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We're taking another trip back on memory lane. Ao Oni does that ring a bell if I say that? Ao Oni
Man, those were the times those were the times man back in
2011 I played this game it's one of my first Let's plays
Wow, that looks really good that webcam.
I can totally, I can totally see everything I wanted to replay this game.
Cuz it's not that long if I remember correctly. Somehow I managed to get this to nine parts like in favorite for moiré
It's one of the classics, okay, so I thought we'd check it out there we go
This one just starts it doesn't ask for your name apparently.
In the outskirts of the city there's an uninhabited mansion. Rumor has it that the place is haunted.
Good-good story. I don't remember Takuro whatsoever
The interior is cleaner than I thought
Takashi (Laughs)
What in the hell are these? These images are totally different Takeshi: Hey, that's enough let's go home
Takuro: What's wrong Takeshi? That-I would give this stupid voice. I remember it. Oh, man
Takuro: What's wrong, Takeshi? You scared?
Takeshi: W-wait! Hiroshi.
Okay, so the main character is Hiroshi. This is an RPG maker horror game. There was I think three of them IB
Ao Oni, and the witch house those three are like legendary. There's also a couple extra ones
They're really good as well, but I remember those were the first ones
I played and I'll never forget them because you know the game looks kind of dumb, not gonna lie the game looks dumb.
But is extremely
Efficient in story and-and in mixing storytelling and horror. Hiroshi: A broken plate
Hiroshi: Shard obtained okay, so we got a shard.
Cause what a lot of people forget is that horror is about the simplicity.
It's not a- that's why all these-
like uh-
okay, The door is locked.
Could I use the shard perhaps?
I Just don't know the control.
Doesn't work, okay.
That's why a lot of hard horr-
horror movies work really well because they're even though they're-
even though they're really cheap because- it's about the simplicity
People forget it, bigger is not better.
Let's take all this Silent Hill games. Let's go back-
Oh my god, they're gone!
I don't know why they changed the pictures.
Why would they change the pictures?
Where is everyboDEEH?
Oh my God, there's the Ao Oni!
Is this is where-
ohhhh... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Look at dat bois! So scar-
I'm so scared man, hell yea maaan.
The door won't open. Okay, I got it the first time.
Thank you.
All right, none of these doors will open. Where should we go then?
perhaps upstairs!
It is so fun to revisit.
I hope it doesn't seem like I'm just trying to milk these games twice.
It's legit, like I love- It's a great game,
I don't remember much of it. It's nostalgic as fuck boy.
None of these doors will open. I think this one?
None of the fucking doors will open and I still don't seem to un-
it's really strange controls, in this version.
*whispers* Oh my god this is just fucking annoying.
Okay we can go in here, excellent.
Oh my god!
It's- it's Takeshi!
MY MAN! (☞゚∀゚)☞
(weird grunting)
Where the others?!
All right, he's super spooked out. I remember you could move that, yeah.
All right, we got the library key.
Don't worry Takeshi, I got you fam!
Imma come back and save you dawg!
I have no idea where the library is...
But I'm sure I can find it!
Just gotta check every single God dam-
actually I think the library is on top for some stupid reason.
See if I remember...
WHAT-WAS-THAT? (never seen that before)
Where did he go?
I think "Ao Oni" means...
"Blue troll"?
"Ao" is blue, I actually know that.
And "Oni" must be troll then.
There we go, bedroom key obtained bitch!
*manly scream*
This is so dumb.
Oh I forgot he keeps going!
He keeps going, oh my god! That is actually freaky.
Fuck I let him.(?)
God damn, are you kidding me?
What a flippin' fail maan!
*spooky music*
Okay we're gonna go to where Takeshi was,
as scary as this is.
We have to u-
oh my-
it is freaky. I'm not gonna lie man,
it's freaky man!
Takeshi my man!
NO! D:
*laughs at himself*
I'm so bad!
*Inhales like a vacuum*
oh it give me goosebumps,
I don't like it man!
