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  • Thanks for stopping by, this is 2 minute classroom.

  • And today I'm going to give you seven tips for multiple choice exams.

  • And if you want to further develop your study and test taking skills, I've linked some books I recommend and a study playlist in the description.

  • Now on to the tips.

  • We'll start with the basic ones and then move on to the more advanced tips.

  • But all of these tips are relevant.

  • Tip number one is to read through the instructions carefully.

  • I'm always shocked at how many students jump right into the test without reading the instructions, and maybe you're one of them.

  • There is often valuable information in the instructions about how to take the test and what you are allowed to do.

  • So read it first.

  • After reading the instructions, you can move on to tip number two, which is to answer the easy questions first.

  • This is a solid tip for nearly every type of test.

  • It provides an overview of the test and gives you several small victories to boost your confidence right at the beginning of the test.

  • Tip number three is to answer the question in your mind before reading the answer options.

  • Use a piece of paper or your hand to cover the answer options.

  • You may have to be a little more creative If it's a digital test.

  • Then with the answers covered read the question and formulate your best idea of the answer in your mind before looking at the answers.

  • So, why do this rather than just reading the options?

  • Because you won't get confused by the answer choices and thinking two or three of the options sound like good answers.

  • If one of the options is similar to the answer you came to in your head, then you can answer faster and with more confidence.

  • Try it out.

  • Tip number four is to read every answer option.

  • Similar to the instructions, many students skip this step on at least a few questions often to their demise.

  • Because most multiple choice test questions want you to find the most correct answer.

  • There may be multiple correct answers, so if you stop at the first one, you may not see the most correct one.

  • Even if you think you've found the answer, read them all.

  • Tip number five is to use the process of elimination.

  • When you come to a question that you don't know the answer to, you can increase your odds by eliminating answers you know to be incorrect.

  • Physically cross them out if you can.

  • If you can narrow it down to two or three answers, you'll increase your odds for guessing correctly from the remaining answer choices.

  • I'll do a separate video about guessing strategies for multiple choice tests and link it below because it's a separate video all by itself.

  • And if you're finding these tips valuable, consider subscribing because you'll likely find a lot more value from my future content.

  • Tip number six is specifically for "all-of-the-above" type questions.

  • You don't actually have to know if all of the above answers are correct.

  • You just need to know if more than one are correct.

  • For example, if the question has five possible answers the last of which is "all of the above"...

  • And you know the first and third answers are correct, but are uncertain about the other two, you can confidently answer "all of the above."

  • Tip number seven is to answer every question.

  • I was amazed as a teacher to see students not answer multiple choice questions.

  • I understand that you may not know the answer, but you can certainly write or circle a random answer

  • There can also be a lot of strategy to guessing, which I'll make a separate video on.

  • The only time you don't want to guess is when you lose points for wrong answers.

  • In my experience, the vast majority of tests award you zero points for a wrong answer, but on certain tests you'll lose points for answering incorrectly.

  • So make sure you know the test before you guess.

  • Now watch this video on last minute test taking strategies that will work.

  • And this video of mine which YouTube thinks that you'll find relevant.

  • Thanks for watching, and I'll catch you next time.

Thanks for stopping by, this is 2 minute classroom.

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7 Tips and Strategies for Answering Multiple Choice Questions | Test Taking Strategies

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