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- Everything about his personality
so far says West Africa, I know.
I know my West Africans.
I already want to guess.
Are you from Nigeria?
- Mmmmmm.
- Igue?
Apparently I don't know much about West Africa.
(suspenseful music)
- [Interviewer] Hi.
- Hi.
I am Fatuma.
- [Interviewer] Where are you from?
- I'm from Kenya.
- [Interviewer] Do you get asked that a lot?
- I do.
- [Interviewer] Does it evert annoy you
when people ask you that?
- Yes, because it makes it seem like
if you look like me, you have to be from somewhere else.
And I mean yes, I am from someplace else.
- [Interviewer] Today, you're going to be guessing
what country people are from.
Do you think you'll do well?
- Well I think so.
I think I'm gonna do pretty well.
I'm hoping to get 50% or more correct.
- [Interviewer] How's your geography?
- I'm pretty good with geography.
I've met a lot of people, so I'm hoping
this will help in making conclusions.
But at the same time, you really never know
because just because people look a certain way
doesn't mean they are from a certain place.
- [Interviewer] Alright, who's our first person?
- We're doing one at a time? - Yeah.
- Nice to meet you, I'm Fatuma.
Wait, why did you dye your hair?
- I did not dye my hair.
Does it look dyed?
- [Interviewer] Is this related?
- Yes, 'cuz there's some people where some have
lighter hair and some have darker hair
in some regions, and so--
- My hair does grow lighter.
Even in elementary school, I would get some
yellow blond strands in the summer.
- See, okay.
All right, so for holidays, what kind of holidays
does your family celebrate?
- Not Christmas, but some of us like the theme
and the aesthetic, but we don't celebrate it officially.
But it's cute, you know?
- Okay, but you're not Muslim?
- I identify as Muslim, yeah.
- Hey, see!
Okay, got one down, okay.
Is your country predominantly Muslim?
- Yeah, 97% yeah.
- Do you consider yourself African?
- Yeah, it's kind of a little shaky.
I'm all African pride whatever, you see it
I'm like yeah, but I'm also from the sidelines
'cuz I'm not black.
'Cuz I get it, it's more about black pride
than African pride, but I do identify as African 'cuz I am.
- So my next question is do you identify as Arab?
- We're Arabs and African.
- Okay, I think I have a country in mind.
Your country is Tunisia.
- Yeah.
Yeah. - Okay.
- High five. - Yes.
I was like "It's that region right there, somewhere."
- [Interviewer] Between the two of you who's more African?
- 100%. - Yeah.
- The only African thing about us is our geography, kind of.
- Yeah.
Awesome, so great to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
- Hi. - Hello.
- What's your name?
- Jaimie. - Jaimie.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Am I saying it right, Jaimie?
- Yeah, Jaimie, yup. - Pretty name.
So, within your country, what would you say
is one thing that it's known for?
- Earthquakes.
- Oh my god.
Do you know anything about Kpop?
- Yeah.
- I think I got the country.
Are you from Japan?
- Yes.
Oh my god.
- I knew it.
- Do I look like someone who would be from Japan?
- The thing is, it wasn't the first thing
that came to my mind.
- Why was that?
I don't usually get that. - I don't know.
- I never get that.
My dad's black.
- I was about to say that, 'cuz I looked at you
and I was like "She really remind me of a black person."
Like your personality.
- That was great. - I'm hoping to get everyone.
- Yeah, no-- - Let's see
if I can get everyone.
- I wish you the best of luck. - Thank you, thank you.
- So, are both your parents from the same country?
- Yes.
- Was the place you're from ever colonized?
- We don't call it colonized, we call it occupied,
so it has been occupied a few times.
- And who was it occupied by, the British?
- No, there were the Spaniards, the Germans, the Japanese.
- Oh.
- Yeah, so it's had a couple of waves.
- Was your country ever a communist country?
- No.
- No, okay.
What would people most confuse you with?
- I mean they think I'm whatever restaurant I'm in,
they think I'm that.
People from back home don't really look like me, so.
- Oh, interesting. - Yes, I'm a little different.
- Are you from the Philippines?
- No, I'm from Saipan.
- Oh my god, that makes sense. - A little place, yeah.
- Okay, that makes absolute sense, okay.
- A tiny little island out in the Pacific.
- Do you go there often?
- I try to get back every couple years.
- Okay, thank you, thank you.
Very great to meet ya.
Okay, so right off the bat,
I think you're from a large country.
- A large country? - Yes.
- How large?
- One of the largest in the world.
- Are you referring to China? - I am referring to China.
- What makes you think Chinese about me.
- Your face is more round,
so I thought that would be the place.
I'm gonna guess China.
- You're wrong.
- Which country?
- Nepal.
- Oh my god, I'm so ashamed.
I'm so sorry to all my Nepalese friends out there.
- When people see me, they think South or they think
East Asian, but I'm brown.
