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Matpat did an oopsie.
Logan Paul did an oopsie.
Pokimane did an oopsie.
Gillette did an oopsie.
Soulja boy did an oopsie
We have so many frickin' oopsies
I am freaking out
This has never happened before on Pew News
My name is Gloria Borger, and welcome to Pew News
The most respected, most trusted and highest quality videocamera footage
production news source.
I'm not supposed to flirt with my audience but
you look really great today
smash like?
let's get in to the oppsies!
But Felix why don't you report on positive difference.
It's Gloria!
It is mam
Our first oopsie comes from none other than Logan Paul.
Logan paul did an oopsie? What?
This is so dissapointed, PewDiePie just wore Logan Pauls Merch!
I bet he's furious right now.
This next Logan Paul scandal is his worse yet.
If you thought the suicide forest stuff was bad just wait till' you hear this!
How does Logan Paul still have a career after this?
I thought Japan forest was as bad as it gets but apparently not.
I'm disgusted. I didn't think Logan Paul could get any worse off than Japan.
Okay, so what did Logan Paul Actually do?
Let's check it out.
Why don't you say this part?
It's male only march, we're gonna attempt to go only gay for one month.
So, for one month and swi- and then go back.
Oh my god, I stuck my neck out for you Logan Paul
I mean PewDiePie
What the frick man?
I had yo' back!
And this is how you repay?
PewDiePie: I'm going to support Logan Paul, I think he's getting better.
Logan Paul, I think he's getting better
Logan Paul: I'm going to pretend to be gay for a month
Am I a joke to you? Logan Paul? LP
Is that what this is about?
Can't you tell I'm shaking and crying right now?
How could you say this?
Logan Paul would never say this!
I get what people are saying, homosexuality is never a choice.
But I also think that's not what he was saying
It's just like saying the people that say...
Hey no pee January
You can't say that you're teaching kids not to pee and that's really harmful
I don't know man
Male Only March. Was that It?
Such a stupid joke
Like is that really worth getting upset about?
Personally, I don't think so.
So i guess you could say...
I'm still a maverick.
Where's my Maverick Merch?
I threw it away?
Thinking I would never wear it again?
Aw damn it!
I didn't.
I do think it's interesting though.
Because now, Logan Paul has a broadcast.
Out of all things, and he is under such a magnifying glass.
That even small stuff like this.
Will 100% blow up in his face and
If anything his podcast probably just.
benefit from it anyway like I didn't even he know he had one so.
That's how thee works
Just getting pissed off at things if you really hate it that much.
just stop talking about it.
If you really feel like you want to be offended or angry about something which I can understand
We live in a dark place well then I have the story for you.
This is the most upsetting news story of all time here Pew News.
A record holder. And I'm not supposed to give my opinion.
That's a scientific fact.
Beloved cat fired from his job at a local public library.
This is it.
I am not supposed
His name is Browser.
It's the beloved cat that has been a fixture of the local library for six years.
Recently lost his job.
He helps children read
On June 14 the city council
the City Council.
Now is the time for us to rise up.
I don't care about T series anymore.
This is the issue.
I will stand for fighting to death more.
Oh wait.
Beloved cat will keep his job at the local library after international backlash.
We did it.
We did it.
Good job guys.
Give yourself a pat on the back.
We did a change in the positive world today.
Who says this channel was all about drama.
I covered important news stories here and that's not my opinion.
Back to straight
next oopsie
So my PI was trending on Twitter a few days ago.
Why did he do.
Did he tell more lives about how PewDiePie So success went.
mad pain when that lie on his channel and he played this game called Heart bound.
The game looks very similar to undertake so I had decided
hey I'm gonna title this under tail
All right see.
Well nothing wrong with this.
You can say but wellno apparently the deb of the game was watching
developer hard bound and he made a comment that the title of the video was
The next undertow game is here.
There was no link to heart fan but there were links to his other undertake videos.
There was a bunch of hashtags and tags for under a tale
to heavily promote undertake when he's like well my game is hard banned.
Why are you so obsessed with a hundred people.
And he called them out on Twitter saying I'm pretty disappointed here.
So is our community your reason that live came across as understated clickbait instead of being about heart fan.
You never link to our game and you got our studio name wrong as well.
And Matt replied with
I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed in our recent play through of Heartbound.
But what you see there's a twist coming up here boys not girls but what do you see as disrespectful.
I would argue the opposite. Let me explain.
