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(mysterious voice in unknown game)
(Original intro)
more original intro...
it going bros? (good!)
New playthrough excitement! (YAY! ??)
Yay, horror games i love when felix play horror games and gets scared.
Agony everybody! A game where you go through hell.
We played the demo. I'm sure nothing will be wrong with getting this game monetized at all.
Let's begin.
What the hell!
Too many questions.
Just let me play. Thank you
It's extremely loud, this game. nevermind (laughs).
It's supposed to be pretty intense so please guys please, watch this with a parental...guardian.
I wonder what i did to enter hell.
Sounds like Brad is doing the voice acting.
It's extremely loud.
oh not ruined bones!
Pewds: Yuck!
This is a strange rollercoaster.
Jacksepticeye's butthole everybody.
What an intro everybody.
It keeps going.
Here we go, and we get to the start of game
It runs.. smoothly.
I don't know, why anyone cares. I guess, we came, from the butthole and now we have to like go through..
All of his intestines and stuff that's pretty gross. Wow this place is dope!
Look at this!
Damn honestly, not sure if i would mind going to hell. This looks pretty cool.
At least, you know, i can appreciate the aesthetic of this place. I could be.. ay that's...
This is a pretty neat-looking place.
'E' to interact with objects, okay i can do that.
Got it! (good job mate)
Aw geez, when was the last time i had a shower?
Yucky, ducky, duck boi. I just realized i can probably turn off..
toby eye tracking!
I don't have it here, damn it.
Uhh I know you- i can turn, off some of the more graphic stuff.. i just-
Listen i don't care. This is the rules of youtube.
Well i guess not, okay. Geez at least it was worth a shot alright.
Damn look at it.. look at the bones. Incredible how many people must have died here. Probably a lot of people (chuckles).
I'm a genius. All right, look at that. I don't know why i did that but i just did it.
Make it more cozy in here. Light a scented candle, yaknow?
You know, i'm gonna go ahead and say it.. So far, hell has not been that bad.
I don't get the discrimination of how everyone says, 'oh you'll go to hell', not that bad. Press 'F' to cast an astral link.
Show the next goal, but use it wisely; it has limited resources.
I didn't even want to click it.
You tell me it's a limited resource and I just wasted it. You think I can't figure out-okay, I need to go where?
Just kidding, this way got it, i got it.
Where did my torch go? Ah right, I burned it. Forgot about that.
This is going good.
It's going pretty well. Make an offering at the altar. Is this the altar?
This looks like bioshock. Something's missing here. Alright, what's in this one? nothing.
You gotta find jack's (jacksepticeye) nutsack.
(ghostly whining in the distance) HEY
That was a joke i'm sorry, game.
Ew. this is some trypophobia type of shiz
I like how i'm playing this game and AAHHHHH
i'm alive. it's just very hard to see.
I'll probably lit up the gameplay for you guys, but i see nothing but blackness.
Okay, so back, save, yes, why-
This looks awful now, i like it. Oh okay, now i can see where actually, where i'm going.
Oh I fell from down there (chuckles).
It was impossible to tell. Oh i ran out of stamina.
Oh i found the- (squishing slimy sound) EWW
There you go. Oh that sound..
Terrible. Alright guys, so does everyone that goes to hell have to like prove themself with puzzles?
It's like i'm not worthy.. if anything i should just stay here right? Oh not enough, not enough hearts for you, huh
okay, fine i did saw one- WOOP(jumps in the water)
lil swim
A note.. i don't wanna know.
Must be another way down there.
Ow, ow that really hurts. What's up? What is this? Ew! Hey! (chuckles)
How, you doing? high five? no? fine, that's fine. All right let's check down here
What was that?
Nothing. Fantastic. Well you've been most useful.
Whoa, oh of course i forgot i had this thing.
Why, well i don't know, how, to tell you but i can't go through there so
Perhaps, i need, to jerk him harder you know. Come on i'm charging
OhHH jeSus! Oh my god, dude, like..
Hey he had legs how, about. I thought it was just without everything. Okay, well i guess we're going down here instead.
Maybe not! (laughs)
Abandoned prison everybody, okay, that's fine. Reminds me a bit of dark souls you know. You start off as this..
disgusting peasant
Which is not much different, from me, waking up every day.
(woman screams and whines "NOO, NOO!")
i'm sure she's fine.
(monster barking, fighting and screaming sounds)
I take that back. I take that back i'm sorry (laughs).
Wow jesus, my own shadow scared me. I'm a little spooked out, how about that.
Yucky, duckie!
How you doing There you're right, you alright carrying that you alright you need, that you need a hand
You need, a hand for that
Appreciate it buddy appreciate it hey there's a heart excellent
Flew into, my hand let's just
Yeah all right, why not
Why, why, the heck not
You can set things on fire price
okay, it's dangerous lesser creatures bigger demons will be attracted so remain cautious, okay i
Feel pretty good not gonna like you know it's all about attitude so you're in hell
Huh, what are you, gonna do cry, about it it's not gonna help. Anyone that's totally fine i suppose i'm supposed to
Burn this i just right-clicked and it took me out of the game
Heck, yeah, guys, we're so smart on this channel figuring out puzzles left, and right see hell is easy i don't know
Why, people complain so much
Can you, burn it already jeez i don't have all day out, now i'm on fire
What happened here alright let's
Okay, alright shadow people that's all i got from them
I'm not a big fan of reading in video games
Not my thing
Takes, me out of it too much i bet this is his pubic hair
The 2012 pewdiepie sex jokes is back everybody how, about that let's squeeze?
