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good afternoon good afternoon from bariloche argentina patagonia
we've got a special episode because we are taking our first ever train ride in
Argentina it's a special one we're going to be riding Tren Patagonico yeah
Patagonian train (tren patagonico) which crosses the Patagonian step it goes from body
bariloche to viedma from the Andes to the coast it's an overnight journey yeah I'm
so pumped like we haven't done it right in like forever so it's gonna be fun
we're gonna show you guys the journey the whole trip the landscape indeed and
yeah the trains about to pull in in a few minutes so let's go
we learned about the Patagonian Train (tren patagonico) entirely by chance a few days prior we
have been hanging out at the Bariloche Bus Terminal waiting to catch a
connecting bus and because we had a few hours to spare Sam went for a little
walk with his camera in hand he saw the train station and decided he'll snap
some photos and that's when he learned about this epic train journey that
crosses all of Patagonia from the Andes to the ocean we just had to do it and
that's how a few days later we found ourselves traveling aboard of the thin
but I wanted
the Patagonian terrine has three classes first Pullman and come out of there
first class is actually the cheapest Pullman is the one we traveled in and
gamma-delta is the one with private cabins in this video we're going to give
you a tour of the Pullman class aboard this train the Pullman carriage has
reclining seats a fair bit of legroom and heater AC depending on the time of
year you're traveling during high season they also have a movie carriage that's
available to passengers in Pullman and Chama Delta and it has a disco carriage
for those who want to dance the night away as the train chugs across the
patagonian step
the league space isn't incredible it's almost like a bad baby so cocked upon
mr. so I sleep so all the trainings it just like walks me back and forth like a
major league space for the Train not to be parking people it's fantastic one of
our many goodies we have a fun touch it that he believed languorous is an
alcohol yeah filled with the dulce de leche whatever favored in marine triple
there's there's a dining cart very excited for loving fun is a delight
so sweet so decadent so now that we're all aboard we're gonna give you a little
tour of the classroom for travelling Pullman we wanted to get a private
compartment I don't think they don't offer that well they were sold out they
did they were sold out so we're traveling Pullman let us show you what
that entails the tier is convinced okay so to see how much the lake space yes if
you pointed that out early lots of legroom I can get my leg fully out like
that which is fat bleak extended fully extended excellent we have a really nice
big window now this is really cool right so you pinch this and you can put down
cover case lines lines also yeah it basically blocks the view as well set up
like that and it latches onto one of those
No also collects check out the lights you can move them around turn them
around move it around switch Lisa a Jewish this is the cult the attendant do
not call it the attendant not yet anyways what I can show you guys later
as when we go for dinner we cross into just the card in front of us different
show you what the dining cart looks like how far does your seat recline for
sleeping as far as it goes really oh just move it back just a
little bit yeah but it's enough that we also have arm rests and there is storage
in the front seat you know put your water bottle or snacks or their magazine
electronic devices whatever
this Patagonian train travels from the cities of viedma to Bariloche and then
back again from Bariloche to viedma on weekends it usually leaves the viedma on
a Friday and the parts body load on a Sunday but their calendar does have a
few exceptions so it's best to check your desired dates on their official
website archery left at 5:00 p.m. and we were asked to be there an hour in
shortly after departing the station in bariloche a staff member went across the
carriage asking each passengers final destination that way they know to stop
for you and potentially wake you up if you're getting off in the middle of the
night leaving body load to the train make stops in many small communities
along the way including peel can I do Kamado Clemente Oh Nelly engineer Joe
acaba semakin Chow los médicos Sierra colorada Minister Ramos mejía nah we'll
need a oval Jetta San Antonio este winter Palacios and lastly viedma
we were starting to feel a bit peckish selling sandwiches and we confirmed our
dinner reservations we could eat at nine or 11 p.m. and then you have the freedom
to hang out at the table and do so many Mesa which is basically just
conversation on the table you're like no no no I know how I am feeling we're
gonna be sleeping by 11:00 p.m. like that is very late for dinner
yeah we're gonna be sharing the table four of us
we'll meet them soon
I have to say I love the scenery on the strain journey we got to witness a
magical sunset over the Patagonian steppe paired with ever-changing scenery
we even got to see a bit of wildlife namely hares sheep horses and falcons
the fields were washed in gold with the last rays of day and it was spectacular
so the Sun is starting to go down we've got a lovely reddish orange glow
looking a bit like Mars I can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the sky power
Sam hasn't been filming the whole time you've been on the street how many hours
now yes you see you guys wait a second wait a second
422 you see on the top right-hand corner 422 clips clips oh my video and how long
have we been on the train two hours oh my goodness the please look they have
four batteries please I guess the sun's gonna be going down anyway
you're going down San Li I'd say we only have another hour to film dinner anyway
while Sam is trying to capture the magic I realized I didn't tell you guys how
much the trained cost the total was 33 u.s. dollars for an overnight train yeah
so we're not spending on accommodations we should also mention this is a very
lock screen yeah okay so we were looking online on
their website about how it works to reserve this train it isn't on either
well it kind of is this is not straightforward you have to go on today
in pathological website yeah and you select when you want to travel they have
a calendar with available dates and then you have to send an email you know if
your contact details and then they send you back another email with like
information for a bank transfer great and then you have to take that and go to
bank and give them cash yeah and then the bank gives you a confirmation to do
it I forget what you think it was but it was uncle and then and then when the
bank gives you the slip that you have paid you need to take a picture of that
and email it back to the train company fire email it's like oh my god and you
pick up here tickets down on the train station yeah you can do it before but
the station is closed two days in the middle
we'd like to random days I think it's Thursday and Friday so yeah it was a
point the process well well worth well worth it I mean I haven't travelled in
Argentina by train a lot but I would say this is a magnificent a lot stranger at
all we took the Logies took the logic I'm thinking about like previous trips
package me but I guess it may be all jealously nice travel anyways he's gonna
get back to filming clearly there's imagery to be captured
so we are now in the dining carriage almost 9 o'clock for the first ones here
very keen so the set menu is going to be 350 pesos Jefferson
yeah at some point this place is gonna fill up we'll be sharing our table
I like the part of conical knee where Charlie it's perfect it's disordered and
this is really good that's one of the bigger bodegas
sorry guys didn't film dinner for you but we had a great time made some new
friends to table well good morning good morning guys it is very very early 6:00
something we didn't sleep a whole lot last night if you think about the fact
that we went to bed at 2 a.m. but it's been a good journey we are now arriving
in San Antonio Oeste which is our stop 15 kilometers away from las loop that's
really enjoyed the journey the scenery the Sun is slowly coming up and down
without passengers movie
from one compartment to the next our setup is coming up soon so yeah we can
definitely recommend the journey that was a lot of fun but yeah we'll talk
more about it once when the apartment I'm sure I'm still waking up who'll want
to hear your thoughts as well yeah I'm even less awakened you are yeah that's a
wake up Sam I'll quickly mention that you also have the option of eating
breakfast on the train but we chose to sleep in a bit longer breakfast is
probably a better idea for those continuing all the way to viedma but we
got off before that in San Antonio
and that was our train journey aboard the FinFET ago Nikko traveling from the
mountains to the sea we hope you guys enjoyed following along and if you have
any questions about how to do this chain journey yourself leave us a comment
below and we'll be sure to answer we'll see you in the next video from the
seaside town of les with us
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Epic PATAGONIAN TRAIN JOURNEY From the ANDES to the SEA! | Argentina by Train (Bariloche to Viedma)

105 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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