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My name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
and I've time-traveled from the 18th century
to explain to you the lyrics to my composition,
Alright kiddies.
The lyrics are a little bit naughty,
so don't say Daddy Amadeus didn't warn you!
That means:
"Lick me in the ass."
I mean, come on.
How is that not
quality musical humor?
And for me, to set it...
to a six-part musical canon...
Well see, here's the thing.
Me and my homeboys,
and the rest of the
we enjoy a little bit of that...
And so the six of us would used to get together,
once a month.
And, uh...
Get ourselves cleaned while we sing this in a
six-part canon.
I actually once considered making a seven-part canon.
Except unfortunately,
Salieri wasn't quite up to it.
He said he felt uncomfortable.
Such a shame.
That man could do with...
With some...
A little...
(offscreen) AHEM.
(offscreen) Uhh...
(offscreen) There's still more.
Oh, no. But that is...
Literally the entire lyrics,
to the entire piece.
(offscreen) No there's like, the rest— The lyrics,
you know, like
Here. Show me that!
Give me that!
My damn publicist!
He must have thought it too vulgar, the lyrics,
and decided to add
additional lyrics
to tone down the piece.
But it loses its...
It loses its flavor, don't you think?
I mean...
Sounds like he's trying to write
an essay in...
Optimism in life.
Who needs optimism,
when you can have some...
Before I finish, I just want to add:
Isn't it great how the composition—
The melody ends
with such a light...
...fluttery set of quavers?
You know, how it just kinda...
Just flutters off the tongue, you know? Like,
(offscreen) Okay, that's enough now.
Anyway, it was such a pleasure to visit the 21st century.
Unfortunately, I have to go back to my time now.
I must say I was exposed to some great
master works of music here. I mean,
I heard a song called, uh...
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Wolf-Gang out.
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W. A. Mozart "LECK MICH IM ARSCH" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Historically Verified

54 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on June 18, 2020
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