First I don't review the thumbnails tags and descriptions someone else does okay. I don't care.
That said their goal is to make life
streams searchable as possible and for games with limited search ability.
That's important and I say gets them the audience and attention they deserve.
Basically your game is not interesting enough.
I don't know what to tell you man. Your game is great.
And by relating it to something similar that an audience already knows and enjoys.
We're hoping to introduce them to it. They might not have checked it out
if it left with zero context.
That's the rationale. Hope he makes it so in a way from a YouTube perspective.
I understand this. This is what you two birds do. I mean when
people play Delta rune which wasn't really
under their tail sequel Toby Fox himself
said it. You know it's not undertake to but people
still tag it or titles as under tail
too because that will get people's attention. You know
they're curious about it undertake to us here and
they'll tell you to do it better under tail YouTube
or do this to appear in the search for example you search
on something.
Oh undertaking the title that's more likely to show up
unless you're pretty high. Is a god damn moron. He doesn't know how to Title
IX. God damn it. Why did I not think of this.
Now it's fine.
I get him mad PA's rationale 100 percent
because technically it will bring him more
attention to heart bound if he
associates it with undertaken. And his game already looks
very similar to hundred tale. So why shouldn't he.
I mean I'm actually you know despite
the delivering of what he's saying. I understand
his message and actually agree with it.
However he then finishes off with that
for some goddamn reason saying that regarding links we don't tend
to link back to the games we're playing. That's not an
intentional slight on you. It's just really something we do for games
that aren't fan made or free. So basically no I'm
not going to link to your game. Why this.
I don't understand whatsoever. All you have to do is link to the game. How is
that too much to ask for someone is calling you out on Twitter or being
like dude what the hell are you doing. Just linked to the game.
No. Why. Why my pack. I'm
shaking and crying right now. I would never do this.
You're broadcasting their game.
The minimum thing you could do is at least link to the game.
I get it. I don't like putting the actual name of the game in the title as
well because I know people don't click on my videos
for what the game is. So there's really no reason for me to
do that and I know from experience that that that's a fact as well.
If people enjoy the video they know what game I'm
playing so I'm like well if they want to get the game
surely they will buy it. But if someone request you to
link the game why can't you just do it now.
I think I know the reason why.
Which I haven't seen anyone else discuss but basically the way
the YouTube algorithm works is that if you link
in your video to something that goes outside
of the platform the algorithm doesn't like that
they want you to stay on YouTube so that
if they link to other games in their videos and people click
off the site then that's bad for that video and it's not
going to get recommended and get as much views.
That's mostly I'm not saying that's the definite reason
why but I know that my iPad is very savvy with these
kind of things and that's most likely why he
chose not to link in that description.
Still just link the god damn game.
Now the craziest part of this was that Toby Fox the
creator of undertake came in and out of nowhere flap his dick on the table and said
you should link to any game you play.
Creators need all the help they
can get and think carefully if you're missing in your audience with
how you present your videos. You went too far this time
then mad Pat went completely won Adrian said
Sorry I mean no disrespect. Apologies are
one thing but actions are another. Now I will link
all of it and I mean is there really any reason to be
mad at this point. I mean he's changing his methods to
something positive and I think you know you did wrong.
You do the right thing. What else can you ask for.
I think it's fair to say at least then it's kind of weird how
he blatantly said no.
Up until the point where a bigger
creator calls you out on it basically
that's when you realize oh oh well maybe I shouldn't do this.
Oh OK. Damn.
I messed up. Now pirate software the developer developers saying it would
really fall if everyone stopped attacking my iPad on our behalf.
We have an issue he thinks and I thanked him for the
pics everyone went home happy and the progress was made in our
slice of the Internet. So the whole thing is settled.
There's really no reason to talk about this.
I just wanted to give some further insight and I
do think it's interesting as well with the whole linking thing. I think
we as YouTube need to be better and
myself included and respecting the footage
that is giving us the content.
I think that's the least we can do at least.
Which brings to oopsie number three.
Backstrom. We got two more boys.
So I brought up Pokemon in one of my reason videos called
Stop doing this basically saying stop copyright
videos the idiots you're making everything worse.
People abusing the copyright system which is already so broken.
Ace is bad for everyone. That was my point on the video.
So I called out a couple of examples and Pokemon
was one of them and I would have to say I think pokey as example was the least harmful one.