(he got interrupted by old Pewds)
Old Pewds: AHH!
Old Pewds: AGHHH!
Old Pewds: *laughs*
Old Pewds: What the fuck man!
Old Pewds: AUGHH HE'S STILL AFTER ME!! Felix: *laughs*
Old Pewds: GOOO! Felix: *laughs*
Old Pewds: DAAGH!
Old Pewds: NO WAY! AUUGGH-
Old Pewds: *breaks into laughter*
*skips video*
I just ended the episode there?
Oh great Felix.
I like how the main character has my hair as well.
Here we are, back at in the game!
Oh my god, he follows you anywhere!
What the-
(gibberish rage)
Oh this door is open.
My god you can't go anywhere! (he's pissed)
Six years of gaming...
and I still haven't learned SHIT. this is so bullshit!
Come on...
I've never taken a crap here man!
He just follows-
This is so-
*Attempting to channel his inner peace*
I don't know what to do!
why am I playing this (fckin') version man
All the way around.
Come on fam, I ain't scared of you.
(Pewds really wants him gone)
Okay, so you just got to dodge him for a while.
that wa-
That was different than my version, but fine!
Okay, we have a lot of places we can go now.
This room was open for example.
I don't know if that's a cute bathroom or not- oh!
look we found something, a key to the attic.
All right well let's just check that shit out.
My god, this is a stupid game.
Stupid game, I don't remember how to play you.
So you make me angry, game?
All right now we can go here.
Hello? Red chair...
Another door...
oh wow!
That is just fantastic!
Were we supposed to-
Okay, we have a place we can hide now at least.
Great, there's nothing.
is Takeshi still here?
Yo Takeshi!
Handkerchief obtained, Hell yeah!
We got-
we got his handkerchief!
Poor little Takeshi's handkerchief...
Alright, we got the bedroom key. This is the bedroom.
Um this is great. No, I'm glad-
I'm glad I discovered the bedroom cuz this is just fabulous!
I'm sort of glad I'm playing it- wait.
The floor does look different here. Maybe that's a shadow or something?
I'm glad I'm playing actually a different version because it makes it a little trickier,
cuz I don't remember everything, obviously.
All right, this is Renu gotta inspect everything in these games oh
Look who it is my man
Hiroshi you're alright!
Yeah, same hey, you know she I have you seen me the tool there monster. Yes
But it's still hard to believe that such a creature could exist I remember that line
On top of that all the all the exits are sealed
We got himself trapped man. It seems to be here
Let's split up and search for some more. I'll look around the first floor good. Leg
Let's split up
First rule of horror there's something written beneath the picture stretched them side by side
Which one is longest, which one small then line them all up all right small at the bottom on top the tall
Stretch them wish as long as which is small then line them up small at the bottom top, but oh, this is a puzzle
What I do not remember this one stretch
Defin v
Is it alphabetic perhaps now
First I thought it was the periodic system
Stretched them out
Stretch them
These are all similar this one is different
I do remember this game had a bunch of like impossible puzzles in it remember the piano puzzle or something like that
I'm sure there's a clue. I need to find somewhere before I solve this
Let's keep checking all the bedrooms
Okay, let's just do that how about a what is this?
Is that the floor layout? Oh, did I take it so we got a mat now I?
Don't know why that would help us, but okay, I'm great. Thank you. Thank you very much game
Okay that door won't open fine
Geez okay, there's something there I see it on top of the bookshelf there. We go just push mr.. Chair
Oil oil in and hankerchief we can make a Molotov and killed that bitch
Is there a combined thing you can do
No, maybe it gets dark later. Oh, No what yeah out of here man, Oh?
All right, we just got to let him. I haven't saved so it would be great if you didn't kill me
That would just be super
Okay, all right he's not that hard to deal with if you just get to that quick. Let's tear save there whoa
Where was I this looks new this looks different? Oh god damn? It. Are you kidding me?
It's K man
How did I get 10 9 parts out of this of 13 parts okay Brooke, Taney? No?
