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Okay! And we're good!
What's up guys!
Today's Sundizz show is all about me!
Is my show ! No Dizzy yeah!!!!
Okay I'm this kidding, Dizzy gonna be on the show later,
For those of you who do not know who I am.
My name is Sunny ,WANG YANG MING
I am Dizzy's husband and I am Katiya's father.
Life has changed a lot as you can tell from Dizzy's vlogs,
The last couple years I've been away a lot,
I've been filming, I've been on set on different productions.
And after Dizzy got pregnant,I spent a lot more time at home,
And in Taipei.
So for the past six to eight months
Obviously also because of epidemic ,the virus.
I've been spending a lot more time at home and I love it.
I've been watching Katiya grow,
Life is definitely different all of my responsibilities.
I guess everything in my life has changed,
Because of our daughter Katiya.
You know that's just a little bit of my update,
But for those of you who follow my projects ,my movies
And my TV shows.
I have two movies coming out,
Hopefully by the end of this year we will see , I'll let you guys know.
Follow my IG sunnyboyyy with three ys,
Follow my EMC Empire Motor Club,
And obviously Dizzy and I ,we have Empire Aqua.
So today, I'm actually taking Dizzy to her very first Beach clean up.
The beach clean up are actually Dizzy ideas,
But I have been executing them with Empire Aqua,
Because Dizzy was pregnant.
So Empire Aqua has a very special project coming out,
For World Oceans Day on June 8th 2020.
I know that this vlog will come out after June 8th,
But we hope you guys still support World Oceans Day
And be on the lookout for all of our new upcoming projects and our conservation projects.
We love the ocean so much,
I don't want to be drilling this idea into you guys,
But just how about the ocean how about the environment.
It all comes back to us.
Anyway, let's get in the car and let's hit the beach.
Okay so, Dizzy and I we finally got to 中角灣
As you can see it's beautiful
The water is very clear today, no waves.
I come here to surf sometimes
But yeah....
There's no waves I know there's absolutely no waves but it's quite beautiful.
So Dizzy and I did a lot of free diving before,
We're really really into marine life,
We met Ocean Ramsey and Juan Sharks in Hawaii.
They kind of you know gave us a lot of ideas,
We learned a lot through that Dizzy design this great white shark.
Because I love sharks so much,
She decided to take me on a trip to Linkin Park?
Port Lincoln...?
Oh yeah, so for our honeymoon liked Dizzy said,
She took me to Port Lincoln in southern Australia.
I've always been fascinated about great white sharks, I've never seen it.
So we went cage diving with them,
And we realized how beautiful they are.
Because of all these free diving trips that Dizzy was talking about,
Because of all these you know like shark diving, free diving trips.
We learned that there were less and less of these beautiful animals in the ocean.
There's places where we have manta rays,
Where we have great white sharks,
But no one is really doing much about it.
So that's why I want to bring more awareness through Dizzy's designs
Through these Empire Aqua t-shirts that are beautiful,
This is something that we want to do every day.
We put these two ideas together into these two t-shirts.
Helping the environment , recycling,
As well as ocean conservation.
Yeah I'm really excited because this is going to be my first beach clean up,
Even though that I came up with the idea with Sunny.
We're really excited to share you guys a new project.
The ocean is home to all marine life.
Through three diving,
We learned about the ocean and how important marine life is for a healthy ecosystem.
We were lucky enough to see manta rays and sharks on multiple occasions,
However we also saw how much plastic and garbage there was.
And how it has impacted and endangered so much,
That's why we decided to start out Empire Aqua beach clean ups.
If we all put in a little effort,
We can make a huge difference together.
And through education,
We can create changes to our everyday habits to recycle,
To recycle and reuse.
Technology has given us the opportunity to recycle,
And reuse the plastics that is collected,
Especially plastic bottles.
We teamed up with Impact Eco Wear,
That can turn these bottles into PET flakes,
And melt them into pellets that can be made into thread and yarn.
which can then be used as material in clothing fabrics.
Empire Aqua can create something more sustainable.
We want to present our new eco-friendly tees made from the ocean's plastics.
Each t shirt will be made from 8 plastic bottles.
We will to continue to donate part of the proceeds to Manta Trust,
And One Ocean Conservation.
Now is the time for us to protect and conserve.
Join us!
As you can see!
It's quite dirty....
I mean this is where we live,
We got it protected more we got a we got to do better than this .
This is our responsibility right,
It's everyone's responsibility.
Is my first time doing the beach clean up actually is my first time ever,
And I didn't realize that it was this gross,
And disgusting.
Mainly there are actually a lot of little like separate pieces of plastic,
And bottles ,that's the things that I see most.
And those just drift little ya little bits of plastic like garbage plastic and everything.
We really have to reuse recycle,
I mean with plastic bottles,
This is like the simplest thing that everyone can do is to bring your own bottle.
And now I actually know why we need a lot of people.
Yeah ,everyone makes a little bit of a difference,
And it makes like together different in a shorter amount of.
Because today it's just me and you and our team.
And so we only have like one you know, Sunny:Six bags.
Yeah We gonna get a little bit more.
It takes a lot of time and I mean it's hot,
So that's why we started this beach clean up.
And I saw that a lot of people come participate,
We went from like what 40 people to like over 300.
Yeah that's amazing!
We are going to do a beach cleanup with everyone,so you guys can join!
You guys can sign up.
Look out for Empire Aqua, Instagram ,Facebook updates.
Yeah,or you can go on Dizzy Dizzo TikTok page and see how funny she is.
Dizzy Dizzo's attention span is like about only.....a minute
It's gotten worse.
Yeah probably...
I'm excited to go home and see Katiya.
So please support our new eco-friendly shark and manta ray t-shirts.
We hope you guys love it.
This is the first and the last run for the shark and the manta ray t-shirts,
So, go get yours,
And support the environment, support the ocean and support Empire Aqua.
And don't worry though,
Because Dizzy is working on new designs,
That will come out shortly and we'll let you guys know.
So you know just stay updated with all of our news and keep watching the Sundizz Show.
I am back!
I'm gonna be on it ,I'm gonna be doing lots of cool things.
All right , just let me know what you guys want to see from me.
And I know I know...
I haven't forgotten ,I'm gonna be doing her makeup very soon,
So we will do that the master makeup artist.
I am so not looking forward to that...
Are you guys looking common if you want to see.
Actually know you guys already commented.
You guys want to see Dizzy looking like a clown?
Give me a thumbs up all!
Alright ,Peace!
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30 Folder Collection
謝愷 published on June 28, 2020
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