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  • So, Tell me something about yourself...

  • about me, I'm a pretty shy guy

  • LOL

  • I love anime and photoshop.

  • My favorite ones are pretty DARK.

  • What are your thoughts on incest?

  • ohh

  • oh no-- ouhh..

  • oh, Don't say it.

  • Don't say it, Felix.

  • Don't you mean wincest?


  • GOD DAMMIT i can't do this anymore

  • Well, I think it's a good time to end it there.

  • Thank you guys so much for watching!

  • But...You know what?

  • You know what? FUCK IT! I'm gonna go and say it.


  • I'm proud.

  • I watch anime and I'm proud!

  • If you don't like it, you can GO!

  • BYE!

So, Tell me something about yourself...

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B2 PewDiePie anime god dammit dammit proud incest

dont say it. . . . . . .. . . . .

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/01
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