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wHaT's uP gUyS iT's mE
aNd wELcOme tO aNoThEr ViDeO
LwIaY eVeRyBoDy, lwIaY!
[Depressing music]
Cool let's just jump into it, guys.
Let's jump into it.
First of all
[Depressing music again]
[This song is overused now]
Have I not said this before?
Have I not told you guys?
There's a thi- , I don't know if you know about this
There's a thing going on
Me versus T-series
This Indian channel is taking over.
It's crazy.
Like where did they come from?
Out of nowhere
We gotta make it to a hundred (million)
We gott- , we gonna make to 100 mil and then we gonna dab on them,
And that's how we know we win it.
Keep subscribing or else you'll be sorry.
Keep subscribing or else you'll be sorry.
Let's review this week's LWIAY, everyone
YouTube's favourite show
That's right
GOD DAMN This fan art is absolutely-
INCREDIBLE , Jesus Christ
We have Elon-chan carrying dead Felix-san
*laughing* god damn
Look at that *laughs*
That is the most incredible-
gawd damn
What's the- What's the artist?
Leonardo Vincent
god damn
now ?that's ?doing ?your ?part?
I want a print of this, that's so sick
Camera quality of a 77 year old man with 137 subscribers
Camera quality of the Richest and most subscribed youtuber
i'll let you in on a little secret
it's not me
who messes up the camera quality
it's my editors
and I know my editors are sitting there
I don't know Brad or Sive.
goin' oh *mocking*
look , look at this
do you see this high quality camera that I have right here(*Trying to show the camera*)
you can't see it right(ummm ofc pewds)
you just saw it for a second
I'm not joking , I have *laughs*
I know it seems like I'm lying
but I have this high quality camera
but anytime I send over the footage , It looks like garbage
hello everyone it's me Aloona Larionova
I genuinely don't have any Idea how he manages to make the footage look so bad
Um when I look
here is the information on his video quality
it's a MPEG Movie
it's 1080 , frame rate of 30 ,there's nothing here
that is technically wrong
it's only one point four nine giga bytes
for about
25 minutes of footage
I am recording on a Webcam
at 720p
through OBS
it's the same process that he uses
and yet my quality looks like that
and his looks like that
so it's not me, and it's not Sive.
i don't know how he does it and after five years
i've stopped trying to figure out
of what he's doing over there
i just take the footage and go
that's what he's given me and I edit it in to something
Thanks, bye!
We should all subscribe to Marzia and give 10 Million Diamond play button
as a Wedding Gift to her from 9 YEAR OLD ARMY
*hysterical claps*That is so SWEET
i think...it's not the camera,it's just Pewds himself
it's not in HD
this is what i'm talking about
it's not the camera, I care about quality guys...
it's one of my most important aspects of the video
i say if the camera quality is not good enough, we cut
i always say that.....And my editor TESTimony
Thank you(No worries)
9 year old in normal vi... ..Pewds video....
9 year old when Marzia(*jealous laugh*) is in a video
*Meme*Is It Me or Is none of these people nine
Hey I'm just sayin
Elon Musk is lurking in this very subreddit everyone say hi ELON(....BIG FAN....)
Maybe host MEME REVIEW...or something like that(*Laughs at his own jokes*)
I made an intro for meme review
grapefruitbush(VERY COOL)better than my own editor
HELLO everyone it's me again, I've already forcibly injected myself into the video once and might as well do it again
fun story
When he did that first meme review, I thought it was just gonna be that one video
i didn't know it was gonna be...like the MOST FAMOUS SERIES of all time
and the best most highly rated Youtube Series EVER...
and so I just did ...."THAT"(*impressed*)
.....that's good enough
Pewdiepie shopping at BnQ,That's right
Nice meeting you James...with a Z
I met a lot of other people there
and i always get the same question
Why are you here?
*CRIES ANGRILY*Same reason.....why you are here
I have to go outside sometimes
i know It's crazy
i don't just exists...As a metaphysical being(*New Word 9 yr olds*)
Inside a YouTube Video
If T-Series surpasses Pewdiepie...........*YOu can read that on your screen*
Most subscribed to Minecraft streamer......That's One i'm very proud of (We are too)
It means a person who complies the best meme collection....well it's mostly BRAD so...yea
AWWWWW And the oscar for the best acting goes to PEWDS*Cringe reactions*
that's so sweet
i mean i appreciate it THANK YOU VERY MUCH(WELCOME PEWDS)
But....(Here it comes)
This is the kind of language of ...someone admitting
DEFEAT*intensifies WAR music*
There will be no BROFIST for this epsiode (Noooo) (oh well but do we still get them though...i wonder)
for this kind of attitude
i know it might seem
a little harsh coz this is a heartfelt
genuine message
but i cannot condone this Pussy
PuSSy..puss puss kind of attitude
alright.. i don't wanna say that word but that's what You are
We either WIN it or
WE DIE!!!!!*echoes*(Call for reinforcements
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Pewdiepie vs Tseries the Anime LWIAY - #0069

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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