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  • You probably know a high-fiber diet is good for your digestive system, but did you

  • know it could help some individuals live longer?

  • "A new study finds eating a high-fiber diet after a heart attack may help you live longer."

  • (Via NBC)

  • According to the BBC, researchers looked at the data of two nearly nine-year U.S. studies

  • "involving more than 4,000 men and women who had survived a first heart attack and had

  • provided information about their usual diet via questionnaires."

  • And KCBS reports what researchers found was extraordinary. "Boston researchers followed

  • heart attack survivors and found that those who ate the most fiber from grains had a 25

  • percent lower chance of dying."

  • A writer for LiveScience points out another incredible fiber feat: "Every 10-gram increase

  • in fiber intake per day corresponded to a 15 percent lower risk of dying during the

  • study period."

  • Scientists, of course, can't definitively say if the high-fiber diet was the actual

  • cause of an increased lifespan. Even still, "CBS This Morning" spoke with one doctor who

  • says fiber has all kinds of health benefits.

  • DR. TARA NARULA: "It can help lower your blood pressure. It can lower your LDL, which is

  • the bad cholesterol. It can generally decrease inflammation. It helps modulate your blood

  • sugar so you're less tendency to develop diabetes, and it also makes you feel full quicker."

  • (Via CBS)

  • One important note: Science World Report says of the three types of fibers studiedcereal,

  • fruit, and vegetables — "only cereal fiber has a strong link with enhanced long term

  • survival after heart attack."

  • Raisin Bran, anyone? The study was published in the journal BMJ. (Via Flickr / Albert Huynh)

You probably know a high-fiber diet is good for your digestive system, but did you

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