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  • Hey, Jon here with Prime Studios Photography,

  • and I was about to go out and do some street photography,

  • which is one of my favorite things to do. And it occurred to me you guys might actually want to see what I

  • actually carry my camera bag. So I have two main camera bags. This one is my smaller one. This is the Tenba Messenger

  • 11, I think. It's got some magnetic clips here...

  • some Velcro...

  • Which, what's nice about this Velcro is that if you pull down before you pull out, it actually makes it way more quiet.

  • So if you need to open your bag someplace

  • quiet, like a church.

  • The camera I'm shooting with at the moment is the Fuji 645Zi.

  • And I really love this camera. It's a medium format film camera. It's got auto-focus, auto zoom,

  • and actually I have a whole video on how to use it. But yeah, it's definitely my favorite so far. Right now

  • I'm using a Peak Design hand strap with it.

  • I almost always have a secondary camera with me and

  • right now I'm carrying my Olympus XA as my second camera. And this is a 35mm camera, also one of my favorites.

  • It's nice because,

  • what will happen a lot of the time is I'll shoot all the film for this camera and I'll still want to keep shooting, and

  • so I'll have this one with me and if it gets dark, I have a flash.

  • I usually also take a small tripod. Which this is's a Benro tripod.

  • And what's nice about it is the head is strong enough to hold the weight of these cameras fairly easily.

  • But it's also a selfie stick.

  • So sometimes I'll take a phone adapter with me and then I also use it for my

  • other camera, my third camera, that I keep in here.

  • So my third camera that I carry with me, and I love that these are all so small, this is a Insta360

  • EVO, and this is a VR180 camera. So it's kind of like my hobby within photography. I like both film and digital.

  • This one can fold and turn into a 360 camera. And so far I really like this one.

  • I've been having fun with it. Because I'm shooting with the Fuji 645,

  • I also have some extra medium format film here, Provia, which is a slide film and

  • Acros, which is a black-and-white film. What's nice about this bag is this whole interior

  • can actually slide out completely.

  • So I can use this padded interior for another bag

  • or I can take the shoulder bag and use it for something other than a camera bag.

  • As far as things that I always carry with me

  • That are always in this bag, one of them is this

  • remote

  • for

  • film cameras. Because I'll sometimes use this bag for my Mamiya C220

  • Twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera, because it fits right in there. I also carry a little pouch here, a Peak Design pouch and

  • this one has like a little

  • Allen wrench and some extra anchors in case one of them breaks. Because I use the Peak Design system for most of my stuff.

  • On the front here,

  • these are things I also always keep in here. So at the top are a microfiber cloth and

  • then a little

  • brush thing.

  • I also always have a film retriever for 35mm film and I actually have a video on how to use this. And

  • I always keep a few extra rolls of film.

  • So here's some 120 in Provia and Acros and then some 35mm,

  • also Provia and Acros. And then one of the most important tools I carry,

  • A quarter. Nice as a screwdriver for like the battery compartments of the cameras, quick-release plate sometimes...

  • So it's always a good idea to have a quarter with you. And the one nice thing

  • I really like about this bag is this top zipper, and also the fact that all the zippers have

  • these little loops on them. So I can just open up the top zipper and get

  • right into the bag without having to lift open the flap, which is really nice.

  • So I hope you guys find it interesting what I take with me when I do street photography.

  • I will leave links down below

  • to any of these products that I can. If you click on those links and buy something it does help out my channel,

  • so thank you very much if you do that.

  • And if you have any questions, just let me know below. Make sure to give a thumbs up and subscribe!

  • Thanks!

Hey, Jon here with Prime Studios Photography,

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Film Street Photography - What's in my Camera Bag?

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