There's also a weird South Park mod tune to this game
All right, let's trigger it let's get over here good thing I stayed
Our God, he's got the shortcut on me. He's got the shortcut on me
You are slightly faster than him
This table is the best man now what you gonna. Do huh what you gon do?
All right, I think that should be it
Okay another save
Another say patented syllable Blair. Thank you. I like how the game counts how many steps. I've taken cuz that's important
All right, so now we can go in here properly now. Okay, was just it was just chilling in there excellent
Oh something here lighter, okay, so we have lighter oil and hankerchief
Yeah, can I hide in these
What's the point? Huh?
Why do people like this game again out of Adam so now we can use the lighter when it gets dark?
What sir plays that was dark in the game?
Detergent what
Soak the hankerchief sure why not and then Lionel it it
Now okay, I don't know what I'm doing okay. I'm just trying out different things me clearly. I'm not playing
The right game here, okay, we've got to check these rooms out again. We still have a plate shard for some goddamn reason I
Would love to make a game like this I love this game they have so much charm. I don't know what it is
The simplicity just works, I think there was like a hidden room in one of these I
think we might have to just solve one of the puzzles a
memo obtained
Whoa, okay, I did I did say I saw something gonna read this
Now that's some sexy shit ow this is say. I remember this stupid puzzle
Some of the keys we use the memo here right because those are piano notes, right?
They are
Fuck I don't know me
Then I don't know hey look at that. It's it. We need a pin, okay. That's
The door is unlocked okay, so we can go here now. Let's do it safe. Okay, so we use the handkerchief to wash it off
2:39 oh my god
What the haha
This guy this guy keeps popping up and the worst possible times man, okay?
2 3 2 3 9 oh
Okay, all right we're fine. We're fine a lady by the bed being what are you gonna do out?
You name you never gonna get a girlfriend like me you're never gonna get a girl with the pants like me oh
Yeah 2 3 9 is that the password to dis safe perhaps
Could be two three nine, let's try it
Probably nine
It worked used a lighter to heat the memo. Yes, of course why would an eye not think of that?
What does that say six nine?
And one nine hey look at that
We got the nursery room Queen stupid piano puzzle. I remember you you don't make any goddamn sense
Fu main we get the nursery key, I don't even know where that goes what is that?
take me to the nursery I
Remember it's one of the weirdest puzzles. I've ever seen in a game the goddamn piano puzzle
Thank you. Hey look who it is my man look. How sexy she looks so you're safe look. He really cares a lot doesn't he
What about the others?
well, we got separated so I
Follow me are you kidding like I run around the house or the monster in it. I see Sokka
so Disney oh my oh
Let's do a save on this bitch
What's the point then huh go away
There's a bulge
Maybe we can use
the shard
Wow, so smart we got a screwdriver now
I'm a screwdriver you am I right
You like this
No, fuck you. I remember now guys. Don't worry. Okay. I'm professional
You use the screwdriver right on the doorknob?
If only I learned the goddamn controller so unintuitive I got a doorknob everyone, okay, what do I do with the fucking Norden?
What I?
Gotta do now the goddamn doorknob, huh?
It's the goal just to spell out milf or what's the point of this puzzle can someone, please explain to me?
What the hell the point oh?
Look at that Wow
We got another no no leave me alone. Just see me I
Know all your tricks Pam. I know all your tricks. What are you gonna? Do?
What's what are you gonna? Do what are you gonna? Do huh? What are you gonna? Do?
Look he's crying
Look at him so sad. I just wanna hug man I
Don't know what I did
My god I need him to actually come here. Thank you
A batch, thank you for the save
Okay, now. We're gonna go down
cuz I remember this
100% gonna have bad the thing here I wonder what these lines represent
The meaningless of life and how we're all going to die one day, okay, what is this path though those one gets a pass, huh?
The poses are way too hard man, I am playing an
impossible game
This game is impossible. How did I beat this easy? Okay? This is actually kind of creepy? I'm gonna say there
Of course, of course
My god, are you kidding me? So if you don't enter the password you just died
This game is ridiculous!
