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What do you think?
It's great.
[EP. 09 If I Walk At My Own Pace]
[NEW YORK 2020.01.07 PM 03:00]
It's new to me.
I have been to New York a few times before,
But I never had a chance to walk around alone like this.
I found it right away!
I got the one I was looking for right away.
When I was young, whenever I'd listen to a song
I'd imagine what it would be like to add my voice to the original song,
Some songs make me think 'Wow, that's really fresh'
Or 'That's really interesting, I want to try something like that too.'
I bought 5 records.
[LOS ANGELES 2020.01.19 AM 09:00]
It's time to get ready.
Do I look good on camera?
I'm so swollen right now.
I had a hotdog with Wonwoo last night...
One, two, three!
I'm going to report you!
I think it is better to be sick on my day off,
Instead of getting sick on the day of a show
Like the other members. I think that's harder to bear.
What if the whole documentary's just us getting sick all the time?
Maybe we're all just naturally weak.
If I'm getting sick too, that means you guys are super sick.
Any pain, no sore throat?
Not really, just a little.
I peeled it to eat it, but I lost my appetite while peeling it.
Wait, bro!
You already have that thing you always do.
Oh, you're better now!
Your voice sounds better!
- You meant my voice? - Yeah.
I think I can do the show now.
Don't push yourself too hard, though.
I have inner thoughts that I don't want to share with others,
Things I want to keep to myself.
Maybe that's why.
I wouldn't try to hide that I'm having a hard time, but I also wouldn't go around talking about it either.
That's just one part of me, it doesn't mean
That I want to hide myself from everyone.
I have my own way of expressing my affection to my people
That I really trust.
I'm free to show my carefree side
In front of people I love.
First of all, the size of the venue is bigger than the last tour so
I was really looking forward to performing at a venue of that size,
And to meet more CARATs.
I think I'm pretty expressive myself,
So when people tell me it's hard for them to tell what's in my head,
It's an interesting comment.
I don't know, I just think it's funny.
I'm not being like that on purpose,
I guess I'm pretty unique.
I am worried about S.COUPS too but
We all have our own energy that we bring to the team
So losing him does change the overall balance.
And it's very easy to look out of sync when we're missing a member.
I was worried about our fans too.
How they'd feel about the situation.
I mean, we're grateful that they worry for us
But I don't want them to be too sad about it.
Because S.COUPS is doing fine.
He just can't perform with us, because he is trying to get better.
[LOS ANGELES 2020.01.19 PM 11:30]
I think it's kind of cool.
How this place is very far away from where we live
But there are lots of fans who come to our show, and they have good reactions
The concert venue was quite big too.
And we had a blast.
It was really fun.
[LOS ANGELES 2020.01.20 AM 00:30]
I write lyrics very often,
I think about how I can deliver the emotions and thoughts
That I want to convey, effectively, and efficiently.
And is the format of my current thinking even necessary?
Can't I approach it in a completely different way? I guess I think in many directions.
For Vernon, should I say I am proud of him?
It feels really good watching him.
Unless you are at your office, where things are set perfectly
There are times when work goes smoothly, and times when it doesn't.
So carrying all your equipment around through different environments,
It's not as easy as you would think.
There are many things about myself that I think I'm lacking in,
And I want to continue to make up in those areas,
So I don't just work to finish a song.
It's that I don't want to ever stop working.
I feel it's important not to lose consistency in life.
My goal is to do a tour that is consistent?
I am really always thankful,
And I wish I could meet you more often.
[If you're on a rocky wave, just feel the breeze and let your body go with the flow]
[When the wind dies and the waves calm down, one day you'll be standing on the sea.]
I don't want to show things like this to our fans.
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EP. 09 나만의 속도로 길을 걷는다면 | SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD

44 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 10, 2020
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