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  • Mm, mm, mm...(eating)

  • JUDY: Excuse me?

  • Hmm? Down here!

  • Hi.

  • O-M-Goodness,

  • they really did hire a bunny.

  • (laughs) What!

  • (giggle) I gotta tell you,

  • you are even cuter than I though you'd be!

  • Oh, ah, you probably didn't know,

  • but a bunny can call another bunny cute,

  • but when other animals do it,

  • it's a little...

  • (gasps)

  • I am so sorry.

  • Me, Benjamin Clawhauser,

  • that everyone thinks is just

  • a flabby, donut-loving cop stereotyping you. Oh...

  • Ah it's okay.

  • Oh, uh, you've actually, (stammers) got a

  • Uh, a what? There's a...

  • in your neck, the f- where?

  • The, the...Oh, there you went, you little dickens! Mm.

  • (chuckles nervously)

  • I should get to roll call, so which way do I...?

  • Oh, bull pen's over there to the left.

  • Great, thank you.

  • Oh!

  • CLAWHAUSER: That poor little bunny's gonna get eaten alive...

Mm, mm, mm...(eating)

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Zootopia Movie CLIP - Meet Clawhauser (2016) - Ginnifer Goodwin, J.K. Simmons Movie HD

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