Through, here that's right yeah nice and tight i like that are you doing, oh you look, good man you look
Good me see you later buddy nice is there a baby, oh, oh look at this the gates of hell how, about that
oh i escaped i
Escaped everybody how are you top of them on and this is fantastic this is jason is it raining?
What is it raining ah?
Yucky, ducky that's a mouth hey can you stop all right this. Is getting it's getting a, little gross
Okay, i'm burning down this
for reasons unknown
I just like to see things burn you know (Some Men Just Want to Watch The World Burn)
surprising lack of fire in hell i will say i will say that i know bit controversial
Oh, wow there she there you are
She looks different bye
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, oh god what is that?
Whoa, that's creepy?
i'm not sure, where i'm headed i
Like how, the game doesn't yeah
Why i did not, ask, for that that is super gross
Begone t word hey ate what that where'd it go, oh?
geez, ha
Ha, ha got him all right where'd i come from
What is this, oh it's? Some guidance?
Unlock content in the main menu yes
Yes, my, favorite thing
Okay, we can, squeeze through here
We're, back in the prison
How's it going here guys, how, we all doing in this place so now, we can burn down
let's follow, this
Make it easy for us so
Hey, we got to talk to you how. You doing buddy, hey, do you like it here as, well
rotting here because of you, what did i do i
Don't remember you i should, have killed you when i had the first chance
Man you seem real upset
Frying Isn't as bad as burning i suppose
bring me the torch
Well whatever you say, big boy
all right these are torch places i
Gotta, say him join this game so far
It's pretty cool here you go buddy
sun of a, what the hell excuse me the language can, we
what you called my mom
ba t word i
mean if we word sorry i get him confused
Well that was fun that, was pretty cool i really enjoy that
Okay, now we can go here alright dude you had an exit what an idiot what
An o look, we're here where i thought it saw in the beginning i am like the smartest in old time universe
My, god i don't get enough for rewards in life
Hey, that's not what i meant to do shh be quiet, oh?
God i'll be going, now i'll be going now. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
Okay i go this way thank you, oh?
I don't like this
Jesus, sorry i just thought of a random memory had nothing to do with, what just happened i don't get scared
By, video, games like a child i wasn't that bad see, we made it
No, problem at all
Fantastic look at this display system there is no fire i will accept this but
Forbidden fruit for many it's a sinful item but for you it's something special you can
Use it in the skills menu to upgrade a skill only their forbidden fruit name is you drop you to your soup. Thank you
Have an apple
Yeah that's definitely, that's definitely how you ear apples, ok sooo skills
Reduces level of sound increases the time the player can hold their breath, give the player the ability to survive weak attacks
Will go with sound because, when i played the demo,
That, was like, my, main issues they, they just spotted, me so easily wow that's a cool maze
All right, we got the fruit, what do i do now?
I'm not just, gonna, jump like, some crazy crazy
Sometimes you need to take a, step forward what the freak game
That was awesome smash that like button right now
Aw geez
Who's laughing i'm not laughing that, was hey it's an upside-down heart
Find this sigil to unleash the ritual okay i think i remember this you have to like draw it or something yeah
Yeah yeah, pop po oupuopo
Hey, look it's a pineer
And i need, to draw, that all right so, we need to find it somewhere how. You doing buddy, oh did you see unite
Okay, they react to any sudden movement as if they saw. Everything
Once i saw one of them give up the chase lord meet because if i had was more alluring
Maybe he just wanted to warm himself
There is something in fire that attracts. These, beasts i
Wouldn't be come to a, dance to that joel that's the cool, game mechanic to attach to fire
we would have better chances
Okie-dokie, hey, what's one of these? Oh god they scare, me alright so be careful
Yeah, yeah i forgot about that part
Sheesh, jeez guys you hang it up here or two have to find this sigil
this, could be it
I'm pricing to look at it but it didn't
but ivlu, oh is that that's a sigil, isn't it it's a v
Right there has to be it alright, let's just try and draw a V through this
Okay, please guys, don't make fun of me, my painting skills that's all right
Yeah, yeah except
hooray, yeah
Dope dabbing skill
So smart so smart thank you guys you need at least a couple IQ to play this game i did not press that
Okey-dokey, you coming with me
Scala take it it's scully everyone remember him from amnesia
Demon's rely on different sensys study your enemy environment to use it in to manage press ALT to hold your breath
We gonna end the episode there
Thank, you guys for watching part one of agony if you
Want more let me know and leave a comment and all the likes that you leave it will really help
Support, that thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you in the next one stay awesome
Brochachas (my lovely brothers - in Mexican)
to be continued
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6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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