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M: Spudgy your butthole is just.. It's just all butthole buddy..
M: Okay *grunts*
M: Guys I'm on the ground because underneath Spudgy is our secret fridge. .
and in our secret fridge is my Umeshu Japanese plum wine and I wanna show you guys
how to make Japanese plum wine- it was six months in the making *exhales*
M: Spudgy baby..
S: You got this girl! M: Okay, it's really heavy!
M: Let's rewind time and find out how to make Umeshu Japanese plum wine.
M: Get yourself a whole heap of unripe green plums, you're gonna need rock sugar
which is just just chunky sugar and you're gonna need shochu or an unflavored vodka.
M: After washing the jar and the lids in scalding hot water you're gonna need to sanitize it using either the Shochu
or a high proof booze if you can get one. Splash it all over the place and using a paper towel just make sure you wipe
everything down so that it's been soaked.
M: If you decide to half-*baahhh* this step the container will grow mold then your plums will grow mold
and then you'll spoil ALL your wine.
M: Soak your ridiculous amount of plums in cold water for about 20 minutes
and it'll remove some of the bitterness.
M: And then you want to grab yourself a brand new clean sponge and
scrub off all the dirt and some of the stems will pop off- that is great!
M: Drop them onto some paper towels
so they can dry off and make sure you REALLY check for any kind of blemishes.
M: If you find something rotten like this ugly guy, it will spoil your whole batch. Screw you!
M: Ooh, looking so fresh and so clean ;) Using a bamboo skewer
you want to pop out the rest of the stems. You have to remove ALL the stems before they go into the jar.
M: Soaking them makes them pop out a lot easier, but a couple of them will give you a little bit of resistance.>:(
M: That one went across the room, never to be found again..
M: Once you remove the stems you can pat them down with paper towel
and then you can actually just start putting them straight into your sanitized jar.
M: What you're gonna be going for is a layering process.
M: So we're gonna do one layer of plums. Make sure it's totally covered, then we're gonna sprinkle on the rock sugar and we're gonna do
a layer of sugar. Once that's even we're gonna add a layer of plums
M: And we're gonna keep up this layering process until we're plumb out of plums.
M: Ha ha.. Get it? *Jeering by Simon*
M: Stop it, it was a plum pun! *Further jeering by Simon* Ahahahahaha.
M: Regardless of the size the container you're using you're gonna want to fill it just
over three-quarters to the top. If you fill it right to the brim as the plums shrivel,
they're gonna start releasing juice and gas and your container might
f*baahh*ing explode. All that's left to do is to add the
M: Shochu. You have to use enough to cover up the plums completely. They need to be TOTALLY submerged. If there's a plum
that's like sticking out up top, it's gonna just rot.
M: One kilogram of plums ended up going into a five liter jar.
M: I used 1.8 Liters of Shochu.
M: One bag of sugar and an extra quarter cup.
M: Make sure all the lids are nice and tight so that there aren't any weird microbes
getting in there, pop on a label and for the first couple days
give it a little bit of a gentle shaking so you can start getting the sugar dissolving.
M: You want to put it into a cool place
but NOT a fridge. If you put it in a fridge, it will not work out.
M: All right, six months to a year later *fast forwards*
M: I am genuinely nervous right now because I have not ever opened this up
M: It's been seven months of work, and it could taste disgusting on camera right now, and I could be humiliated
M: So let's just get into it and see if I can even open this
*struggles to open*
S: Ducky, can I just do that for you?
M: Just hang on.
S: Ducky, please don't hurt--
M: I did it! I did it on my own!
M: Please, please, please, please, please don't taste gross!
M: Okay, here's the outside. Oh, I can see the seal popped a bit. Ooh, da!
M: Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous.
M: Think I-- I might need to like-- You know what? You have to pry this open.
S: I could do that with just my man hands. M: Gahh!
M: Manservant!
S: Come on
M: It's sticky.
S: Welcome back to short people cooking.
M: Did you just really open it that easily?
M: Are you serious? I didn't even get a chance to put it in focus; it was that easy. :(
M: You make me sick.
M: Okay, it smells good.
M: There is no mold growing anywhere
M: Which means that I successfully sanitized everything to make sure that nothing went wrong
M: Remember that this is not fermenting,
it's actually just steeping, so it's not the same thing as like when you make other types of longevity products.
M: Wut?! How long have I been an Asia for that I said that phrase? whatever
M: I'm gonna do a try first and then I'm gonna show you guys how you would have it at a bar.
M: Oh my god. I'm so nervous.
M: Do I like I stir it? No, I'm going for it.
M: Oh my god. It's all like syrupy and wonderful.
M: It smells great.
M: Please don't taste disgusting.
