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Okay, confirmed!
Joshua's in the waiting room!
Please give me an aspirin.
I took some before but my head still hurts.
My headache has gotten worse these days.
I don't know why.
I even slept well yesterday..
Is it because you're in an individual space?
I don't know.
[EP. 06 After Passing This Halfway Mark]
[NEW YORK 2020.01.08 AM 10:00]
Oh no, I'm taking a video!
What am I doing?
The U.S. tour was a bit more meaningful to me
because I was born here and
my friends are all in the U.S.
I thought, 'Wouldn't my friends be able to see me?' or 'Wouldn't my parents be able to see me?'
Because of these thoughts, I wanted to show them
that I grew up this much.
I think that's why I worked hard
in a more responsible way.
[MEDIA PROMOTION 2020.01.08 AM 11:00]
Who's most likely to prank the other members?
You're right! Wonwoo is also like that too.
The things we're doing right now were my goals.
But, I think it'll be fun to be on the American award and TV shows
that I've enjoyed watching. That's actually my goal.
[MEDIA PROMOTION 2020.01.08 PM 01:00]
The most performed?
No, since our debut..
Vernon and I are the only ones in the team who can speak English
so I think I was a bit more pressured.
I couldn't stop thinking that I should do better.
So before we did those kinds of interviews,
I tried to read more and acquaint myself with the scripts and questions too.
I also discussed a lot about those with Vernon.
I think I was more comfortable because I could answer in English.
[CHICAGO 2020.01.11 PM 11:00]
Can I go get pizza?
It's that way, Joshua, it's that way.
Wow! I'm so excited.
Thank you for the food.
This looks so good.
We came to Chicago for our previous tour.
I didn't go out then when the other members said they were going out.
But the members went to eat Chicago pizza.
And I've never had Chicago pizza before.
I think I ate in a more joyful way because I had this thought in mind,
'I'm finally getting to eat the Chicago pizza that other members said was delicious.'
It was really delicious.
It was quite different though.
It was so good.
Oh, it's that pizza!
Oh? It's not that one, huh? It's from a different brand, I guess.
It's Giordano's Pizza.
The toppings
aren't bad.
- Wow! - Where is it? Is it outside?
Wow, what is that?
I'm sorry!
- What? - This is yours.
- You can eat it all. I just … - Hey, Mingyu! Eat this!
- What? - Eat this one.
I have to eat again anyways.
Let's go out!
Ugh, he's really..
I'll be back~
They didn't take a lot.
Give me a bite.
Yum! I should eat it.
is a team that made my dreams come true
and made my mom happy and proud of me.
SEVENTEEN made me become a special person.
Since only good things came to me,
I think I can call SEVENTEEN a blessing!
SEVENTEEN is a blessing to me.
[CHICAGO 2020.01.12 AM 10:30]
Everyone out already?
No, only a few came out.
Where do we sit?
Oh, anywhere?
SeungKwan, did you get some sleep?
Yeah, I slept all throughout yesterday.
Oh, really?
Were you able to sleep at night?
That's a relief.
- Were you not able to sleep? - No.
Is it because you slept too much in the morning?
You kept sleeping.
Oh, I woke up in the middle of my sleep.
When I can't get enough sleep, I often get headaches.
I think I only slept for 2 hours every day for the entire month.
I would usually take a short nap before the concerts started.
But I think it's because the U.S. tour kind of gave me lots of thoughts.
I would think to myself, 'I want to do better, I have to do better.'
These thoughts were more prominent on this tour for me.
Because I came to Korea before finishing high school,
all my friends had gone to college
and it wasn't like I could go back.
I think I tried to find some enjoyment while enduring it.
I was really sorry for my mom.
She trusted me and sent me here to Korea.
But if I just give up and leave,
I just thought it wasn't the right thing to do.
I think I just decided to bite the bullet.
I think it's important to rehearse properly in order to do better on stage.
When I think I'm feeling unwell,
I try to relax a bit and be easy,
but the members still ask me why I'm working so hard.
I think that's why I sweat a lot.
But that warms up my body more and it's more refreshing too.
If I don't work hard, I feel guilty.
I don't know why.
A hard working type?
Someone who always works hard, I guess.
If he thinks it's not good enough, he always practices more
Joshua seems like a long-distance runner.
The concert just ended
and I'm really tired.
It's really tiring.
I'm still good looking even after the concert ended, aren't I?
As always.
- Why are you doing things you've never done before? With the camera? - What?
Why are you doing things you've never done before? - I always do this.
No, you don't.
Why are you trying to make me look weird?
I always do this.
We've been able to grow so far
Because of our dear fans, CARATs.
We've been able to have so much fun with our work
because of our dear fans, CARATs again.
And we want to continue to grow and become better
because of CARATs.
I really want to say thank you
and promise that I'm going to be more responsible with what I'm doing.
I want to communicate with my fans even more frequently.
Although I've grown a lot,
I want to say that I would become even more progressed after a few years too.
I'll continue to do my best, so please keep watching me.
[I'll protect you so you don't get exhausted anymore]
SeungKwan, that's why you always squabble with others.
You have to change the tone of your voice.
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EP. 06 이 길의 반환점을 지나면 | SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD

121 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 10, 2020
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