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Man, what's up with me..?
Do I look too forced right now?
Does it depend on my mood? I'm anxious if I'm making it obvious that I'm struggling
Yesterday I had a stomachache, today my throat hurts, what is this?
It's driving me crazy! I'm so frustrated.
[EP. 08 Catch Your Breath For A Moment, And...]
When I get too many thoughts onstage, I feel dissatisfied with myself.
Because onstage, you shouldn't think about anything else.
That's what I think.
Whether I look good on camera or not, if I'm not fully concentrating
That fact itself is a letdown for me.
Seriously, why am I so sick?
For two days in a row, I haven't been able to perform like I want.
I'm so stressed for the next stage.
Don't be stressed.
Rest well today, take the medication and get some sleep.
It's because you did so many concerts in a row.
You've tired yourself out.
First, I'll try to take care of myself properly.
Tomorrow, or the day after, I'll probably be fine.
If I just take some medicine.
I'm disappointed in myself, a lot.
For sure our CARATs would have realized it.
I feel bad for not being able to hide my sickness,
I'll quickly get my body under control
So that for the show the day after tomorrow
I'll be in a condition where I have full control of my body.
That day, I arrived at the airport.
We were travelling by bus,
But I felt a fever running, and my head was aching slightly.
So I thought 'It must be a cold coming on,'
But wow, as an hour or two passed
It went crazy, suddenly.
Among my footage, all that's going into this documentary is me being sick all the time!
Out of all times, it just had to be this time...
When I'm shooting a documentary, I happen to be at my sickest since debut.
Some idols or singers would be having a harder time than us, wouldn't they?
I think that for sure.
So I think I slightly pushed myself harder for that reason.
No, but we definitely had tougher schedules during our debut era,
So I'm thinking whether I'm just letting myself go. Something like that?
But now my body is telling me
To check on myself a bit.
And I should, now.
I'm having this.
Oh, you brought that with you?
How are you feeling?
Don't use water that's too hot.
I still have a fever.
I realize having a sore throat is so strenuous.
Did you take your medicine?
I was given an IV, as for the medicine...
It's our first time coming to Mexico City after our debut,
And we heard it's an alpine region
So that day, we had twice as many respirators backstage than usual.
Our staff told us to be 'careful while performing'
So we were all nervous initially.
Or if there's some soup in catering, should I have some with rice?
Dino should lay off from rehearsal and sound check to rest
He'll get an IV, and we'll decide whether he should perform tonight.
I wanted to do the rehearsal so badly.
Because even though it's a show we did so many times,
There are things that we have to check like the concert hall's condition among others.
But it won't do, I'm being greedy today.
Even though I feel sorry to my members
I thought I should take care of myself, at least for today
So that day I only focused on my body.
I can't really take deep breaths, like this.
I know, it's hard for me too.
- I feel like I'm in a hot spring, that kind of humidity. - Right, when you have hot water coming up till here.
Today we should really take care of ourselves.
First, don't overly think beforehand like that
- That's true, imagination takes a huge part too. - Yeah, don't worry like that beforehand.
Don't keep thinking 'It hurts here', 'Our head can hurt', 'I think it does hurt'
I did it without any thoughts, I just felt too heavy.
So now, what you can do is
If you're there you're doing the show, and if not, it's better for you to stand this one out entirely.
Rather than appearing in parts?
Doing that doesn't change how it'll tire you out.
For now, I think I'll do the show.
- Don't think that, keep resting. - Alright, I'll be resting.
I wasn't getting any better.
My fever kept rising.
I wasn't eating so I didn't have any energy, and that was so frustrating, I thought I was going crazy.
Jeonghan was telling me, "Dino, if it's a tough day for you, it's fine if you rest"
But hearing that just made me want to stick at it even more.
The members were being so considerate of me
And I felt like I'd just be even more sorry if I really took a break. It was driving me crazy.
So I thought to myself, that I really needed to do the show today.
Ah I'm nervous!
I think it's going to be exciting.
It was alright up to the previous city.
- I just thought, oh it's time to go up, - But the moment we go up, it's so hectic onstage.
With the fireworks going off...
It was actually tough from the opening stage.
Water, water please!
Can you breathe? Are you getting oxygen?
I've never done this before, I don't know.
Even though I was in a bad condition, the cheering!
The cheering sounded just as loud coming from 10 people, as if it was coming from 100.
It was so loud, regardless of the size of the crowd.
Mexico City is awesome.
So... I was really surprised.
They sang along to every song,
And having an earpiece usually blocks out all sound completely
But the cheering came through even with that on.
So it was actually better to remove it altogether.
I've never experienced anything like that in a show, ever.
There are times like this when I get goosebumps while performing.
There's this kind of chill, that travels up from here.
I really love that feeling.
Because the cheering was so loud, loud enough to make me forget
That I was immersed in this performance!
Their reactions were so passionate,
It really made me want to keep performing, it was just really fun.
I never thought I'd eat this much salad, or come to like it.
It's all thanks to my stomach.
- Because you keep getting stomachaches? - Yeah.
Is DANCEOLOGY coming along well?
- Right now, well... - Did you finish the choreography?
You want to see?
It's when I'm doing things like that, that I feel the most excitement.
Showing this side of me, me being something different onstage,
I'm also taking acting lessons these days.
You know that feeling, like you've stopped moving forward?
When we go on a tour, you know we go through our performances on camera.
And when I see myself always with the same expressions on my face
And going through the same motions... Even when I try to mix it up, when it looks the same...
Those times make me feel like I'm stuck.
So I discuss various dance moves with our choreographers,
And make new dance routines together,
Such things really get me going.
I've mentioned once before, how my goal for doing a concert
Is to provide a show that captures the heart rather than the eye, and moves people's hearts greatly.
To be a singer who sings with the heart, not the head.
I really wanted to say that I never forget the effort, the meaning in the gesture when
People come all the way to see us perform... That I don't forget it and that I cherish it.
I'll keep working hard.
[Once this tiresome journey is over, we'll be something the world has never seen]
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EP. 08 잠시 숨을 고르고, 다시... | SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD

39 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 10, 2020
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