B1 Intermediate US 21 Folder Collection
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Hello guys, welcome!
*incoherent screaming*
*coughs* Hello.
How loud can you scream?
We have a very cool episode,
today we're gonna play a game called—
Violin Go Hero!
I was about to be like, "Shhh",
and then you were like, "Violin", and I'm like...
Oh. Skrrrr.
Yeah, so basically this game...
It's an app that we found,
and you have the little character...
...and you basically just jump.
The louder you play...
The original game is actually meant for voice,
it's called "Scream Go",
and the louder you yell, the more the thing...
...little character jumps.
But we're gonna be doing it with violin.
- Yeah. Should we just try it first? - So what we will do—
Like a warm-up round for each of us?
- So they know what's going on? - Sure.
Um...so, we're gonna be doing it with violin.
Yes, but we—
The rule is we have to play an actual piece.
(Both) Scissors, paper, rock!
- I want to go first. - Okay.
I'll decide the piece for this one,
- you can the decide the next piece. - Yeah, okay.
Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.
I got 6.
- There's a little bit of delay, actually. - There's a lag to the sound.
Okay, 6.
- 6. Your turn. - Here we go, my turn.
Alright. *chuckles*
You got 9.
- Woohoo!!! - 6 and 9.
What a great way to start this episode.
Next one.
- Oh, you choose...what's the next piece. - Alright.
Paganini Caprice.
Which one? 24?
Yeah, 24.
Yeah, I always die in the first variation anyway. *chuckles*
- Wow, 15, that's good, - What did I get? 15?
- that's pretty good. - Hey.
- Alright here we go. Replay. - Pretty good.
Urgh, okay. Next piece!
Alright, next piece is gonna be...
- ...3rd movement, Sibelius. - Okay.
Argh! *laughs*
- 1! - I overshot it!
- Ohhhh! - I overshot it.
Oh, it's so funny...!
It's so awkward when it's in the middle,
- you don't know if you should go harder or stop. - I know, you're like, "No!!!"
You did the same thing, but you got 3.
- Alright. - You won that one.
Next piece is...
Why don't we do...
Lalo, 1st movement.
It's gonna bust the string. *chuckles*
You don't know where—
You don't know where the sound is up to.
- Yeah. - You don't know whether it's tracking your sound or not.
Like, okay, where we are...
- Okay. - We need a Strad for this.
Yeah I've got...okay, let's try this.
"When you're not really fine."
- I love how you're like, doing it carefully. - Yeah, but it still don't—
But you still died anyway.
What did you get? 5 as well?
I think I got like 7.
Actually no, maybe I got 5.
Okay, you got 7.
- So last one! - Oh, 2:2.
(Both) Um...
You pick. You pick the piece.
Alright, the last piece will be...
Flight of the Bumblebee.
It overshoots.
- Oh, that's alright. - Dammit.
if you can jump far, you can jump close.
Bring it on.
*incoherent screaming*
Oh, that was pretty good.
After a while I was just like, "Keep playing!"
Yeah, just go, just go, just go! *laughs*
- Um...Tchaikovsky? 3rd movement. - Alright.
No no, I think...I think I know how to do this.
Nah wait, no...that didn't...no, no, no, no— *snickers*
Oh, come on.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I think...I got this.
Ow. I just hurt my jaw.
Ohh...! Damn...
- New record! 17! - "You beat the high score!"
Alright guys, see if you can beat our record,
can you get 40? I bet—yeah,
"Ling Ling can get 40 in negative 40 seconds."
Yeah, that's right.
It's like I haven't heard that before.
Smash the subscribe button.
Subscribe for Ling Ling.
Ling Ling tells you to practice,
so you have to do it as well.
Goodbye everyone.
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You Control This Game with a Violin

21 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on June 18, 2020
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