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The London Eye is located on the banks of the Thames,
just across from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
Completed in 2000, this huge ferris wheel was built on its side,
and painstakingly lifted into place.
At more than 400 feet high, it's now the fourth-tallest structure in London.
It takes 30 minutes to complete one revolution.
Each of the 32 gondolas holds around 25 passengers in air-conditioned comfort.
It's also possible to book a gondola for a private function, or even a wedding.
From the top, you'll see sweeping views across the city and countryside,
up to 25 miles away.
The Eye is open from 10am and operates well into the evening.
Tickets are available from the ticket office next door,
but the London Eye attracts more than 3 million visitors a year,
so it's wise to book your tickets in advance.
Offering views of London's great past and high-tech future,
the London Eye is an ideal way to get a different perspective of this great city.
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London Eye Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

46737 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on November 14, 2014    Resa Sui translated    Lucy Fan reviewed
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