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  • Back! Get back! Back! Get away!

  • Keep away from Him!

  • Get back! Back! Get away! Make room! Get out!

  • You, out of the way!

  • Move, when I tell you!

  • Get up! Get up!!

  • You, what's your name?

  • Simon of Cyrene, sir.

  • Step over here!

  • Cut the ropes!

  • You... carry it. Come on, move!

  • Move on! Clear the way there.

  • Back, get back! Get back!

  • We weep for you, Lord, we weep.

  • Drink this. Drink. Drink, Lord.

  • Women of Jerusalem, don't weep for Me,

  • but weep for yourselves and for your children.

  • For if things as these take place when the wood is green,

  • what will happen when it is dry?

  • God help You.

  • We will pray for You.

  • Move! Down here! Come on!

  • Quicker, quicker!

  • Now you go!

  • Go on! Keep up! Quicker! Come on!

  • Quicker!

  • Now, move! move!

  • Now, you go ahead! Come on now.

Back! Get back! Back! Get away!

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A2 weep quicker move move move drink jesus

JESUS (English) Jesus Carries His Cross; Via Dolorosa

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    Precious Annie Liao posted on 2014/05/01
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