And I was almost arguing in her favor but then
I didn't know this but apparently someone else called her out at the
same time made a video called The Dark Side of
poking me. So when bogeymen made a response to my video
and the other video. Well people weren't happy about it.
It has almost as many likes as dislikes.
People were very angry and personally I didn't understand why
people were mad at all. I just thought well she addressed the points.
What else can she do. Really. That's not
Petey pie. That's Gloria Borger. You mean like
Jesus Christ. So I wanted to break down
why are people pissed off.
So in a way I can understand why you want to take down this
video because this selected
thing blows up and becomes even bigger.
3 upload of the Twitter beef wasn't transformative
content so I was able to get it taken down to my fan.
But again I was in the right
by thing. But the problem here is that you're just
drawing more attention to it trying to like hide all that
drama only ended up bringing more attention to it.
Again in the moment I was just doing that because I thought it was
something that would calm down all the drama but I think the video was
uploaded within 24 hours and they asked if I wanted to get
it taken down again but I just thought it was time to leave it.
Ok. So basically Pokémon took down a
video that was a Twitter beat between her and kickstart.
My point in the video was
while I get that this looks bad for you and I
understand why you want to take it down but you're just going to draw
more attention to it anyway which is has clearly done as well. I
mean this whole thing is crazy how much you blew up
over something so small now. People
were I think rightfully saying that
why should you take them videos that you
deem are not transformative when you have
content yourself that is arguably
not transformative at all. What gives you the right to
strike out the content creators when you do
the exact same thing. I think that's the main issue that
bothers a lot of people.
I mean she even put out one
videos and I don't know went to the bathroom or
just where Dre
I get it.
That is different for us as dreamers as well.
Obviously if you stream for hours and hours every single
day to have all of that original
content yes it's going to be some of it.
That is it. I get that I'm personally not mad
about it but I still think you know the same argument
still applies. What gives you the right to strike other people
if you're doing the same thing basically. Now the other reason
why people were upset was because she discovered that
someone else had re uploaded
her content and kind of put it heavily sexualized
titles and thumbnails around a French guy.
Early media made seven hundred
thousand views yellow.
So this is where you get your 550 check from huh.
No I don't. I went from one position actually. So just do
it for fun.
Ok. So this guy that she was talking to and discard
is someone that like I said a
real Plutarch content and now YouTube vids as well.
And some of them gets a lot of use some of them get no
traction at all but they're not monetized essentially.
So I don't know she made a response about this whole
thing saying basically that I will sometimes take
down videos when it's a straight read upload of my stream
and when it's like a gross and misleading title
I also take those down because my mom really doesn't like seeing
them on YouTube.
All right but basically she doesn't like
they have bad titles around her which again I can
understand. But same argument again Why.
Hey I'm so sorry that it takes so much time
to go to the top of some fortnight just right click and save
all the mass and then just like put them all into me and I'm just like
explaining it I'm so sorry. Okay let's
be real here.
Re uploading fortnight compilation clips
to monetize that content is kind of the
lowest form of making money on YouTube. I mean let's get
really back. If I had I did think of the easiest way to make money
with no personality on YouTube I would literally
just re upload streamers highlights and that seems to me
like the easiest way to just make a quick buck.
I'm not saying that doesn't take any effort but it's still so I
understand why you said there's been a lot of people seem really upset like
all that she was being really mean to this guy or whatever and that
she showed his Instagram on the screen as
well as the way in that to attack him.
Some people.
Formally you on Instagram Tim.
And I agree she shouldn't have pulled up and scram on stream. That's a
bad move regardless if she was making fun of him or
not. He even said himself that people find
his Instagram just from talking to him. So people were bound
to find it anyway but you know
it doesn't look good. I'm so bored by this. Now
we know why people are upset. I guess maybe I
missed something. I don't know. I think your pokemon just had
reached out to a guy who did the chemo started video
first and said Hey would you mind removing
this video. Then this whole thing would have been
avoided. A lot of people don't really know what a
copyright claim entails. It's basically
forcing you to go to court. If someone fights it
you have to. It is a legal move to make
so a lot of people put up a copyright strike to
take down a video. They are not aware of what they're
actually initiating.
So I take down requests I think would be a great
solution to a lot of these issues. I'm going to
bring it up to you too hopefully. I don't know if they
agree or not but that's it at the end of the
day I don't care. This is such a boring drama.
Jesus Christ
Meme review. Oh we have two more oopsie.
