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Hi guys.
Dan, for BBC Learning English here today.
I'm going to test my teammates to see whether they can understand Australian phrases and idioms.
I'm going to read the idiom to them and they have 10 seconds to work out what it is.
I'm going to do it in my best Australian accent, which actually isn't very good.
Let's go.
Seems like you're up a gum tree to me.
Seems like up a gum tree To me, a lie can think of is confusion.
You've got the wrong idea.
You may be lost.
Things look bad, but she'll be apples.
Okay, Things look bad, but she'll be apples.
I reckon that something like things are looking bad, but everything's gonna be OK in the end.
Well, everything's gonna be right.
He's been on the wall of the track for the last month.
He's been on the Wallaby track for the last month.
Well, I've got no idea what that means, but I'm going to say that he's been looking for something that you can't find for ages.
Is that right?
I'm not interested.
Tell your story walking.
I'm not interested.
Not interested?
Tell your story.
Walking that means go away.
I'm no good.
Talk to you.
It all go away.
Talk to the hand.
Thank you.
Do these task on the knocker?
I won't do this task on the knocker.
Knock, knock, knock.
Very quickly.
Don't mess around.
Just get it done.
Like immediately.
They a our wrecking your a few stubby short of a six page, I reckon your few studies short over six pack.
Okay, I think that's got something to do with beer because the six pack is usually about cans of beer, So I think so.
But I think it's that intelligence.
I think it's about people not being very intelligent.
My working life is like a dog's breakfast.
My working life is like a dog's breakfast.
Uh, my working life is gonna work is a bit of a mess.
Uh, it stinks like dog food, huh?
It was, like, close.
You always look a shade gonna rock.
Why you always like a shack on a not rock.
I guess it means being dangerous being sacked.
Being alone.
Did you get it?
Thank you.
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Australian Idioms vs English Idioms: The Staff Challenge!

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 1, 2020
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