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- Hey there everybody, it's your old pal Ernie here.
I sure hope everybody's staying nice and cozy at home.
I just thought I'd come and tell ya a joke.
Do you know who likes jokes?
Why my old buddy Bert.
He's just crazy about jokes.
Hey, let's give him a call, hm.
Boop. (phone chiming)
One ringy-dingy.
Two ringy-dingys.
- What, Ernie.
Why are you calling me from the other room?
- Six feet apart Bert, six feet apart.
Hey Bert, you wanna hear a joke?
- No, not really.
- Okay, knock knock.
- Who's there?
- A little old lady.
- A little old lady who?
- What's that, Bert?
- I said, a little old lady who?
- Oh, I can't hear you, Bert.
- A little old lady who!
A little old lady who!
- Bert, I didn't know you could yodel.
- Ah. (laughs)
Goodbye, Ernie.
- Bert, Bert?
Hm, must be a bad connection.
(silly music)
(phone chiming)
- What is it now, Ernie?
- Knock knock, Bert.
- Who's there?
- Spell.
- Spell who?
- Oh that's an easy one, Bert.
W H O, that spells who.
(laughs) (sighs)
Hey, this is fun game, Bert.
Okay, now it's your turn to spell something.
Spell Rumpelstiltskin.
- Oh gee.
- Hm, I don't think Rumpelstiltskin begins with O G, Bert.
Here, here, sound out the letters.
- Goodbye, Ernie.
(phone chiming)
No more jokes!
- Okay, just one, Bert.
(sighs) Knock knock.
- Who's there?
- I am.
- I am who?
- You are Bert, I am Ernie.
- You are insufferable.
- No, no, Ernie.
- Goodbye.
(laughs) (silly music)
Ernie keeps bugging me with these knock knock jokes
and I really need some help around the apartment.
I'm gonna give him a call.
(phone chiming)
- Hey, Bert.
- Ernie, will you come help with the laundry?
- No, no, no, Bert.
You see it goes like this, so you say, knock knock.
And then I say, who's there.
And then you say, will.
And I say, will who?
And then you say, will you come help with the laundry?
You see that? - No, I.
- See, you never start with the punchline, Bert.
Hey, but you keep working on it.
See ya.
(phone chiming)
Knock knock, Bert.
(sighs) - Who's there?
- Who.
- Who who?
- Hey, I didn't know you
could do an owl impersonation, Bert.
That's a really good owl.
Hey, you wanna hear some of my animal sounds?
Look I can do a puppy dog.
(dog yipping)
- Yup, very funny, Ernie, very funny.
(cat meowing)
- And a duck, a duck goes... - Ernie.
(duck quacking).
Ernie! - A horse says...
(horse neighing) (groans)
A cow goes... (cow mooing)
And a pig goes...
(pig oinking) - Goodbye, Ernie.
- And of course, the chicken goes...
(chicken chattering)
And don't forget a rooster...
(rooster crowing)
(laughs) (silly music)
(upbeat music) - Caring for each other.
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Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Share Jokes | #CaringForEachOther

14 Folder Collection
Summer published on June 8, 2020
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