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Yumiko has come to pay her respects to her husband,
who's been resting here, digitally speaking, for the last two years.
There he is. Hai.
This is quite an extraordinary place.
It feels like I've walked into a video game.
There are over 2,000 LED Buddhas,
each with an urn of ashes behind it.
It's one of the most futuristic things I've ever seen,
but also very Zen at the same time.
I'm surprised by how contemplative and almost spiritual it feels.
It feels like a place of worship, it feels like a place of contemplation.
So, what's the benefit of having your resting place
in an LED cemetery rather than the conventional cemetery?
What do you feel when you come here?
Do you feel connected to your husband?
You've crushed any sense of the spiritual
that I was building between us.
It just, I've come here, I've lit up a button.
There he is, the Buddha's gone on.
And that's it, and I'm off again for my tea.
When I go into a graveyard in England, sometimes I see
very small unkempt graves.
And sometimes I see some huge marble posh ones with billions of flowers.
But here, it's a sort of democratisation of death.
Everyone's the same, whether they were rich or poor in this life,
whether they had children or no children.
And I really love that.
Here's another thing that Japan has done magnificently.
You can type in your loved-one's name, and up they pop.
You don't have to keep all of their ashes there.
I mean, it's flexible, this system.
The idea of just one body, one headstone
and feeling... I remember my dad going to see his mum,
and it was driving rain.
And you have that sense of guilt,
if you don't spend a long time tending the flowers.
It's OK to say, "I love you,
"I really love you and I really miss you.
"I don't have time to do the garden around your gravestone,
"but I will come here and sit down and think, as the lights change
"in this extraordinary place, about how great you were."
It's...it's really magical.
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Inside the Japanese graveyard of the future! | Japan With Sue Perkins - BBC

13 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on June 16, 2020
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