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What are we filming again?
- Oh yeah, cartoons. - Cartoons!
So recently we compiled a lot of videos with cartoons,
with violin playing.
Now it's time to place our review of these cartoons,
and how they portray violins in these episodes.
Let's watch! First one!
Pink Panther.
Old school!
Is that a bass?
- Dude, that bass has like...7 strings. - It's huge...*chuckles*
Yeah, lots of strings.
- And it's got 3 pegs. - Yeah.
It's really artistic, how they drew it,
but the strings are way off.
But, the music stand looks as unstable as a realistic one.
*chuckles* Yeah!
Spot on!
- Alright, guys...straight up, like... *chuckles* - Guys, yeah, this is...
I mean, I don't know,
but my mom always said,
"If you want riches and fame, then be doctor!"
Be doctor! Yeah!
Sheet music doesn't have time signature.
Come on, guys! Come on!
- At least the down and up bows kinda matched, right? - Yeah, that was pretty good.
They were matching the music.
Good job!
Concert hall.
So formal.
- *gasp* - Oof!
Oh no!
Got rejected.
- I mean, that was a great tuning session. - *snickers*
What was that?
*mimics orchestra tuning*
- Yeah— - I mean that's what public—the public hears.
I get the feeling of deliberately making it not accurate.
Look at the setup of the orchestra.
- It's so far from the conductor, right? - Yeah.
And then the basses on both sides.
It's for artistic purposes, guys!
Either that,
or the illustrator/animator needs to
watch some more TwoSet Violin.
- Yeah. - Very accurate.
- Yeah. - *laughs*
I love this already.
- But there' two lines— - Two lines?
Then why's the first line got nothing there?
Yeah. Why is the first line empty?
*sings line*
- Really off... - This is wrong, but it's kind of like weirdly still accurate.
And also, the artist, they like using this "F"...
...swirly thing.
It was on the bass as well.
- And it was on the um, lessons... - ...the stand as well.
- Yeah, the... - The stand as well.
Artistic motif.
Whoa! Artistic motif!
*clears throat*
*light coughing*
*loud coughing*
Where was this...made? 19...
I don't know.
They got that right.
Before the conductor starts,
when people are making noise, like...
Except maybe not the gun?
Yeah, no guns guys.
No violence. We don't condone violence.
It's so trippy.
It's [the] wrong parts...!
Wrong...wrong instrumentation.
- Yeah, it's trumpets...! - Yeah.
- It's very trippy. It's like a parallel universe. - Uh-huh.
Oh, here we go.
- He's the only violinist. - Yeah, violin solo, here we go.
I mean, I guess that happens,
- but these days people have a folder. - Yeah, yeah...!
That's a magic trick!
"Oh my god. You have more than one paper...!"
It's pretty funny though.
Dude, that was so trippy!
It was the same rhythm, the... *mimics rhythm*
Wait. Why is this in a concert?
- I don't know, but I loved it. This is so awesome. - Why is this in a concert? Yeah, it's so random.
- Why is he checking the bow... - I don't know...
- Did it just shoot his eye?! - Yeah.
Got him back.
Next one.
What'll it take to get our friend back?
Sorry, but I hold all the cards here.
There's nothing you can do.
Now, if you'll just sign this fiddle contest waiver.
Wait, what fiddle contest?
The Fairness in Hell Act of 2275,
requires me to inform you that
if you can best me in a fiddle contest,
you win back Bender's soul.
As well as a solid gold fiddle.
Wouldn't a solid gold fiddle weigh hundreds of pounds
and sound crummy?
Well, it's mostly for show.
- Ohhhh, he said it!!! - OHHHHHHH!!!!!
"It's mostly for show!'
- Oh, sacrilegious boi should've watched Futurama! - Yeah!
If you can best the devil,
in like a violin fiddle competition,
- you get your soul back. - Yeah.
- Guys just warning you to practice! - I know!
Do you know how to play the fiddle?
No, do you?
No! But I used to play the drums.
They're sorta similar.
What happens if we lose?
You'll only win a smaller silver fiddle.
Also, I guess I'll kill one of you...
- Him. - *gasp*
- We'll do it! - *gasp*
Very well, then.
Beat this!
Well, we're doomed.
Was that...
- It's the Bazzini! - The Bazzini!
- It's based on Bazzini! - Oh, goblin!
- Yeah, "Dance of the Goblin"! - Oh it is a goblin!
- Oh, wow...! - It's actually...genius.
- "Dance of the Goblin", the goblin! - It's a legit reference.
That's so cool.
Your turn!
*clears throat*
- Wrong side, girl. - Oh, no.
Time for the drum solo!
They made a point.
- That's what gold violins are used for, right? - Yes, yeah.
That's what they're supposed to be used for.
Good one, Futurama.
