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good afternoon good afternoon guys last full day in the
bariloche argentina area it sure is yeah this trip has flown by
yeah today we're on a little day excursion
the one we wanted to do yesterday we've come to colonia suiza patagonia (swiss colony)
yeah i remember a few weeks ago you had mentioned this place and so
it's cool to be visiting we just had to take a couple little local buses to get
here yeah very easy to get here and well this is a small little village
it was founded by immigrants from switzerland so it's got
a really cool vibe in terms of the architecture
and it's a pedestrian friendly town in patagonia you can just walk around everywhere because
it's so small lots of things for tourists to do eat
you drink and you just kind of wander around swiss colony and
there's also some really good shops too so it's uh it's a fun outing i guess you
could do it for a half day if all day yeah and um yeah we're just gonna see
what we can find while we're here take it
easy enjoy what's the plan that's important
by the time we reach the village of colonia suiza aka
swiss colony argentina it was already time for lunch so our first order of business was
to find some food we followed our noses and they led us to this cozy chalet
the food is here of course the first stop of the day had to be food what else
would you expect from us so we're eating at a restaurant called
ida southern air but they do more like german swiss
food the dish i got it's called papa sorosti
and it's basically shredded potatoes with onions
and bacon took a big bite of that when you weren't looking
i like it it's kind of like a pancake long
crispy nice and tasty
i missed another big bite there you tried your wine
cheers for you people watching we got a red wine
we went for a little bottle because we are planning to walk around today
we don't want to be all lethargic exactly
small bottles
sam got the goulash with um which looks really good this is another
favorite of mine little hand rolled noodles look at that
argentine goulash looking hearty looking stewie looking
steamy can't wait to try it
you're right about being super tender i love the sauce it has to
so much flavor packed with flavor have another bite
did you get some sour cream in there
let's melt in them
so tasty i'm so hungry we're having a bit of a later lunch what time is it
it's 1 30. mm-hmm we only have lunch around noon so bring
your appetites today guys we're thinking of doing a few food stops today there's
just so much to try in the town let me try yours since you had a bite of mine
it's like a crispy pancake i'm going to taste the onions don't you
yeah it's really good i was expecting it to be a little thicker
but it is tasty dessert time dessert time it was included with your mane it
was what a nice surprise so it comes with
this apple cake with cream
oh those apples are so smooth and there's tons of cinnamon which i love
it's got a bit of a crumble texture on top of it really tasty
and a nice surprise so we didn't know it was included
so guys we had our lunch sam is really working hard to get that shot
oh yeah get those mountains um lunch like i was saying the total came
to 17 us dollars and that included two mains
sam's main chain with a dessert fancy schmancy
i will say like the portions aren't massive they were smaller than i was
expecting but you do get bread at the start of the meal
and while yours came with dessert so not that the quality was good
that's good yeah i'm kind of glad that we didn't have an
enormous portion because we'd be craving a siesta instead of wanting to walk
around yeah plus there are lots of like little
kiosks and cafes and dessert shops so we can
always get a little nibble afterwards indeed
so when we arrived in colonia suisa we learned that the best days to visit are
actually wednesdays and sundays during high season
when the town prepares a special dish called quranto we had unknowingly
arrived on a monday missing the big cookout by one day
kuranto is a dish that's prepared by digging a hole in the ground covering
the bottom with hot stones and then adding a mix of seafood
meat potatoes and vegetables it's basically like a giant outdoor pressure
cooker and people come from far and wide to try
this specific dish so that's something to keep in mind if you do decide to
visit with nokudanto on the menu we spent our day
walking up and down the main street and visiting some artisanal shops
but since it was a non-fair day many of the places in town were closed
wandering and strolling is how we ended up in front of the elf village
truth is we had no idea what the elf village was all about when we first set
foot in there but it turned out to be quite
entertaining especially if you come with a vivid imagination we were led into the
forest by our guide who taught us to identify
all sorts of trees and mushrooms but then he brought us to meet the creatures
of the forest we met all sorts of beings like the
gridmen who are able to become part of nature
leprechauns who like to guard their pot of gold and mischievous elves who like
to steal trinkets from the home there were also trolls witches and
forest fairies all living in this very forest
and then we met edgar or edgar who may very well have a future career on the
runway work it edgar
we just finished visiting the elf village actually we met way more
creatures than just elves there were gnomes
and trolls and creatures that were half elf half animal half elf half tree
and leprechauns and leprechauns a leprechaun a leprechaun but yeah it was
kind of a fun attraction the only thing is that
the stories they tell you are all in spanish
so if you don't speak spanish you might miss out on all the elf stories oh yeah
kind of like a fun attraction if you're visiting as a family or with
kids just under five us dollars and the tour was like just under an hour i think
so yeah i think it was like 15 minutes yep
yep and yeah oh and we got to feed goats at the end of it all that was the
highlight that was fun there you go and now we are going
down to the lake apparently there's a little beach area around here
we're gonna see what that's all about but so far it's been a very enjoyable
day here at colonia suisa it's very peaceful place
just dirt roads everyone gets around on foot because the place is so tiny
lots of food options very unique architecture it's
very german very alpine style so yeah those are some impressions
did you bring your swimming trunks you know someone just dip their hand
into the water you were saying it was like glacial water basically
it's cold it's cold so there's a couple kids who've gone in
kind of tip-toeing but most people are just out here working on the montana to
be honest yeah no one's known's actually swimming no one's swimming
no very tell-tale but togo would go inside
oh togo would love it can you imagine he'd be jumping in
this would be like his rocky's road trip all over again
exactly we then did another loop around town and
thought you know what we're hungry so off we went in search of a little
something something ipa tie ipa time so we've worked up a
bit of an appetite we've been wandering around now for uh
two three hours since since lunch at least a couple of hours
and we're coming here for an early dinner but this particular place
specializes in craft beers they had ipa and they had porter so i
decided to go for something a bit more refreshing
pretty nice it matches your hair yes on camera
it's a red color it's very refreshing and i'm so thirsty so
ice cold beer is just just what the doctor ordered
dinner has arrived and what are you having dinner is syrup
so i went for the mountain potatoes they're kind of like fried potato wedges
with uh cheddar cheese creamy cheddar cheese all over
just a little snack slash dinner before we head back into town
guys i got a burger and i'm just trying to think when was the last time i had a
burger this is our first burger in argentina
maybe it could be that would be kind of shocking
yeah so lift the hood so we've got bacon cheese nice big patty and then under
here caramelized onions we've got some pepper tomatoes and some
lettuce loaded it's loaded and we're gonna share
this we're gonna share cutting it down
there it is looks good
that was a great burger really nice meat delicious bacon
cheese and then i love the caramelized onions too
it gives it a bit of juiciness a bit of kick it's a really good burger you're
gonna like it and that was your day trip to swiss
colony bariloche this is a very small village that can easily be visited in half a day
though it is also possible to stay overnight and do some camping
or rent one of the few cabins our visit was short and sweet but we enjoyed what
we got to experience in a few hours for any of you thinking of visiting
don't forget if you want to eat the famous quranto visit on a wednesday or a
sunday or if you want to experience a sleepy
town almost all to yourself like we did then any other day of the week is fine
that's all for today and we'll see you guys in the next video
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Visiting a SWISS COLONY in Patagonia + Eating Swiss POTATO PANCAKE and GOULASH in Argentina! ?

71 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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