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>> So... you want to hear more about our Disney Resort Hotels?
Well you came to the right place. You won't believe all the magical benefits you get.
♪ With more than twenty fun hotels you get to pick your theme ♪
♪ you'll find the one that's perfect for your perfect Disney dream ♪
♪ we'll get you so excited that you'll never want to leave ♪
♪ the list of things to see and do is too much to believe ♪
>> It's true. When you're staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, the fun never ends.
♪ There are watersports all kinds of sorts that fill the Seven Seas ♪
♪ restaurants for believe on such fine amenities ♪
♪ since your resort hotel can be so near at Disney park. You could play all day with
Mickey and see fireworks at dark. ♪
>> You want to spend even more time in a Disney theme park? Well listen to this...
♪ Stay right here with us and then you'll get some magic powers ♪
♪ extra time inside the parks we call it Extra Magic Hours ♪
♪ these Extra Magic Hours happen every single day, it's all complimentary an extra thank you for your stay. ♪
>> Hey, check this out. It's called a Magic Band.
Another cool perk you get when you stay in a Disney Resort Hotel.
♪ Will give you each a Magic Band wear it on your favorite hand ♪
♪ having up the fun, when you're on the run, your Magic Band will get it done ♪
♪ just pick the color best for you orange, yellow, green, and blue ♪
♪ you can open up your door, use it at a store ♪
♪ you think that's cool, just wait there's more ♪
>>That's right. You can even use your Magic Band at our Fast Pass Plus locations.
What's Fast Pass Plus you ask? Come on I'll show you.
♪ You've got so much to do ♪
♪ you need the perfect perk for you ♪
♪ to got down on your wait, to make a Fast Pass date, we'll help you get on through ♪
♪ it makes your stay a treat, reserve that meet and greet ♪
♪ come on get it now, make you trip a wow while it's sweet ♪
>> And you know what else is sweet? As a guest of a Disney Resort Hotel you get
first access to Fast Pass Plus service up to 60 full days before you check in.
Flying into Orlando Airport? Then you get to experience Disney's Magical Express service.
♪ We can pick you up with our airport bus, drop your bags and you at ♪
♪ your doorstep plus, with the drive off your mind leave your worries behind
transportation it's on us. ♪ >> Even after you get here.
♪ Take a monorail or a boat or bus, ♪
♪ there's no fee, no charge, there's no mess, no fuss. With the drive off your mind leave your ♪
♪ worries behind, transportation it's on us. ♪
>> So, we're all set.
We hope you'll be joining us soon at a beautiful Walt Disney World Resort Hotel.
♪ Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah come down and play ♪
♪ we've got magic every night every day ♪
♪ plenty of fun times heading your way ♪
>> Yes. ♪ Your gonna love this...
>> Nothing beats a Disney Resort Hotel.
♪ It's a won--der--ful stayyyyy.... ♪
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The Musical Why Stay at a Disney Resort Hotel Walt Disney World Resort

174 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on June 16, 2020
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