B1 Intermediate 4 Folder Collection
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- Sue, Jess, Jerome?
(sheep bleating)
Sheep, where'd everybody go?
♪ They call me Little Bo Peep ♪
♪ And I lost my sheep ♪
(sheep bleating) ♪ When they escape ♪
♪ Through that fence behind me ♪
(sheep bleating) ♪ But if we repair ♪
♪ The fence ♪
♪ Maybe they'll be convinced ♪ (sheep bleating)
♪ To stay put here beside me ♪
(sheep bleating)
(cries) I don't know where they went.
- This is Junior Reporter Elmo Monster reporting live
for Sesame Street News at the scene of the problem.
Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep.
- Oh, it's just awful, little red reporter!
The fence is broken.
(sheep bleats) So my sheep keep escaping.
(sheep bleats)
- Oh! - Dum dum dum.
- Well, Miss Peep, looks like the repair monster
has arrived to help!
- Hi, little Reporter Elmo!
- Hi!
- Me repair monster.
Yeah, there nothing me can't fix.
- (gasps) You mean it?
You mean you can fix my fence?
- You bet, sheep lady.
- Hm, me wonder what me can use to fix fence.
Hey, that a great idea, little sheepy.
What if me use hay to fix fence?
Yeah, gonna gather some of this.
Okay, let's give it try! (sheep bleat)
♪ Dum dee dum ♪
♪ Fixy fix, ♪
♪ Dum dee dum dum dum ♪
♪ Fixy fence ♪
♪ Dum dee dum dum ♪
Okay, tah-dah!
One fixed fence!
This just in, the fence is fixed!
(Elmo cheers) (sheep bleat)
(Bo Peep gasps)
- This just in.
The fence is still broke.
(disappointed music)
- Oh no!
Why didn't the straw work?
- Well, Elmo thinks that the hay
isn't strong enough to fix the fence,
plus sheep like to eat it.
- Well, me wonder if me can find something stronger
to fix fence.
(Bo Peep sobbing)
- I will never fix that fence,
and the sheep will never come home!
- Hey, that staff look pretty strong, sheep lady.
Maybe me can use staff to fix fence.
- You think it'll work?
- Me going to give it a try.
♪ Dum dee dum dum dum ♪
♪ Dum dee dum dum ♪
There we go.
Oh boy.
Looks like we need something else strong and sturdy
to fix this fence.
- Well, it looks like we need something else,
strong and sturdy to fix this fence.
Ah! - This'll do.
- Cookie Monster, that's Elmo's microphone!
- Ah.
(Elmo laughs)
- Well, come on, Doris, Arthur!
Come back here.
Garth, Opal.
♪ They call me Little Bo Beep ♪
♪ And I have all my sheep ♪
♪ Baa baa ♪
♪ Sitting in the fence beside me ♪
♪ Baa baa baa ♪
♪ They get out and roam because they're safe at home ♪
♪ Baa ♪
♪ Wagging their tails beside me ♪
♪ Baa baa baa ♪
(sheep bleat)
- You heard it here, folks!
Cookie Monster has fixed the fence!
This is Junior Reporter Elmo Monster, signing off
for Sesame Street News!
Oh! - Bye bye!
♪ They call me Little Bo Peep ♪
♪ And I lost my sheep ♪
♪ Baa ♪
♪ And they escaped through that fence behind me ♪
♪ Baa baa ♪
♪ But if we repair the fence ♪
♪ Maybe they'll be convinced ♪
♪ Baa ♪
♪ To stay put here beside me ♪
♪ Baa baa ♪
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Sesame Street: Little Bo Peep's Fence | Monster Fixers

4 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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