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Hey! It's another video that no one asked for, and it's completely irrelevant and not topical *Very Smart*
Anymore... :l
Blame or should I say Balam?
*stupid voice* "Uh, excuse me, it's pronounced Balaam after the sound of the gun."
No one gives a sh*t. Shut- Shut up
But the movie came out, and I make movie reviews right now. That's right (OK)
I made a video talking about my favourite manga blam, blaam.
So... I'm gonna try and not, eh
Repeat too much of what I said.
But basically there's another anime movie adaptation.*Whoa* Out on Netflix. Anime movie adaptation. Out on Netflix. Thank you Netflix
Anime movie adaptation. Out on Netflix. Thank you Netflix
Thank you, Netflix *holy music plays*
(EAR RAPE) For nothing! Thank You Netflix for making me embarrassed
For liking my favorite piece of art, and also thank you Netflix
for making what was already a mess of adaptations, into an even further, so, we have "Blame!" the original
and we have "Blame! and so on" which is like
Aeh... Well, I guess we explain a little bit more
We didn't tell you that much did we and then we have a "Blame!" the anime which people really view as something in high regards
Just as this review
"I have never rated anything 1 out of 10 until I encountered Bla..." Great!
Do you see what I'm going here is it's already so confusing what Blame! is because there's already these different adaptations everywhere
that are so goddamn bad when the original one is a masterpiece. We have blam the prologue
what in the fuck is I never even heard of this and then we have blam the special what and that's pretty much it just
Kidding, there's also the prequel, which is actually pretty good the prequel was alright and now
Thank you. We have blam the shitty movie. Just kidding. We also have blam
Denki Ryoushi Kiken Kaisou Dasshutsu Sakusen which is a remake?
And apparently the movies made as an adaptation of the remake, what in the what is what?
Why ah oh and also did I mention they all share the same universe as other animes like Knights of Cydonia?
Now this is not confusing at all. It's even confusing why this movie exists to begin with because
blam is not very popular
It was written in
1994 it's it's the kind of thing where either you love it
Or you hate it, and those kind of things doesn't really translate well into into it other adaptations
at least it doesn't have a good track record of it the reason why it's a movie is because Netflix owned the
original series of night of Cydonia which was made by the same creator as blam. Knights of Cydonia
Don't get me wrong. It's not bad, but it's basically
I don't want to be too harsh, but it's basically the sell-out version of blame
It's not a bad anime by any means, but if you compare the two of them. It's goddamn awful
If I compare them, I would say integrity and no integrity it's like how can we make something really really popular, okay?
Well, let's have what's popular. Oh, yeah, mecha
Okay, what else do people like they like to see?
Sexy underwear and boobies okay, that's that and okay. I don't know how to explain it
Okay, the story of blam the simple synopsis took me
So goddamn long to figure out it was you're thrown into this universe in the manga, and you have to figure out yourself
What is going on what the heck is happening and?
understanding, but the movie starts and
It just tells you
nobody really knows
When the world became this way the contagion suddenly started and
Humans lost the power to connect with the city the city continued to expand on its own in humans
We're seen as
illegal residents
and exterminated
It's like if you worked your whole day to get an ice-cream
And then all the sudden everyone just gets ice creams for free
That's how I would this is a terrible way to compare obviously they have to explain. What is happening. It's a one-hour
46 minute movie But, I don't know just watching it
I'm nah- the main plot of blame is
that the guy needs to find net terminal genes so he can connect to the net sphere that which will shut down all the
robots that has been ruining the planet for years and just kept building and building and building and
fighting against them the net sphere is sort of like a
reincarnation of the Internet in a in a futuristic way the main reason I find them to be it such a
Masterpiece is because it doesn't try and tell you a story
It puts you in the universe and you're you are left to figure it out yourself now admittedly
The writer Tsutomu Nihei
Isn't a good storyteller, and he's basically just avoiding explaining anything. There's very little logic behind anything and
It sort of makes it open for interpretation you see this in a lot of movies and
Stories where it's so vague that
You have to fill it in yourself
And it almost makes it like I feel like it's a basic human instinct that if we were not told
Everything of something we want to fill that ourselves
We fill it with what we think makes sense and therefore we value it higher than what it is
Which might make you question "Was it even that great to begin with then?"
But uuh let's not talk about that
now Blame takes place in
Such a long time
That time
becomes irrelevant
If you look at the whole universe ok, let's say, this is the time of the universe and
This is the time
We've existed as human beings ok, what if we stretched out that time super duper long
Huh then you can tell a story
During a small period and then jump ahead
and it wouldn't really make that much of a difference as opposed to if you'd have it this much and
and then like we are now-
This isn't making any sense. Oh my god
I'm trying
I'm no Neil deGrasse Tyson, okay, but so if you have like a really small time
And then you jump a lot you will be like whoa what happened here
But since we have such a long amount of time passing we can jump
It makes time irrelevant and there's such a long time placing
Going through the anime
and there's so many different events and
Different interesting things that you could make the movie out of. What did they pick the movie to make about?