- You are, yeah.
- So I have friends that look super Indian,
friends that look super East Asian,
but they're all Nepalese, so I relate to both.
- I like that a lot, wow.
I did not guess that. - I'm so glad.
- Oh my god, I was hoping I'd get it right.
- [Interviewer] Alright, we're going to switch out.
- All right.
- Nice meeting you. - Nice to meet you too.
I don't know if I'll get you right.
- I think you gonna get me, but we gonna see.
- You think so?
- We gonna see.
- Okay, he said we gonna see. - I got faith in you, okay.
- Everything about his personality so far
says West Africa, I know.
I know my West Africans, I know you all.
So, my friend, are you from West Africa.
- Listen mami.
- Hey, I know exactly where.
Are you from Nigeria?
- Mmmmmmm.
- Igue?
- Mmmmmmm.
- Does anybody have a map?
(all laughing)
- Anybody, c'mon please.
- Oh you gonna point it on the map,
that's your last chance. - Uh uh, yes.
- This is your last chance.
- If I don't get this one. - I'm not going to
give it to you.
- So there's Senegal, there's Ghana.
- Ah, let's go! - He's from the Ivory!
He's Ivorian. - Let's go!
- Hey! - My sister, she got it.
(both singing)
Let's go. - I got it!
Thank you for the map, what would I do without you all?
(both laughing)
Good to meet you. - My sister, good to meet you.
Thank you very much. - Yes, I'll probably
see you around Seattle.
Nice to meet ya.
- Nice meeting you, yes.
- C'mon up.
So, I notice you have a little pop to your step.
Do you dance at all?
- I do.
- What's your favorite dance?
- I like Salsa, I like Tango.
- I have an idea
of the country already. - You have an idea.
Is it in Latin America?
- Yes.
- Is your country one of the biggest?
- It's a big size.
- I got this, okay.
- Close.
- How could I?
Thank you, thank you.
Nice to meet you.
What was your name? - Dianna.
- Dianna, nice to meet you.
I'm Fatuma. - Nice to meet you.
- So I already have questions. - Okay, go for it. Go for it.
- You already have questions. - I already have questions.
For one, it starts with your tattoo.
Where you're from, is it common
for people to get tattoos? - No.
- Okay, why did you get yours?
- I worked at sea for a long time.
So that's a compass and an anchor.
- You have an accent!
He has an-- - I have an accent?
- You do have an accent.
Are you from South America?
- South America, no.
- Let me listen to your accent, okay.
Tell me about your background, how did you grow up?
- I'm the youngest of eight kids.
I had an amazing childhood.
- Okay, oh my god your accent.
Jehova, this is the hardest one.
- [Interviewer] Aright, you can tell her.
- Tell me!
- South Africa.
Come on!
Not even--
- I should know!
- Of course you should! - I should know!
- Of course you should, yeah.
- Oh, damn. - South Africa.
When you think of South Africa, what do you picture?
- Well the thing is, a lot of South Africans I've met
look a lot like you.
- Well there we go.
- It's interesting I didn't make the connection.
Wow, Africa.
I'm so mad that I got it wrong.
Nice to meet ya.
- Nice to meet you too.
- They did not make this easy.
So, why did you move to the US?
- I moved because there was a war and I was in danger.
- How long ago was it since your country got into this war?
- Almost 30 years.
- 30 years.
Are you able to go to your country now?
- I am, yeah.
- You are. - Yeah.
- Was it ever under Ottoman rule?
- It was.
- You're not Bosnian?
- Yo.
Come here! - Oh my god.
- What!
- I am amazing!
I'm so happy. - Give me a high five.
- I was so happy I got it.
I saw how it lit up your face and it made me
the happiest person on Earth.
- That's so sweet.
- You are, trust me.
We know.
How do y'all think I did?
(dramatic music)
- [Interviewer] Let's bring the line in!
- Trust me, y'all.
They did not make it easy.
At all.
- [Interviewer] Raise your hand
if Fatuma got you right!
- Lie if you must.
- [Interviewer] And you got half of the people right!
Good job! - Okay, I was hoping
for at least 50%.
(all clapping)
- [Interviewer] Did you learn anything?
- I did.
We need to be more open about how we view the world
and how we narrow and kind of generalize everyone.
But definitely proud, because at the same time,
I do know more than I gave myself credit for.
- [Interviewer] But you still feel pretty bad
about getting the South African wrong.
- Thank you, I don't think
you'll ever let me forget that one.
(all laughing)
But it's okay, 'cuz I feel-- - I'm your brother.
- I feel horrible, yeah.
- If you got the other brother, how can you miss him?
- My friend, the way I guess, you know
how many countries I went through for you.
(all laughing)
(all clapping)
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Can You Guess What Country I'm From? | Lineup

108 Folder Collection
jeremy.wang published on June 9, 2020
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