The thing is saved okay, so need the password what was a stupid cipher, huh?
(I think he said xxxtentacion gonna come in here do a stupid shit)
Wait so you're telling me if it touches the line
It's a five and then you add the other ones touching so this is a one
Then that's six and that's four that doesn't make any sense
Why is it a five just because it's touches okay? So that's five plus two seven
No five, seven, three, five, one. Right? Seven, three, five, one
Okay according to this
Seven, three, five, one
Seven, three, five, one, easy!
Shut up, shut the fuck up
If I get it wrong now, I'm gonna die
Which I won't because I'm a GENIUS!
SCREW YOU (and then he says some shit i cant make out)
(i still dont know what he's saying)
screw u
Go back to hell where you come-a from
Saved mother flip it saved son. Oh god it flickered my god as a cookie I
Can't touch maybe that's a chair oh
I remember this this is when the game gets weird man the game just weird from here on oh look at that
Oh, wow, it's flickering like
Crazy, I remember you have to do something with the chair right oh
Look who's back again
Just shut up, okay, you let you love me, don't you?
Maybe a little bit of spaghetti suckers
What is the point
Do I neva do it, it's not gonna be here anymore is it okay? You're still there. That's cute. I waited for you boots
I love you coz I am a chair'
Look at that boy look at that
How long do I add?
two to six stupid shit man gotta get that
smoke, please
Thank you
We got a diary everyone
It's just what I wanted X X x equals nine zero nine one
okay, that possible is a bit more straightforward and
What are we?
The puzzles in this game man, just stop I
Think is that what this is the puzzle that you can do upside down, right?
8 1 5 1 equals 5 9 8 2
2 1 6 9 yeah, there's an upside down, er. I just realized
We have to push this goddamn chair all the way back. Are you kidding me?
How did I play this game? It's so hard?
This most difficult game. I have ever played
Mr Chair: but u love me pewdiepie cause i am a chair (and some more stuff i cant make out)
Forgot about this metal rod up here
Look at that
metal rod obtained
If only I could do that in real life am I right cuz that's how hard I wanna be
Ok a rat
the doors locked but
We have the metal that seems to be slotted attachment, but the screw dress
What does that mean maybe the circuit board or something?
There was a circuit board down here, maybe that's it god damn putts in the game had never ends it never ends goddammit. I
Came for the nostalgia hall I got his paw cells ok so apparently
What you have to do is you gotta you got to go here and click here?
And there's a torn page of course of course. Why would I not check there? Why would I not check there?
You know you're right now. We have a torn page for some goddamn reason
My god
Hey look at that it's a secret room of course you would check twice of course good thing. I have my lighter
Okay, all right we have it we have this screwdriver thing. It's okay shape screwdriver
Wow they all came off at the same time
mag god the
Way what the cop shut up the power appears to be cut up, so we can't do anything
That's fine listen me just orient between this goddamn maze oh
He's here oh great a good thing I saved there oh
My god, this is fantastic Oh
Oh my, are you kidding me you have to be kidding me this possible game is impossible I?
Don't know where the doors are I can't see the doors
My god, there's hope No
Leave me the hell alone
How is it still chasing me man, how
Only more like gaoli go away
This is ridiculous
I'm going I'm going and you better not chase me from here. Oh
My god this game is insane this game is insane
How did I play this I became in like oh it's gonna be so smug
It's gonna be so fun to play this game again. Oh
Hang on. I just need to solve this stupid puzzle with a math thing that is upside down. Oh shit
Where was it was here right? Oh, but then the answer is upside down as well isn't it?
