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I have to shower if I'm going to pack...
But I'm feeling too lazy to shower.
DK, you usually shower regularly, right?
What kind of question is that?
Of course I shower regularly!
It's a bit... different from time to time...
What do you mean 'from time to time'?
He does shower well.
- You say that kind of offensively - No no.
- He's good at showering regularly. - You say it like I don't actually shower often,
No, no!
- You do! - As if you're just saying that to be nice..!
He showers well, he's good.
[EP.13 I'll Be With You To The Finish Line]
The biggest driving force behind my passion, and my energy
Is the members.
It's not easy to get that energy around people I'm unfamiliar with
But the members are like family to me, people that I feel comfortable to be around.
On the tour, I could get tired or drained out from time to time
But when the team always has a positive aura, it feels good.
I've always thought that throughout our career.
[MANILA 2020.02.07 PM 10:00]
All the members seemed really hyped in general.
- Today? - Before we even started.
Yeah, because everyone's exhausted by this point
They're forcing the energy out.
I think my voice is coming back slowly, at least.
It's better than it was in the morning.
I think working up a sweat has really helped.
I'm sure the audience have high anticipations coming to the show
And they could be disappointed if we don't deliver,
I'm always upset about that possibility.
I think that's what happened on our last show.
I think DK's always held himself to a really high standard.
One time, he cried during a recording session, because he was dissatisfied with the conditions of his voice.
And when I see him like that, it's very...
It made me think that he really is a dedicated person.
So I learned a lot about passion from DK, and also singing.
Personally, I think DK looks the coolest when he's singing.
Seriously, he looks the most amazing when he's singing
And because he has so much passion for singing,
He blames himself a lot when he makes one small mistake,
And in my eyes, it wasn't bad at all!
It's really getting repetitive for me to say this.
Every time we release an album, I fall into a slump.
I have my set limits,
But the bar is set higher and higher for each album.
The notes, or the pitch of the songs keep getting higher
And as the songs get harder to sing, I started to doubt myself a lot.
Should I really be a singer, when this is the best I could do?
But still, the members cheer for me
And BUMZU and WOOZI gave me encouragement, telling me I can do it, we can finish this.
So maybe, the way I tried to bear all the pressure alone
Built up and led to my slump, maybe that was the reason.
So these days, I try to take in less of that stress.
I want to sing with a voice that's perfect for the song,
And I have to deliver the right emotions for the song to the listeners
But I might not be able to feel that myself, as I'm singing.
Although what I feel from a song may be different from what others feel,
If I can feel those emotions and deliver that to the listeners, then that's great as it is.
That would be a performance worth being proud of.
If then, when it's my turn
- If the person speaking two turns before me doesn't have any lines, could you put it up for me a bit earlier? - Sure.
But I put it up early yesterday too!
- But could you do it a bit earlier then? - Okay~
Okay okay~
I think I could feel a bit more relieved then.
The DK that I know
Is a type of person that makes me wonder, how could someone be this nice.
He's very caring for others, and thinks a lot about
What he should do for other people.
I think he's a really kind person.
Someone that I want to keep by my side?
SeungKwan, the most handsome person you know is me right?
Thank you!
You look good.
- Thank you! - Sure.
I think I'm a person that likes to be loved, and also to give love to other people.
I think it's great being able to make others feel good
And I'm happy that I'm able to do that through this job,
And who doesn't like being loved, to be honest?
It feels great.
Everyone, how have you been?
Did you guys miss us?
We missed you very very much!
The cue sheet for the ODE TO YOU concert happened to be set like that
And I was lucky to have so much stage time.
It made me feel responsible, for sure.
Since I'm onstage a lot and have a lot to show,
I really wanted to do well
But it's not that the responsibility weighs me down.
Rather, it makes me feel happy, and I want to do better.
In the past, it really pressured me.
But as years of experience built up, I think I learned to be more natural in performing,
And I really love the song 'Smile Flower'
Because when I fell into a slump
I listened to that song to be consoled, and to get back up.
But when the fans sang this song to me
I felt like I was receiving their energy, when I should be the one giving them energy through my singing.
Turns out, they give me a lot more than I give to them.
So I think that was my most memorable moment.
Good work!
Good effort.
Now, members! Members! You worked so hard during this world tour,
And with this as the last one, a notice is going out at 1 o'clock tomorrow.
So, good work guys.
Thank you, good work!
- Good work. All of you! - Job well done!
- Good work to our members! - Good job!
We did good!
There were other shows still left at that point,
So after hearing that they were canceled due to inevitable reasons
A part of me did feel sad,
But I think this is going to be left as a really great memory.
During the span of our careers, I think this is the first time that such an unexpected blank period came about.
I think I should use this time to rearrange myself.
I felt it every time I went up onstage, but seeing our fans love whatever we do, and cheering for us
I think being able to do that is something very great.
I don't think I'll be able to repay everything back with simple words like 'Thank you', 'I appreciate you', 'I love you'.
So when we are able to visit next time, we'll make sure to show you a superb concert
So I really hope to see you then.
[Even if it's a long and tough road]
[Wherever that is, I'll walk with you until the end]
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EP. 13 결승선까지 내가 옆에 있을게 | SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD

11 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on June 10, 2020
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