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- Say the name.
- [Group] Seventeen!
- Hi, we are...
- [Group] Seventeen.
- Woo!
- And we are at Teen Vogue to play...
- I Dare You.
- Yay. - Wow!
[upbeat music]
- I'm Vernon.
- I'm Dino.
- I'm Woozi.
- I'm Seungkwan.
- Hi guys, I'm Wonwoo.
- I'm Jun.
- I'm The8.
- Hi, I'm Jeonghan.
- Hi, I'm Joshua.
- I'm Hoshi.
- I'm Dokyeom, formally DK.
- Aye, DK!
- Hi guys, I'm Mingyu.
Nice to meet you. - Oh, MG, MG.
- So, let's get into it?
- Oh yeah, let's start it!
- Starting from Mingyu.
Truth or dare?
- I'm always truth. - Oh!
- Oh, truth? - You truth boy.
- All right, let's go.
- You have a song called Home,
tell us some of your favorite things about the place your...
Grew up?
- Next up, DK. - Oh DK, oh DK, oh DK,
oh DK! - Truth or dare?
- Truth.
- Aye, man!
- Okay, dare.
- Okay, DK, D.
Dare, D.
[fantastical music]
- Eight, seven.
- Six, five, four. [Hoshi slurping]
Three, two, one. - Sweet, sweet.
- Honey, honey. - Very sweet, very sweet.
I'm truth.
[Hoshi laughs]
- What would you bring to a desert island
if you were stranded?
- Mmm...
- [Group] Oh!
- Since that wasn't any fun, one dare for you?
Let's go.
- [Group] Let's go, let's go, let's go!
- Okay, okay. - Truth or dare?
- Draw something on a pad of paper
until the group guesses what it is.
- Very simple. - We have paper and pen.
Paper and pen.
- Okay Hoshi.
- Check.
- [Group] Tiger!
- We were right.
- You, truth or dare?
- Truth.
- If there was a zombie apocalypse,
who, from the group, would you choose
as your survival buddy?
I think I would choose Mingyu.
- Wow. - Yeah.
'Cause he's very inventive.
I think he would help me stay alive.
Okay, next up, Jeonghan.
Truth or dare?
- Truth.
- [Group] Dare!
- You dare.
- Ten seconds of choreography
from the first routine you learned as a group.
- You ready?
- Let's go.
[group sings in foreign language]
- Wow! [clapping]
- Nice, okay.
- The8! - The8, truth or dare?
- Truth. - Oh, okay.
- How many selfies do you take a day?
- Jun, truth or dare?
- Dare.
- Wonwoo, truth or dare?
- Truth. - Oh.
- Okay, Seungkwan.
- Dare. - Dare.
- I like...
Do your best vocal run.
Sorry, sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
- Woozi, truth or dare? - Truth.
If you had to perform one song for the rest of your life,
what would it be?
- Very Nice?
- Very Nice.
[group sings in foreign language]
- "Aju Nice" means very nice, right?
- Yeah.
- So like, "aju" is very in Korean.
- [Woozi] Oh, okay.
- Dino? - Dare.
- Oh, dare.
- [Group] Ooh!
[group laughs]
- One, two, three!
[Seungkwan yells]
- Wow! - Yeah, Dino win!
[Seungkwan sings]
- I'll go with truth.
Who is a member here who knows
the most secrets about you?
I share my secrets with everyone, really.
- Not fun, he's not funny.
Dare, okay.
- Trade a piece of clothing or jewelry
with another member of the group for the rest of the game.
[group speaks in foreign language]
- Okay, one more.
- [DK] Let's go, dare.
- With your eyes closed, try to guess who someone is
just by touching their face.
- Wow!
- Jeonghan. - Truth.
- [DK] Marshmallow.
- If you were a type of food, what would you be, and why?
Korean spicy rice cake.
- Hey Josh, truth or dare?
- Dare! - Joshua Hong.
- Show us your favorite viral dance moves.
[groups speaks in foreign language]
- You ready?
You ready?
You ready? - This.
And this.
- One more!
[Joshua speaks in foreign language]
- [Group] Whoa!
- [Joshua] All right!
- [Group] Whoa!
- Hoshi? - Hoshi, let's go.
- [Group] Truth or dare?
- Truth.
- How many times have you dyed your hair?
He's gonna go think about it, and then we're gonna get on.
- Okay, truth or dare?
- Truth. - Truth, okay.
Which member's food do you steal the most?
Okay, I think this should be a question
for this dude over here, 'cause he steals most of the food
from our members.
Did you count?
From the day he was born until now,
he thinks at least 60 times.
- Okay Mingyu, truth or dare?
- I'm always truth.
- Okay. - Truth man.
- Which members do you text the most?
I think Seungkwan.
- [Group] Seungkwan.
Toss and catch three pieces of candy in your mouth.
[Hoshi speaks in foreign language]
[group yells]
[group speaks in foreign language]
- Truth.
What's the best prank you played on another member?
- Truth, dare? - I'm dare.
- Dare, blue.
Dare, navy.
I like navy color.
Sing everyone's name in the group.
One more time.
Okay, next.
- Okay, truth.
Okay, Jun.
- Wow.
[Jun imitates dog barking]
[Jun imitates cat meowing]
- Thank you so much, so much, for having us.
We had so much fun playing I Dare You.
- Thanks for watching.
This was Seventeen at Teen Vogue.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
- Bye! - Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
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Seventeen Plays I Dare You | Teen Vogue

25 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 17, 2020
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