So it's five to eight nine
No well fuck you too then
Yes, ah
Annex key give me a save before the stupid blue son of bitch oh
Wow the puzzles are really hard, they're really tricky look we are here now
What do we got we got oh, I remember this thing
What the flipper e they're a little different nothing
God, oh oh oh oh
So take a look at me now
Oh my god
Stop, just stop just stop. Just stop just stop
stop stop
My god leave me alone this
Right up my alley
Okay surely now he's gonna stop. Thank you. Thank you
Thank you. Thank you, babe. Domo arigato
My name is Hiroshi I am a hero
Going from the top to the bottom like a zero
Man, I will....
clear yo
With my fella, Bo too bad a Bing badda Bing badda Bing
Oh, Oh what you gonna? Do I push you down the shoe hey help to the loo?
Boo ba loopa da bing ba tshhhhhhhh
Where the hell did he go then
What I push it down here
Fame that crazy hey, we have a box everybody
know about
Bang look at that push more shitting holes we got oil son
We got oil and a paper. Oh my god
Okay, so now we can go in the rain maybe
Maybe I?
don't know I
Don't remember any of this
Doesn't work anymore..
Hey look at that I can I can see we gotta blue jewel
What is this Sonic huh? Oh because we pushed down the thing of course? Oh?
Oh look at that, we gotta lil' doll
What is a purple- oh a puppet
Okay, so we got a jewel and a puppet. We've got a jewel and a puppet butter
Now I know it's locked just be quiet, please
where were those goddamn dolls
Huh where were they bottom floor? I think bottom floor they were over here
Okay, there were over here. Yes, okay. Yeah, okay, so
This one oh, no no Wall Street Journal stop it and then this this one
okay, so this one has two eyes right and this one has no eyes, okay, and
we got to make the match we got to make the match I remember this a
But why do we have one extra them
One of the puppies eyes is red, but that can't be good. Hey, we made a nice little fire I
Can I just burn my puppet?
ah haha
Okay great
So now
We can fuck with the puppets right
They all need eyes is that what is it?
Okay, so this one clearly wants an eye, am I right?
Okay, and then you want another one I got you fam. You look hella fine- Oh, that's not creepy at all
not creepy at all we got the puppets head
Puppet: Good luck on your journey, pewds
Pewds: Thank you, ok.
Puppet: goodbye pewds i hope u do it!
Pewds: What are we gonna do with a puppet head?
There was a puzzle there was a puzzle right over here
No, it was in one of the rooms
Hey, let's say let's add an impossible puzzle in there that'll that'll get him
Look at that boy look at that boy key to the third floor. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, man
Look at that shit third floor, huh? look at that shit BAM. Oh he's creeping
Mr. Ao Oni is creeping
Okay got him another hustle. Just great. Just great just quit fuck
Sincerely, Pewds
Oh God
Just leave me the hell alone
That was easy
Like spaghetti, sauce huh?
just falls into place
I hate him I genuinely hate him I want him to die now before I thought it was cute. There's a plank named to the window
Good thing we have a shape screwdriver. We got a plank canal. Oh, I know where we can use that
I'm sure that's fine
What the actual fuckery you know I'm not gonna mess with that I am very sexually intrigued those
I might just check it out. Hello lil' sexy beast
Okay, all right. I don't know what I was expecting. I don't know what I was expecting take the plank back
Because why not no god, that's there now, are you kidding me, okay? Okay? Oh wow another one well
I'm making this game even more harder for me
Okay, you just gotta enter and leave, and he goes away got it. God. Damn. I who needs me
You can't truck. I'm used to plank on the board
1 4 3 5 Wow oh you what we're doing with the life form you may ask
Easy, oh my god. Have a how have you not figured it out yet you gotta put it on top of this guy, right?
Remember this guy doesn't have a head it fell off
of course of course
No wasn't out that guy there was this guy okay right so when you do that, right?
Look how cute he looks adorable
Oh wow it reveals that there's something in the wallpaper good thing. We have a shard
4 3
5 give me that goddamn key, give me that fucking sweet save
Flip ins oh my god. It's my man. I don't even care kill me. Oh my god
He actually killed me look at that look at that
Another impossible puzzle area I assume Wow look at that, and I died look at that
It's the easiest game I have ever played
And the number one gamer on YouTube okay? Oh look at that a rug
look at that a rug huh I
Mean let me see what's what's underneath you mister rug oh?
