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Hello and welcome to GMax Studios, my name is Gorky M and today we are going
to be reviewing the Fujifilm XT3.
I have been a Fujifilm user for a pretty long time first their films and then
their middle s cameras like the XE one and the X hundred series because Fuji
film were one of the first companies to get into the middle s game slowly the
traction caught on and Sony and Panasonic made up for the lost miles at
least here in India but now Fuji film is back with a bang
the Fuji films rugged magnesium alloy body makes it very very solid to feel
and hold it has got dials on top for the ISO exposure compensation and shutter
speed it is also sealed against dust and moisture which makes you very very
confident while using it almost all the dials and the buttons at
the back of the camera are user customizable making using this camera
truly a joy and it also has two UHS two slots this camera has a 26 megapixel
x-trans CMOS sensor but thanks to the X processor 4 you can hardly feel any lag
while taking pictures
what made Fuji great in the days of analog photography was their color and
it did some phenomenal work with fellow in fact it was impossible to think of
film photography without thinking of Fuji film and when they came out with
their Middle East cameras they were able to replicate the same color using the
color profiles in their mirrorless cameras the Fuji film xt3
has a total of 16 film simulation modes including my personal favourites which
are classic chrome and a cross
in fact I will go as far as to say that the Fujifilm xt3 is one of those cameras
that make everything look good and I really don't feel like touching the
JPEGs at all the images coming out of the Fujifilm XD 3 are extremely sharp
thanks to the superb optics of the fujinon lenses
this is one camera where even the kiplyn's shines the Fujifilm xt3 has an
ISO range of 160 to twelve thousand eight hundred and in the etch mode while
taking photographs you can go as high as fifty one thousand two hundred as far as
noise is concerned while we were shooting with it we did not see any
noise up to 4000 iso in fact the color noise at iso 4000
the Fuji xt3 has 425 hybrid autofocus points which cover almost the entire
frame it also has face detect and I detect which work pretty well and in
fact it is the only camera which allows you to choose whether you want to focus
on the right eye or the left eye which makes it pretty unique in my opinion in
fact the face and I detect also worked under streetlights which was personally
quite surprising to me
when you're taking pictures with the Fujifilm xt3
you can control the autofocus speed by using the various AFC custom settings
built into the camera the setting changes tracking sensitivity speed
tracking sensitivity and zone area switching depending upon
the subject that you are shooting also in video mode you can control the
tracking sensitivity and the AF speed as well
if you are focusing manually the Fujifilm xt3
has a digital micro prism as well as a digital split image apart from the
standard mode to help you nail focus as far as the burst mode is concerned the
Fujifilm extra 3 gives you a frame rate of 11 frames per second by using the
mechanical shutter
and gives you a speed of 30 frames a second if you are using the electronic
the 30 frames-per-second comes with a price though and that is a one point two
five times crop
this camera is capable of shooting 10-bit 4k up to 60 frames per second in
four to zero internally using the HEV see codec
and if that was not enough you can shoot 10-bit for 2 to 4 K up to 60 frames per
second using a compatible external recorder this is just crazy I know I've
said this before but the Fujifilm colours are absolutely fantastic this is
evident not only by taking photographs but shooting video as well while they
have especially made Eterna films simulation for getting the film look
while shooting video it is the classic chrome that is my personal favorite and
which I feel that does not require any calibrating at all
while there were quite a few cameras on the market that do a great job with
autofocus why taking photographs while shooting video not so much and this is
where the Fuji film xt3 really shines the autofocus on the fuji
film xt3 while shooting video is truly phenomenal for want of a better word the
IATA focus the face detect the shift focus is so fast and accurate that it
will take your breath away you don't believe me take a look
you can also shoot slow motion at hundred and twenty frames at full HD in
ten bit
you can mount the fujinon cine lenses onto this camera for some really serious
video work and if all this was not enough you can shoot F log at a base ISO
of 640
as far as connectivity is concerned there is an app for that
using the Fujifilm camera mode you can connect the camera directly to your
smartphone to be able to control it as well as transfer photographs directly to
be shared online
so while we have absolutely loved using this camera so far there are few things
that I don't like about it the first being a simple design in flow so taking
the mode dial here for example at one end you have the video mode and at the
other end you have your panorama mode then you have your advanced filter mode
then you have a multiple exposure and then you have your single Drive mode for
photography now considering that most of the people would be using either
shooting the movie mode or photography mode either these modes should have been
next to each other or they should have been at the extreme ends so if you're
shooting you go to movie mode and you go to photography mode or maybe they could
have been right next to each other rather than movie mode being on one end
and the photography mode being the fourth last option from the other end
secondly the battery life could really be improved I know that this camera has
got a new processor which is faster and the kind of data that it is processing
is really a lot but then one can definitely hope and wish thirdly I
really feel that this camera would have truly been complete had the screen
flipped out totally to face me while I'm shooting that is a complete flip out
screen but that is not the case it flips out it tilts it flips in this strange
funny manner but it does not flip out completely to face the shooter as if you
were taking a selfie last but not least the lack of inbuilt image stabilization
that is one thing that I really missed in this camera wise shooting handheld
even with these semi upsets the Fujifilm xt3
is a truly spectacular camera not just for the price it comes at not just for
the features that it offers but also for the colors and for the fact that it
truly truly inspires you to shoot more pictures and that quality very few
cameras have for more videos on photography and filmmaking do subscribe
to our Channel GMAC Studios and I will see you in the next video until then bye
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Fujifilm XT3 Review | Video & Photo Test

6 Folder Collection
jhyang0529 published on June 17, 2020
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