- Is that Futurama? - Yeah.
It's so cool, when like...
...cartoons or whatever,
- put in that a little bit of effort to make it realistic. - Yeah.
- Yeah, like it's an actual violin piece... - Dance of the Goblin...
- They pay out golden fiddles... - Yeah.
Very subtle, very clever.
Ohh look! It's me!!
Ed, Edd n Eddy!
I remember this too.
- Yeah, that's me learning the violin. - Wow, that looks like you.
Ed, check out these pits!
Nice carpet, Eddy! Now, let us see.
Position and pose starts by fanning your toes,
and placing your left foot right.
Do you do that when you play violin?
Not really.
I didn't know you played an instrument.
In my mom's dreams, I can!
What's Ed doing with a ukulele?
That's a violin, Eddy.
(Both) Wow!
"That's a violin, Eddy!"
Don't do that with your violin, Eddy. *snickers*
Musical tour de force,
whose delicate tone can emit a diverse range of emotions.
That's me!
"It's an E!"
With a little practice...
Violins are for sissies!
- Thank you! - Hey!
I'm sure you'll agree Niccolo Paganini is no sissy, Eddy.
That's right.
Paganini is not a sissy, guys.
- Do you know his story, he worked real hard... - Yeah.
...to make his fame happen,
and music for everyone to play.
Very good, Ed.
But more allegro, sprightlier if you will.
Woo hoo, that's a real toe-tapper, Ed!
It's such a random movie...
...or it's an episode.
Cartoons have changed.
- So much though. - A lot.
Alright, next one, "The Simpsons"!
- And it's PG! - *laughs*
That's some subtle, subtle stuff that
- they're putting in a kid's show. - Man those guys are just messing around
Okay, children.
Everyone pick an instrument.
Doesn't matter which one.
Everyone's gonna be bad.
Ahh, who cares. I'm union.
Told you!! I am not playing an instrument!
You're playing an instrument!
Mom! Music is made by computers,
not rusty metal you put in your...mouth!
Look, your mom thinks that
forcing you to do music in school
will somehow make you into a different person,
and we all know you are, which it won't,
so just do it, or I'll cut all your shorts into skirts.
Homer, you're so rough!
What about this stupid thing?
Why don't you try this clarinet?
It's like the recorder, but cooler.
- Savage...! Lisa! - Shots fired against the recorder community!
She's a smart one, no?
What about this hobo guitar?
(both) Hobo guitar...
- Welcome to TwoSet Hobo Guitar, guys! - Yeah!
If only you can use a violin like that!
Here's the form which says you're responsible.
He picked the violin.
- Yeah! Woo! - The hobo guitar, yeah! Bart!
- Good choice, Bart! - Woo!
Can I just say the background...
Natural? Sharp?
They got it right.
That's awesome.
- If you go back— - And there's Bach, in the background!
So...if I break the violin,
Homer has to pay?
Homer, has to pay?!
The school is lending your son an instrument
that's worth $430.
You and me are gonna make beautiful music together.
Oh! *laughs*
Ohh!!!! Oh no!!!!
- No...! - *incoherent shrieking*
This is torture!
*nervous laughing*
What is he doing...?!
- Oh no! - Look at Homer!
Dude he got gassed!
- That is so messed up! - It's not funny! That's not funny!
That is so messed up for a cartoon!
Oh, no!
$430 violin?
If the beer's in a frosted mug,
you're not an alcoholic, you're an aficionado.
Hello, father.
Thank you for taking responsibility
for this lovely instrument.
I trust you find its music...
Come on, dude! Just leave me alone!
- I'm a good man! - *laughs*
- I've got kids! - *laughs*
*laughs* What...?!
I've been too hard on you.
Here you go!
*chuckles* He dropped the beer!
*evil chuckle*
I took you into my home,
and you've stolen everything from me!
You know what this is?
It's me playing the world's smallest violin!
Heh heh heh heh.
I'm free! I'm free!!!
I'm finally free!!!
Where are you going?
To do to my brain what I just did to your dreams,
for our son!
Was Simpsons always this messed—dark?
I never knew, I watched this as a kid!
- Yeah...! I don't know, but I think so. - Was it always this dark?
It was just funny!
I'm gonna do to my brain what I did–just did
(both) to your son's dreams...?!
Alright guys, so I hope you've enjoyed cartoons'...
...portrayal of violin.
I mean...I'll admit they're pretty funny.
- I am very impressed, actually. - Yeah.
- The Futurama one was so good. - So good.
- I loved it. - Gold violin even though it sounds crap.
Come on cartoon people, make more violin episodes!
Yeah, yeah!
Thank you so much for watching!
Please subscribe!
See you guys.
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Classical Musicians React to Violin in Cartoons

22 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on June 21, 2020
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