Wow, there's a small key all along
It's another puzzle. I guess I need the Sun and the moon. That's cute
Easy I'm having too much of an easy time here guys, can we step up the difficulty, please?
Lighter oh
It's a she oh my god. Have I missed my man Takeshi
Hiroshi don't scare me like. Hiroshi, don't scare me like that hehe
Masaka! You're alive
But that's just a matter of time sooner or later
He will get me there was no escape if only I
Hadn't suggested to come here, and none of this would have happened
This is my fault waaaah
I'm not gonna follow him I actually
Okay, there's a code that -Takeshi, know. I'm sorry. I love you. I love you Takeshi!
Please please be with me. I just have to solve these puzzles Takeshi a little better
Help me. It would be nice that
Would be nice to get the little bit of help II
Please. please Takeshi i love youuu!
Takeshi! Omae wa mou shindeiru!
know oh
my god
Give me that Sun Sun
Flip okay, we got the Sun
Let's get there, I mean the moon what I keep saying sun Jesus there it is I?
Got you in my sight
Logical tests are easy okay, all the rest. Are you kidding me? No. You are kidding me. No. You are kidding me
I am so done with you sir
Padlock thank you get me that shit. I remember this
Oh my god he's so fast!
Look at me
Look at me
Come on what you gonna do something do something
Whatcha' gonna do? that's right! That's right! Hell yeah
Hell yeah
Yeah, man i've been playing for two hours
I was expecting this to be a cute little playthrough a cute-
A cute one.
Cutesy little playthrough with Port Byron reminisce about the past
Clearly I just need to enter the
Boom. Oh I don't have the star.
Oh nooo.....
Where's the sta- oh no another puzzle?
No, it can't be!
I have to get the plank again.
You have to get the goddamn plank again.
Yeah, I have to get to the plank again. I have to get- I have to get the plank again
The plank is just the key to everything in this game.
The goddamn plank!
I have to get the plank again.
Because of course...
Of course...
The pattern...
The pattern of the moon
How could I've been so blind!?
Of coourse
How the hell did Takeshi get it this far?
Tell me that
How did that stupid son of a bitch make it this far?
Hey We got the sun piece!
We got the sun pieeeeece ♫
Hell ♫
Yeah! ♫
We got the sun-
Who's got the sun? I got the sun! we got the Sun uh ♫
Put that in (slight mumble) sun.
Click it in!
Give me that shit dawg!
Hell yeah!
Oh that doesn't look good.
I should bring the others-
I remember this!
I remember this bit!
But none of the else!
Cuz I'm playing the wrong version! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Where are you Takeshiiii?
Takeshi man come on, don't be a fucking pussy, man
Don't be a fucking pussy, ma man.
I gotta go and find out-
I don't even remember !
Oh god
I remember one of them.
Look how deep we've gone.
Look how far we've come.
Look how far we've come in this world!
This world...
This world,
Doesn't belong-
to us.
It belongs to Hrumans (humans) all over.
THE world-
Where the fuck is that biatch?
I know he's here somewhere.
Somewhere deep in-
Oh my god all these puzzles. :(
There she is!
Come with me-
But I found an escape route!
did I just die?
I didn't even do anything.
*rain intesifies*
I'm just gonna go.
fuck this
Fuck everyone.
I don't even care. What are you gonna do?
I'm done
I did it.
Oh my god, I get the bad ending I just skipped everyone! :D
What was the real identity of that monster?
I guess I will never know.
Thats it?
There's not even eh... :(
There's not even an ending! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Well, I have to go now this took way longer than I thought.
I'm sorry this is anti-climatic.
I gotta go.
We did it we did it guys. Hell, yeah
*clap clap*
I feel great I feel so fulfilled, thank you very much for watching leave a like enjoyed for nostalgia
Oh my god, and squad fam out
Maybe some-
Maybe some stuff is better left,
The way it is.
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7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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