M: Put the whole thing in.
M: Whole things in. Whole things in. Whole things in! I'm just trying it. Here I go!
M: Looks pretty
M: Looks pretty weak because it's only been seven months. It can go longer than that .
M: Smells amazing...
M: That's great!
S: Is it really?
S: You did a good job, girl.
M: I did it!
M: Oh my god. It's definitely better than the stuff we normally buy in a box.
S: Is it?
M: Yes. Okay.
M: The reason I was so nervous is because I tried to put in a little bit less sugar because we don't like super-sweet alcohol
M: BUT, my concern was what if I put in less sugar and then it causes things to like not- umm,
M: Like be stable
M: That's the word! I was worried that I didn't add enough sugar to preserve it that by putting in less sugar
M: It would cause it to like rot, but it was fine.
M: It's delicious.
M: Oh wow!
M: When you go to a bar and you ask to serve it on the rocks,
M: So I'm gonna put some on the rocks and then Simon you can try it out, ducky. S: Woohoo!
M: I'm gonna add this in.
M: That's a little bit of my backwash for you to get even with you for the water that you made me drink in our last video.
M: And then I'm gonna add good stuff to it too, so you double suffer. Oh, yeah
M: Look at that backwash.
M: Mister.
M: This is so hard for me to do the day of I was building such a major ladder
M: And now it's like all worth it!
M: I'm not being very generous. >:)
M: Normally there would be
M: A lot more Umeshu.
M: Okay Ducky. S: My turn?
M: Okay come try this.
M: Come try it Ducky!
S: Okay, how do I fit in this short person frame?
M: For special times.
M:We only have so much of that ducky!
S: mm-hmm
M: Swish it.(?)
M: He went for it. Without sharing at all.
M: He just went for it.
M: Wow, he's really going for it.
M: Ducky, that's not how you drink it.
S: Oh, that's great. M: Isn't it great?
M: Didn't I do a good job?
S: Yeah, because usually like Umeshu,
S: I always like to have on the rock because it's so syrupy and sweet.
S: And if you don't have ice to dilute it, then you just feel like you're eating syrup.
S: But this-- this on it's own is not overwhelming.
S: This is a fantastic recipe!
S: Nicely done, Love.
M: YES SIR. Every year we'll make new Umeshu, ok?
S: Whoa M: We're gonna age it and make it--
M: Don't breathe into it!
M: You're breathing in your germs. You're gonna infect it all.
S: We're gonna party tonight, gurrrrrrl.
S: We goin' party tonight.
S: We goin' party tonight!
S: Ha.
S: We goin' party tonight!
M: We're not drinking any. Where are you going? S: We goin' party tonight
S: We goin' party tonight.
S: Ha.
S: We goin' party tonight. Let's do it!
M: Please put it back. I'm not finished, sir.
S: What if I drop this all?
M: I would cry.
S: It would be funny.
M: Cry and cry and cry.
M: So now even though when I was making this,
M: I was using shochu which is at like 25 to 45 percent alcohol.
M: Now, this is kind of dropped down to 10 to 15% alcohol.
M: So it is much less alcoholic than what I originally started with, but it is kind of like having a wine
M: Which is why people will often call it Japanese plum wine.
M: The tartness of the plums
M: Completely get counteracted by the gigantic sugar crystals
M: So if you come to Japan, you might have sake and you might try a Highball and you might have strong zeros at the convenience store
M: But make sure when you go to a bar if you see them having a huge jar with weird looking things floating around that is
M: Their homemade Umeshu, so please do yourself a favor ask them for a glass of Umeshu on the rocks.
M: And you will thank us
M: Let me know in the comments section below if you have ever tried Umeshu
M: Or if you've ever made it yourself.
M: And if you use my recipe, please please let me know as well.
M: also big heart and shout out to cooking with dog
M: They're an amazing Channel
and I used their video on how to make this and then I tweaked the recipe. I mean it's such a
wholesome and a wonderful channel.
S: We goin' party tonight.
M: Uh-oh.
S: We goin' party tonight
M: I need to run with this.
S: We goin' party tonight!
S: We goin' party tonight.
S: Let's go girl.
S: We goin' party tonight.
S: We goin' party tonight.
M: This has gotta last us a year.
S: Year?
S: No, this ain't goin' last a night. M: I should've made 2
S: This ain't goin' last a night.
M: Yes it is.
S: It ain't goin' last a night.
M: It's fine.
M: It's great!
S: You did a great job, girl.
M: I'm so happy! :D
M: I was genuinely so worried like what if it sucks cuz you don't know it's like seven months of work
S: we goin' party tonight.
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How to Make Japanese Plum Wine

42 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on June 22, 2020
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