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Salut Youtube! I have a special guest with me today. I'm Andrea I am also a
fellow expat in Paris right now I'm from the US from the Midwest and I talk about
expat culture, writing, creativity, things like that on my channel. Andrea and I have
actually just filmed another video where I tested her on Kiwi slang so I don't
know if you guys have seen my videos on New Zealand slang but basically I've
picked a few of the more difficult ones and put her to the test so you can
go and see how she did in her video on her channel it will of course be down
below and I'm gonna put her to the challenge today. We've got an accent
challenge to do where basically we want to compare our accents and read out a
list of words together and listen to the differences in the way we pronounce them
and try and figure out why. I know it's really hard because in the US there
are so many different regional accents but you've got quite a neutral accent
don't you? Yeah I come from sort of the st. Louis
area and I think we generally have a very what we what would you would call a
standard American accent, we don't sound like we're from anywhere. So she's
my standard copy American and I am the standard New Zealander.
Let's go through the list and see who says what and how. So word number one.
Do you wanna go first? Sure. So I would say [pronounces word]. I wouldn't be shocked to hear aunt
I feel like some people call their...if you were actually talking about their
name like Aunt Mary, you'd say Aunt. It's like a little British hangover like 'Aunt Mary' (British accent)
Alright so the second one I would say [pronounces word]
Yeah the envelope makes logical sense
with English pronunciation but I think because this is a French word I think "en"
is sort of trying for the "en" sound in French true somehow I don't know why we
would but I say envelope. So the next one I have heard people pronounce it
differently but I would say [pronounces word] generally. Me too. I've heard route a lot
I think on certain GPSs maybe like re-routing. Actually re-route, yeah, we would say
re-route also. mmm-hmm. Interesting. Very strange.
Gosh there's a melting pot of English that's the thing, like if you think about
it the accents between New Zealand Australia South Africa Canada like I
mean it's crazy how many English accents there are around. And when there's
crossover and when there's not, how our languages evolved differently.
And then like because the UK's the motherland you know but then just next
door you've got the Irish and you're like what are you saying?! Yeah. I would
say this [pronounces word]. We shorten everything so it's very
lazy so it's like theata like almost like it's an A at the end whereas I
can hear you saying the 'er'. mm-hmm that's the American accent definitely.
The next word I would say [pronounces word]. Same, [pronounces word]. No, not same!
The next one I would say [pronounces word]. okay so you don't pronounce the L? no.
Occasionally I've heard people pronounce the L.
Okay the next one oh this is controversial. I would say [pronounces word] until I moved to the
UK and one of my good friends was with me and I was at Starbucks and I ordered
a caramel latte. A what? And he he lost it in the nicest way, he was my friend
so he's allowed to laugh at me but I was like what's going on? And he was like
you just pronounced caramel like carmel. Yeah like do you have one in your mouth right now?
So I now say caramel when I'm anywhere but the US but
caramel is how I normally would say it. Okay and I would just say caramel.
Again 'mill' rather than 'mell' sound. We've definitely got a thing with our vowels, it's almost like the Es
become Is almost so it's like cara-mill. Yeah the vowels in New Zealand
are very different to pretty much any other accent. Yeah unfortunately!
No it's super cool, actually! I mean this one is another like its disputed where I come
from but I would say coupon. I would also say coupon, how else could you
possibly say it? [pronounces word]. A lot of people in the Midwest I think say
coupon. The next one that's another one that's at least in the US it's very
disputed but I say [pronounces word]. oh I say [pronounces word]. Pe-can as well depending on where
you come from the US but that was one for some reason growing up it drove me
crazy when I heard it because I only heard it from a few select people so I
just have pecan so ingrained. That's funny because for me that sounds super snobby
like "pe-caaan". It does sound a bit more posh, yeah.
[pronounces word]. Okay to me that sounds very English okay the lawyer
sounds so American gonna law-yer okay sure lawyer is just North American and
then how you are saying it is everything else. Wait what did I say?
Okay the next one [pronounces word].
Wait did you pronounce the T? No, I mean I pronounce it but...
it's like it almost a D, whereas we're like "waTer",
Would you like a glass of water? Yeah the American T in those
situations although it's often an australian and new zealand thing, it's pretty
much everything except your classical british, but the T becomes more
like a D but it is a different sound. I've had so many people say it's a
D is it's not it's a it's kind of like a tongue flick but that sounds like a D
it's not quite the same thing. [pronounces word] that's like identical oh we
found the soul mate word! Okay this one we pronounce and spell differently
[pronounces word] see a lot of people have said
this one's pronounced just weirdly in North America I actually don't know
which one Canada says but we don't have that last I in there we say aluminum. How
interesting! The next one I added it to the list
especially because I know it's a thing.
[pronounces word]. Say it again - milk. Yeah it's like it's gonna W in there yeah
yeah that's interesting see I thought the New Zealand twang will
be on the i because the vowels are usually different but this one's different.
yeah this one's really random. [pronounces word]
so there's just the 'R', my Americanness is coming through strong. Alright so now we
have some sentences. I chose these sentences because I knew that they
may highlight again a bit of the accent. If you can figure out the rule of the New
Zealand accent please let us know down below because maybe you're a linguistic
expert and you can explain it away. I really need to paint my deck. I really
need to paint my dick. The vowels are really different! It's really awkward when you're saying to
people like yeah I'm just gonna go sit on the deck like people are like oh! you
do that then. I write with a red pen a blue pen and a black pen. I write with a
red pen a blue pen and a black pen. Yeah it sounds so much like an I which is
funny because at least in the u.s. a lot of people will mix up the words pen and
pin and they'll say pin for pen but they actually are thinking of pen but it's
actually a common thing. And we just collectively kept making the mistake over and over!
I think school is really cool. Okay the double O is definitely a bit
different. Yeah this is for me when you hear an Australian it's like school
cool like it's got that real drawl to it. Yeah okay but then we really
need to go to bed. Yeah okay but then we really need to go to bed. Okay so that's
it so again if you have figured out the secret to the New Zealand accent and you
can explain it to us please let me know down below, there's something weird going on it
must have been that six month voyage all the way across the ocean that made
people a little bit loopy but thank you so much for watching and if you want
more content on language learning, French, Kiwi slang, culture that kind of stuff
please think about subscribing and give this video a thumbs up
and I'll see you guys next Wednesday. See you next time! A bientôt! Bye!
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DIFFERENT ENGLISH ACCENTS | American Accent vs. New Zealand Accent Challenge

21 Folder Collection
Wenwen Chang published on June 20, 2020
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