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Hello again and welcome to English at work.
It's another day at tip top, trading on hopefully a happier one.
Following Dinis is bad news about her job.
I wonder if Tom and Anna are about to get the same bad news.
It's really awful having to let a member of your staff go.
But that's the situation we're in, I'm afraid.
And now you're gonna let us go on you.
Honestly, Paul, I've given my life to this company and, quite frankly, un disappointed.
No, I'm angry at your decision.
So your biscuits?
Well, Tom, that's what I think of tiptop trading.
Hold on, Tom.
I think you're a bit confused.
Are not sacking you too?
I need to talk to you about plastic vegetables.
You know the Opa gene idea.
Oh, I say you're not sacking us.
Pull our buy you some more biscuits.
So what was it that you had to say?
Plastic vegetables.
Yours and Anna's idea for a plastic obey gene.
I like it.
It's good.
So I need you to develop a prototype we can use to show our potential clients.
Well, that's great.
So where do we get the prototype made upstairs on the fourth floor.
We have a great development team who can magic up some amazing designs.
They're magicians now, Anna.
They're just developers who make things out.
Thank you, Tom.
Look, why not go and have a chat to them now and get the ball rolling?
But we know making balls.
I'll come on and I'll explain.
See a po to get the ball rolling.
He means to get the project moving along.
Developers can design and make models of your products, which you can show and develop, but you need to give them clear and specific instructions.
Let's see how Anna gets on.
So this is the development team.
All right, George, you up for a footie on Sunday?
You met Anna before?
We've come to talk vegetables.
Try the greengrocers.
Very funny yet.
We need to talk Plastic.
Oh, Beijing making mate.
It's our new big idea.
We can just remote the design for the imperial lemons.
Can they, Anna?
Is that what you want it to get what you want?
You need to explain exactly your requirements, but what shall I say?
Tell them exactly what you were thinking by saying I have a specific idea in mind on.
I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on how to improve my ideas.
Andi, I'd like to use your design skills to produce a fantastic product.
I see.
Time for me to take control, George.
This is quite a special project for us, isn't it, Tom?
Oh, yeah, Right.
So we want to get it right.
And I already have a specific idea in mind.
Oh, great.
Tell me more.
Well, based on a really or vision, I was hoping it could be 20 centimeters in length using great one plastic resin with a black purple color.
Andi Ah, 30 degree curve on that site.
Does that make sense?
Court Clear.
Obviously, you are a designer, so I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on how to improve our idea.
Well, it looks very impressive.
Already cost Tom when you get her from.
He didn't get me from anywhere.
Now I'd like to use your design scales to develop a fantastic product that I can show everyone.
Uh, yes.
I'll get on to it straightaway.
Excellent, Tana.
Sometimes it's important to take control and say what you really want, but in a positive and encouraging way.
Thes air the phrases that Anna used.
I have a specific idea in mind.
I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on how to improve my ideas.
I'd like to use your design scales to produce a fantastic rode up.
There's one more phrase to use to make sure things go to plan.
If someone's making something for you, that is.
I need to sign off your designs before they go into production.
That means approved the plans before anything is made.
Off you go, Anna.
So when will you have to defines?
Ready, then hopefully by tomorrow morning.
Is that okay?
That would be great, but I will need to sign off your designs before they go into production.
That way there won't be any mistakes.
Well, they're cranky, Tom.
She's a bit bossy.
She's a Percy.
Can't really be ever softy.
Now, come on, Tom, fetch my thinks.
We need to go and sort out and living person for Denise.
Oh, yeah, Right.
Of course.
See you, George.
I think Tom's that pussycat.
Let's hope the designs come out.
Well, that even more important is Denise his last day at work tomorrow.
How's everyone going to code?
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Conveying your ideas - 51 - English at Work helps you present your thoughts

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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