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Wait! Who are you?
You know who I am.
I do?
Your friendly neighborhood...
The adpocalypse is still going strong.
If you don't know, all the advertisers just pulled themselves out of YouTube.
There's no ads on YouTube.
What am I gonna do with 16 dollars?!
And I know what you're thinking..
''But Pewdiepie, you said you only make videos for "funny" and not for money''
One of the people that pulled their ads out of YouTube as a boycott...
...was none other...
than [warning headphone users]
It hurts every time that I think about it, Pepsi! Uh!
It's like a sting in my body. It's a sting in my soul.
''Besides suspending their spending on YouTube...'' Good writing, there by the way
Walmart, PEPSI and several other companies have said they will stop buying ads on Google places.
But wait, what is this?
Pepsi just released an ad!
On Youtube!
With Kendall Jenner!
My favorite artist!
(chuckle) You know, I guess I gotta get on that family friendliness like Kendall Jenner!
You know? I could also do that.
I can ALSO be family friendly...
...like Kendall Jenner. You can also pay me!
Alright, let's just watch it.
Let's just watch it. I've been hearing great things about it.
(electric guitar plays)
Starts of with an electric guitar...
...but he's playing a cello.
That uh..uh. Good job there, good job there. No one's gonna notice that one.
Look how passionate he is playing that electric guitar.
I mean cello.
Kind of when he's spin the face as an...
...as an artist you devote yourself to an instrument...
...and then you just get dumped over by a fucking electric guitar.
He will not divide us, we got love.
Thats the Kanji for love.
And, we are all about the love...
...and look at this diverse crowd. We got all kinds of people in here.
Is that Kendall? That's Kendall!
She's doing a photo shoot...
...oh my God, she looks so pretty in this photo shoot.
She's such a superstar.
♪♪ we are the lions ♪♪
Oh my God, she sees what is happening.
She sees what is happening out in the world and it's controversy.
People, celebrities are marching.
It's so brave for all these celebrities to be out marching.
They do it because they're passionate about the cause...
...and not because they want social media posts.
Alright? *sarcasm as fuck*
Was Kendall fucking Jenner in the women's march?
Kendall Jenner wishes she could have attended the women's march.
She wasn't even in it! (laughs)
She's still... She's still doing her photoshoot...
...but she, she feels like something is wrong.
There's injustice in the world
Nah, she just wants the guy.
Oh my God! She's so brave!
She wishes she could have attended (laughs) the women's march.
Ugh, people are such fucking idiots.
But wait! The best part is yet to come.
Ugh! Can we talk about how cringe that is?
Couldn't she just have used her other hand?
The thing is like, when someone wants to brofist you when you hold something...
...you don't do this.
You don't... you just don't.
You take... you do it properly
This is awkward as hell to do. If you ever brofist anyone that holds something...
...it's awkward as hell.
Does this matter at all? No, it doesn't.
It matters a great deal!
What is she doing? What is she doing with that Pepsi?
What is she gonna do with the Pepsi to the riot guards?
The police?
She's giving the police a Pepsi
Brilliant. Genius.
Everyone is happy now.
She solved everything.
All you had to do... was give him a Pepsi!
Wait, you're telling me that...
...this is the problem in all the riots?
There's just not enough Pepsi.
I don't think you need to explain why it sucks.
They quit the ads on YouTube to avoid controversy and then they release this fucking shit?
Not only is it cringy. It's bad. It's forced.
It's.. It makes me hate myself.
This is the reason why I will never be family friendly because, God, I will never fucking be associated with this kind of fucking shit
The memes that are coming out of this...
...it's absolutely (kisses finger) beautiful.
Kendall, please, give him a Pepsi!
Yo Kendall, I'mm gonna need you to come through with a Pepsi! These cops are wildin'!
I bet she showed up
I bet she was at the photoshoot...
...but I bet she showed up...
...and if she didn't, I bet she wishes that she could have
you know everytime i go outside its not really a problem for me but just
you know my mom ever since i was a young little boy she's always like
bring a little pepsi boiii
put it in ur backpocket
and if you ever get in trouble with the cops, just whip out a pepsi, and everything will be alright
is he spray-he's spraying them with pepsi
that's not tear gas, that's pepsi everyone
sometimes the cops like to share as well
yes *laughs* this one
STOP GUYS! i have a pepsi multi pack in
my car
its gonna be okay!
its not just one person making these desicions, the people working on these ad campaigns are fucking huge
there's millions and millions and millions of dollars involved in this
i cant even imagine how much money kendall jenner was paid for this
but i imagine quite a big sum cause pepsi's known throughout the history
history? whatever, through out the years to do all the big celebrities like
Britney Spears, Micheal Jackson (that one was amazing) um
they all done pepsi sponsored
and now kendall jenner being the new star. there's millions of dollars and so many people involved
but NO ONE, no one stepped up and be like
maybe this is just not a good idea, you know?
maybe this is not how the real world actually works
i understand that we were social justice warriors and we want to
...off like how great this movement is
Oh people gonna love this shit
its got kendall jenner
and everyone just loves each other
there's love everywhere
and to be fair like some of the pepsi commercials has been like really good
i remember the Britney one when i was a kid and like wow what the fuck
i thought it was cool
okay, im sure i wouldnt think its cool now
its horrible, to laugh at but at the same time this is the reality of the situation
not everyone lives in a goddamn bubble
like the people working at pepsi alright
i think we all learned a valuable lesson here which is pepsi brings world peace
everyone knows this
the world is so divided right now and everyone is freaking out but thank god
that we have brave people
like kendall jenner
whats that
i just got a call from kendall jenner's management and she
she, she wishes she could be here
i could just imagine the P.R team, trynna figure out how they're gonna promote this campaign with kendall jenner
okay what's relevant right now?
oh we got all the riot
and the anti trump movement
and black lives matter
holy fucking shit
i cant show the audio but the chemical brothers
literally predicted this video
in 2009,
they're even throw(ing)
viva cola *laughs*
is this where they got their inspiration from? what the fuck?
the irony now is that
fans ^stutters^
consumers are banning
boycotting bepsi because they just have got off on this
commercial wuss
but at the same time, is all the publicity
good publicity?
i dont know
i dont really have the answer for that
i think no. i think no is the right answer
oh she tweeted it, god bless
*get rekt, ken*
what the fuck is this meant to be?
the true power of fizzy juice, thats riiiiigghhht
how stuck up do you have to be to even act like you and a can of soda can end things like police brutality protest?
that is a great question, that is an excellent question
basically, the same thing
historic moment
alright, well that that is it from me, hope you enjoyed, check out another video and um
there's a pepsi out of this video
i want you to
this is never gonna happen. this is never gonna fukin happen
really, i may seem like im hateful and bitter
and angry
but in reality
im just lost
i need you pepsi
come back to me, i love you
i'll be good to you
i'll treat you nice
i don't wanna keep making videos for free
i *stammers* its not what i (want)
its not what im doing
i dont wanna do dat
a hah
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2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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