important you can't drink water.
I don't care if you're like toes in town give You don't care about your fake banking again.
First way go.
Oh, down after.
Thank you.
That takes me back Swedish pancakes.
You should try it It's good.
Any name American?
But it got named Good God damn it.
So good.
I miss that.
What is that?
Why does it taste so good with banking so good?
All right, that's it, folks.
That's the recipe.
Post your version off this recipe on the ready.
I want to see what you guys made us.
Well, I hope this was epic.
Of course it was Swedish pancakes.
And I see you guys tomorrow in another video, Hato, 80 Children of nine.
It's time to raise what was one for gotten creatures.
Fox pelts and prove troops awaits.
He is coming dough, then dead.
And remember, it has a very big KP preorder promotion.
I mean, way.
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Swedish Pancakes Is The ONLY WAY TO MAKE PANCAKES!

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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