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  • MELISA: Can I borrow a pencil, please?

  • LUCA: Yes, of course.

  • Where is it?

  • I think my school bag's a little bit messy!

  • MELISA: A little bit, yes!

  • Today we're going to show you how to organise your school bag.

  • MELISA AND LUCA: Let's do it!

  • MELISA: Step one: take everything out of the bag.

  • LUCA: Done!

  • Bottle,

  • lunchbox,

  • apple,

  • diary,

  • textbooks,

  • notebook,

  • folder,

  • pencil case,

  • umrubbish?

  • MELISA: Step two: throw away the rubbish.

  • LUCA: Don't forget to recycle!

  • MELISA: Step three: put all your school books in a pile.

  • LUCA: This is starting to look better!

  • MELISA: Yes! Now step four: organise your pencil case.

  • First clean it.

  • Then check that the pens work and the pencils are sharp.

  • And finally put all your things back in.

  • Cool! Now you can put everything inside the school bag.

  • LUCA: Great!

  • MELISA: Put the books in first,

  • then the lunchbox,

  • the pencil case

  • and the apple on the top.

  • Here's your bottle; put it at the side.

  • LUCA: Oh! Thank you!

  • MELISA: Now there's only one step more.

  • LUCA: What is it?

  • MELISA: Go to school!

  • LUCA: Of course!

  • MELISA AND LUCA: Bye bye!

  • MELISA: Remember! To organise your school bag:

  • Take everything out of the bag.

  • Throw away the rubbish.

  • Put all your school books in a pile.

  • Clean and organise your pencil case.

  • Put all your things back in.

  • That's it! Now you can organise your own school bag.

MELISA: Can I borrow a pencil, please?

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How to organise your school bag

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/01
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