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- Welcome back to Ridiculousness.
Give it up for our guest, Grant Gustin.
(audience cheering)
How would you describe your character from Glee?
- He was a little smarmy.
- [Rob] Okay.
(audience laughing)
- What does that mean?
- Such a good word, man.
Why? Because he was just like a private school, like
- [Grant] Yeah. He was just
yeah, a private school kid.
A little uptight.
Kind of privileged.
- Now, now do you think private school produces
delusional, uptight children?
- Probably at times, yes.
- [Steelo] Yeah, I mean look.
I'm sending my kids to public school.
- I went to public school so - One-hundred percent.
- Not me, man. - I went to public school.
- Builds character. - Bougie private.
- Bougie private.
- [Steelo] You went to private school?
- What? - You went to private school?
Or your kids. - No.
Come on. - [Steelo] I thought you said
you went to private school.
I was like what the (beep)? - [Rob] Man, I barely made--
Man, I quit high school, man.
Look at me.
No (beep).
I quit high school and bought a (beep) time machine.
- You figured it out quick!
- [Rob] Alright well look, this category is dedicated
to smarmy little characters like your character
on Glee called "Prep School Punks".
Take a look.
(audience cheering)
- One,
three! - [Rob] Get him!
Get him, Gustaz!
(audience gasps)
Let him lay there,
his dad is a doctor.
Oh look out, Jared!
Oh yeah.
- [Grant] What was the goal?
- The goal was just to destroy (beep).
I hate red, I always have.
- [Steelo] Nobody helped him?
- I don't need any help.
And they ran out and told the teacher.
He's in there, go get him!
(kid shouts)
- [Steelo] That's a nice slide though.
(kid shouts)
He hit so hard.
- [Rob] Damn.
(audience gasps)
- [Steelo] Oh I didn't, but why?
- [Rob] He's like just hit me,
I'll be smarter!
I want to learn to type!
(audience laughing)
- [Grant] Do you see the keys pop off the key?
- [Rob] Oh!
(audience drowns out speaker)
Here you have it for "Prep School Punks".
(audience cheering)
You put out a short film called Tom and Grant.
- [Grant] Yeah. - What exactly is that?
- [Grant] My castmate, friend of mine,
Tom Kavanaugh wrote this script.
It was really born from just bits we do on set together
that are idiotic.
And a whole short film was born out of it.
- [Rob] And then the concept is robbing a
people who rob a bank?
- [Grant] We were waiting outside of a bank
to rob it
'cause I had a very half-baked plan.
Yeah, we weren't very bright.
- [Rob] Okay. Look.
Committing crime is best with friends.
Right? - Yeah.
- [Rob] Everybody in here knows that.
We call 'em "Crime-panions". Take a look.
(audience cheering)
(upbeat music)
I got your back, bro.
- [Grant] He's in a bright vest!
(audience laughing)
- [Rob] Now this looks like
I'm just a casual construction guy doing work.
- [Man] Get away from the door.
- [Rob] Oh (beep)!
(audience laughing)
- We're trying to fix it!
We're trying to fix it. - [Rob] Yeah. No.
- It looked broke from the street.
- [Rob] Oh!
(audience laughing)
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
It's been a minute since I had some cool leather lounges.
Lovely idea of stealing
Ah! No no no no no no.
(audience laughing)
Not my couch.
Look, they're getting away.
We got two!
(audience laughing)
- [Steelo] Oh (beep).
I think they had the whole city.
- [Rob] Man.
Man. - They got something still.
They got a recliner.
- [Grant] They did. - No.
No, they got like a ottoman.
- [Man] Hey! Hey! Hey!
Get off of there!
- What?
- Get off of the top of the car!
(audience laughing) - [Rob] Okay.
- Come on!
Come on.
- [Rob] Yep, nothing's gonna stop that crime duo.
We'll be right back with more Ridiculousness.
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Grant Gustin Describes His Glee Character As "Swarmy" | Ridiculousness

7 Folder Collection
Sylvie Wish published on June 13, 2020
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