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There are surprises in it in the sense that Leah Remini--
who is a friend of yours--
--slaps you in the face.
And that was a surprise to you.
Well, you know, we do this, yeah, the slapping part.
The who's the champ part we do in real life.
But, you know, like whenever I have a show or something,
she'd be like, who's the champ?
I'm like, I'm the champ.
Who's the champ?
I'm the champ, you know, like right
before I go on stage and stuff like that.
--this [BLEEP] nut, she--
The kid's are gone.
She's a nut, and my kids are at home.
She starts slapping me.
She's like, who's the champ.
Like usually she doesn't do that in real life,
like hit me in the face--
maybe like hit you in the arm or something--
--and be like who's the champ, you know, [INAUDIBLE]..
But this-- once they said, rolling, she was like, slap me.
And I was like, OK.
And then she did it again, and again, and again.
So I just cracked her across the face.
I was like I had enough already with the smacking.
It was really funny.
It was.
And it looked like it was real.
And it was.
And we had a great time.
It was really funny.
And Milo, you wanted him in it, right?
I wanted Milo.
You're a big fan of This is Us?
Yeah, yeah.
That first season just won me over forever.
He is great in it.
All right.
He's awesome.
And then the song that you are going to perform later, how
did you get Sia to write this?
What happened?
Basically, you know, we knew we wanted
to do a song for the movie.
We knew it was a very inspirational movie.
And I was like, gosh, who could we get to get it.
And I thought, you know, women, right now, have such a--
something's happening in the world.
There's this storm of change, of us
realizing our worth, and our value, and our voices.
And the first person who came to my mind was Sia.
She just has such a strong powerful female voice.
You know, I called her.
We had worked together before on other albums of mine.
I just said, listen, see the movie.
If you get inspired, write something,
and she wrote "Limitless."
She's really a genius.
And she's been around since Zero 7, since like her early--
I don't know if you remember her from that.
A long time.
Second Act opens in theaters December 21.
And when we come back, Jennifer and I
are going to play a game, which I will win.
Oh god.
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Jennifer Lopez Was Surprised by Her Friend Leah R Onscreen Slaps

12 Folder Collection
Daivd Chi published on June 14, 2020
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