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  • It's time to begin our quest, Baby Mario.

  • Freeze, dirtbag! Step away from that missing toddler!

  • He fell out of the sky!

  • Fr-From a bird!

  • You were going to eat that baby, weren't you, you goddamn molestasaurus rex!

  • Awesome! Now I can morph into a ball!

  • All of my bones are broken.

  • Nice pink sweatsuit, Mr. Fairy Pants.

  • Did your boyfriend make it for you?

  • Oh yeah, yeah. We'll show you to choose effeminate clothing colors.

  • Oh crap, that's right!

  • It's New York City in the 1980s! Book it, Doc!

  • Run now, innocent forest critter. You're free!

  • Free?!

  • That was an awesome robot suit Robotnik gave me that made me super strong!

  • I hate you!

  • What you mean "Me on no flight list?"

  • I'm sorry, Mr. ... Blanka?

  • But I can't let you.

  • Me need to fly to China to beat up young girl at marketplace!

  • Whoa-ho alright. Calm down, buddy. Let's go.

  • Oh, oh ... uh, erm ... um ... I still got the claw on.

  • I still got the claw.

  • My bad, guys, my bad.

It's time to begin our quest, Baby Mario.

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