This goddamn fisherman village!
Why the heck would you make it about these fishermen it doesn't make any sense at all it's the most
Uninteresting piece of the whole universe I don't care about those people
Who the heck are they I don't even know
What about making it when he meets Dhomochevsky? What about when Devine try to enter the net sphere?
Anything would be goddamn more important
than this stupid fisherman now a lot of people criticize the
this type of movie because of the CGI is made by polygon pictures and
I really like this type of style. I think it looks great in Knights of Cydonia. It just doesn't fit Blame! because Blame!, it's
so grungy and
The style is so heavy, but here it's the sort of way too plain
I really think I would have preferred to see this in a traditional drawn anime style even though
Typically I I'm not opposed to CGI in anime which probably most people don't agree with look how neat and polished it looks
Compared to like the manga it just falls so flat a classic a reoccurring theme that I find with a lot of re
Remakes and re-adaptations is that they don't seem to understand what made it good?
There's this bit where she takes off her helmet for kilee the main character, and oh there you go cute little blushy
Blushing cheeks. Oh look at that little tears in her eyes so dramatic. Oh, she's blushing for kilee
Oh, that's so cute. No. No it's fucking not
It's not cute Blame! has absolutely no romance in it and it's an adult manga that doesn't go overboard with the gore
And there's no sexual tension
Or a reference. There's no as much as a lot of anime tits there's none of it in blam
But then you go and have like
Some romance aspects of this and it's just kinda like
Why why, would you why. lets just re-change this video to angry swedish rants about anime this is so stupid
I don't know why I even care
But it just it's like if you're gonna make a remake at least respect and understand
What made the original good ok major spoiler coming up just look away the way they introduced her is here
They show her right away the introduction of Cibo is one of my favorite parts of
Favorite introduction of any character in any anime ain't any manga here. Here they introduced her. They show her right away
Look I'm Cibo. Oh great now
we know this is how Cibo is introduced in the manga ok she's this disgusting thing that he founds in the sewer and
She's and you didn't even know the gender but basically she's like oh
I've been here for a long time I, I, I, need your help. I promise. I'm a big deal ok
I've been here for a thousand of, for thousands of years. Yeah, I can help you out. If you help me out ok
I promise I'm a big deal
I'm a scientist ok I'm a scholar in the most perfect moment Cibo appears and bam
She's a strong independent woman ok
She's got her own body back again and look at that super cool
And you're like whoa she's actually not a disgusting homeless person, and its dope it's dope to find that out, but here
They're like. Oh, I'm Cibo. Oh great now from this point onward. I'm pretty lost in the movie
they basically reduced the
Story from we need to save humanity, to these people need some food because they are hungry
It's about to break down the
gravitational beam emitter
And you're like hell yeah. The most powerful weapon in the universe
It's basically. The, the, the
the gun version of the one punch man this thing will blow through anything
That's the point of the gun it's a huge part of the story.
It's almost like a character on its own. The Blame! is not Blame! without the gun. It's even in the name
You know this thing will blast through anything. That's why it's so cool. Oh, I can't wait for him to finally shoot that bitch
oh never mind she can just block it. What do you mean she can block it!? what you ruined it
You ruined it. You ruined it for me
I don't get it the thing about the gun is that it can pull it through anything. That's how he gets past
Certain levels in the manga you can't just stop
you can't just
You can't just do that the reason why I love Blame! so much is because it's not your traditional
Sci-fi it doesn't have all the spaceship flying into space
*pew pew noises*
All that Hollywood sci-fi bullshit it has this raw take over this dystopian future
And it doesn't just try and tell a story it even brings in philosophical thoughts, and I always saw that as a merge of
internet and
Religion sort of into one idea that in the future in Blame! you have the net sphere which is basically
like reincarnation of
The Internet in a futuristic set and it sort of blends the idea of religion and
Internet in a really funny and weird way what if we created our own heaven you know and
because all the bad guys try to sneak into the net sphere and
That's sort of their goal and the rest of the people outside of the net sphere tries to connect to it as well!
But they lo- long lost access to it so it almost like we turned
Ourselves the planet our own planet into hell and we made our own heaven
Which is the net sphere the internet, connecting to the internet? I don't know this is how I interpret it and I'm sure
Most people probably wouldn't even be like what the fuck are you're saying, but that's what I really like about Blame!
Is that you can it's open for interpretation, and it's fun to do that read the manga. It's really great and
I'll stop talking about Blame! now. Thank you for listening to my
angry anime rant and!
Leave a like if you enjoyed really appreciate it remember to subscribe and Squad fam out
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Netflix Is Ruining EVERYTHING I LOVE

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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