How is this. Oh my God. Jesus Christ. Let's
just jump into it guys. We're almost there. Soulja
Boy did a new procedure again. You'd think
after Nintendo cracked down on Soulja Boy he would
stop. No Soulja Boy is like OK
well then Sony it's Sony time everybody
Soulja Boy announces a new sketchy console
which looks identical to a PlayStation
Vita and why why should you pay thirty
three dollars for a product when you can buy
the exact same price.
I mean look at that. That's literally the places
where you can buy the exact same product called
Soldier game and it's ninety nine ninety
nine. Oh that's a great price. Why
pay a third of the price when you can
play it pay way more.
Look it's two hundred dollar discount. What a
great deal. What is even that what is a police station Vito.
Oh my God. He sells it at the same price.
Why buy a real here.
also announced this soldier board. What's next.
When are we seeing the soldier condoms.
Come on Soulja Boy. I thought you were an entrepreneur.
Finally we did it. That final scene.
She liked the best a man can get.
Or is it.
She led faces backlash and boycott over
me to advert so she let upload
short film called.
We believe the best men can be
and it's safe to say that a lot of people didn't like this video it's right
now sitting on fifty two thousand dislikes and only
eight thousand likes eight point five.
I really really appreciate the Guardian's title on
this. It doesn't show any bias at all.
Gillette hashtag meat to add on
toxic masculinity gets praise
and abuse that seems like such a fair
assessment you know.
No it doesn't. I like how they didn't call it criticism
it's just abuse. Everyone dislikes this video abuse.
This poor brand this
poor Jew multi million dollar brand is
getting abuse. It's a it's in a billion dollar brand.
It wouldn't surprise me abuse given a lot of criticizing it.
Jesus Christ. They're so
desperate in the Commons as well. They're leading a bunch of comments
from the video they even penned a comment saying
best commercial Amber.
Oh my God. Best commercial
ever. Just give up. She let you made it in video.
Okay let's go through it.
Bullying me too. It hasn't
even started and the first thing bullying. Hey do you guys
know only men bully. That's the only thing that
Bullying me to movement against
masculinity toxic
Everyone. God dammit guys.
No one likes mens anymore and we have a man
heavily man oriented brand. We're going to have to
rebrand the whole thing and command
toxic masculinity everyone who doesn't like to
have their moral combat defined to them by
a shaving company. Maybe I shouldn't be
such an asshole to women you know that Gillette
ad really swayed my mind on things. It really opened my
my eyes to the issue.
Oh look they're bullying guys bully. They you
know that guys bully people can't hide from me.
Women never bully anyone. It has been
going on far too long.
What I actually think she's trying to say. Making the
same old excuses will be
boys. Boys boys can fight each other
boys can't wrestle with each other
And there will be no going back.
Because we we believe in the
best in men.
Men need to hold other men
nipples. Sweetie come on.
I don't understand. What is the context here.
Maybe I'm part of the problem. I don't get what the issue here
is so they're filming something and he's saying smile sweetie.
And this guy is like yo yo.
Come on man. It wasn't the kind of thing we're just going to
assume then the act what is happening way.
Cool. Not cool man. Never approach
a woman. Not cool man. The right way.
Yeah. Not cool man. This guy is like
Dude how could he. How
dare you. In ways big. Man
And small. I'm Joe.
But some
Is not enough.
Because the boys watching today.
Will be the men of tomorrow
Watching this video. Eh it doesn't piss me off. I don't really
care that much. I just think it's very it's
cringeworthy. That's what it is. Why is Gillette trying to
tell me or everyone that guys are a
problem and really putting all the guys that are
problematic in that same category. Why not
focus on something positive instead a positive
example to showcase men that actually do something good.
If you want to have an
inspiring message instead of something that said
shame on everyone you know at the end of the day
Gillette goal is to sell products you know
their motivation behind this video was to do
exactly just that. That doesn't mean that's
necessarily bad but at the same time
again it's so crazy that they're trying to put up this
message to sell more products.
It blows my mind that they thought this was an actual good idea.
There's a lot of constructive comments in there.
Someone actually commented. My wife son love this.
Thank you.
Happy to hear you enjoyed it. And thank
you for watching.
Is that real. That's great.
That said for pioneers guy. Hope you enjoyed this episode smash
like if you enjoyed and as always smash
subscribe to series. Literally right around the corner
full on panic mode. Thank you. Check out New
merch and I'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye.
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Logan Paul STRIKES Content, Pokimane says BAD thing.. MatPat UNFORGIVABLE!

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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