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This is a 7,500 USD per month ultra luxury penthouse in Midtown West.
And my name is Erik Conover, and I'm gonna take you on a tour of this luxury apartment in New York City.
Welcome to penthouse 2U in the Sky building.
This is a one bedroom, one and a half bathroom, 870 square foot interior with a private balcony overlooking the Hudson River renting at $7,500 per month.
My goal in this this video it's pretty simple.
I want to show you what you can rent for $7,500 per month here in New York.
Now that's a lot of money to be paying per month for rent.
This specific building is a new trend of rentals that's catering to the crowd that isn't sure if they should rent or make that big plunge and buy.
It's located in Midtown West, one of Manhattan's most dynamic neighborhoods.
Sky is a few blocks from world-class theater, restaurants, and Hudson River Park.
You walking through the front door, starting in the foyer, to the right is the powder room with a beautiful antique globe to look at and keep you occupied when, well, you know.
Now from the entrance, the foyer leads us into the heart of this apartment.
It's a massive open floor plan with four to ceiling windows where the living room flows into the dining room into this massive kitchen.
This is a custom Italian kitchen.
Come over there, Mike, check this out.
You have quartz countertops, then you have top-of-the-line appliances.
You have the stove right here.
You have in this little oven.
You've got the two-tone white mix with the oak.
And I love how these just seamlessly they blend in.
These are cabinets for storage, for plates, for food, even a little pantry here.
So after you finish cooking yourself up a delicious breakfast right behind you, the apartment flows into the dining room.
My favorite thing about this dining room is the fact that it's close enough to the kitchen, where it gives you that cozy intimate feeling that you would expect in a New York City apartment
We have a table here set for six.
And then in my opinion, the selling point of this apartment is having breakfast with the view of my homeland of New Jersey.
Just a few steps from your dining room table, you walk outside to your very own private balcony.
I mean, the views are really what sell this spot.
Looking to the Hudson River in the west, down below us you have the Circle Line cruises that tour around Manhattan.
The historic USS Intrepid over there at Pier 86.
Your ticket to the Bahamas Bermuda or the Caribbean on the Disney Cruise Line.
You've got the westside highway running all the way up to the George Washington Bridge way off into the distance in the north.
And of course the soon-to-be second tallest skyscraper in the United States Central Park Tower.
And the rest of the super tall skyscrapers on billionaires row over on 57th Street.
From the balcony, let's go back inside to the living room.
Now this is a corner penthouse apartment, and you have these massive floor-to-ceiling windows with more incredible views from your living room.
Something very unique about this apartment, the owner actually had a Feng Shui master come in here, and rearrange all the furniture.
So there was perfect bounce in this apartment.
You come home from a long day at work, pop your butt down on your nice L-shaped couch.
It's the perfect room to entertain guests to watch something on the television or if you're feeling kind of introspective just gaze out the windows of New York City.
From the main living room area of the apartment, I'll take you to the master bedroom.
Everything in this apartment just flows very nicely.
Because of the Feng Shui apartment, and that theme carries into the bedroom is very minimal as you can see.
But could you imagine waking up in the morning and having these massive floor-to-ceiling windows and looking out over the skyline of New York City?
As you wake up, that is your morning view.
I mean that right there is priceless.
And of course for 7,500 per month, you're getting a bathroom with porcelain walls.
Hold up a second, let's talk about the amenities.
Now because some very high-profile people live in this building, we weren't given permission to film them.
But at the Sky Tower, you get a professional size the basketball court, a 15 thousand square foot fitness center
The sky deck with two outdoor pools, for the wintertime an indoor pool, a Turkish style spa, and the building's very own private park.
If you want to see more apartment tours like this one, comment down below: more apartment tours!
This apartment that we're in right now is actually available on Flip, who is the sponsor of this video.
Life in New York City moves fast.
Before you know it, you could be moving in with someone, or you get that big raise at work.
Flip is the easiest way to sublet or get out of your lease.
Flip lets you find a place to live for any time period that you want starting at only one month.
You can test out different apartments and when you find that one that you love--maybe this one--you can sign a lease directly with the landlord once the sublet ends.
Go to Flip.lease to list your apartment or to rent one.
Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more high-quality New York City content and as always I'll see you in the next video.
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NYC Apartment Tour: $7,500/Month LUXURY APARTMENT

4547 Folder Collection
Annie Chien published on June 10, 2020    Annie Chien translated    adam reviewed
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