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  • hey there it's two for Tuesday Jennifer from Tarle speech you have a great

  • pair of words today and the spelling is crazy on one of these words actually I

  • remember as a kid learning this word and thinking that's how you spell it it's

  • totally crazy I'm going to show you the words the words are kernel which is the

  • center of a nut or we can also use it to talk about the important part of

  • something and Colonel that's the spelling which is an army

  • officer I know it's insane so to say these words correctly we're going to

  • think about two parts of the word we're going to start with the K sound to do this

  • the back of your tongue is pulled up and the tip of your tongue is down pointing

  • and the bottom of your mouth K next we're gonna move to the er to do this square

  • tense lips if you make the sound with the tip of your tongue pointed down your

  • tongue doesn't move much but if you want you can flip it back to make the er as

  • well whichever is fine just make sure that you make that er nice and tense long

  • and strong ker ker then we're going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back

  • of your top front teeth for the nnn and the air is going to be moving out of

  • your nose you're going to quickly pull the tongue down and then touch it to the

  • back of the top front teeth again while you shift the air to coming out of your

  • mouth for the L so it's gonna be nl nl

  • nnnl let's put it all together ker nl Colonel Colonel Colonel the colonel had

  • a popcorn kernel stuck in his teeth give it a try I know people they're going to

  • notice the difference if you found this helpful we'd love a like a share and a

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  • any questions in your comment section below if you're looking for classes we

  • have those to check out sorrel speech comm thanks everybody

hey there it's two for Tuesday Jennifer from Tarle speech you have a great

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How to Pronounce KERNEL & COLONEL - American Homophone English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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