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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with a quick tip for today our question

  • is how do I pronounce words that end in the F sound when we make them plural and

  • to do this what we're going to do is for spelling let's talk about spelling first

  • we're going to change the letter F to a V and then we're going to add es so for

  • spelling F changes to V and then we add the es for pronunciation we are going to

  • change from the F that we make by gently biting either the inside or the outside

  • of the bottom lip while the air keeps moving out and the voice box is not on

  • we're going to change that sound to the voiced sound which is the V sound to do

  • that your mouth is the same gently biting the inside or the outside of your

  • bottom lip and then the air is going to move out while your voice box is on V so

  • we have F and V and then you're going to add that Z sound and to do this the tip of

  • your tongue is either high in your mouth behind your top teeth or slightly

  • pointing down it is not touching your teeth at all air continues to move out

  • while you're a voice box is on so we have elf

  • elves calf calves and we don't pronounce the L sound and calf calf calves and we

  • don't pronounce the L sound in calves nice knives and again another silent

  • letter we don't pronounce the K knife knives loaf loaves loaf loaves shelf

  • --shelves --shelf --shelves wolf wolves wolf wolves and then wife wives

  • wife wives I don't have a sentence but I'm sure all of you out there do

  • so put a couple of sentences in the comments so I can see what you come up

  • with you guys are always so clever I love your sentences so give it a try I

  • know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

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  • Books and if you're looking for classes you can check out Tarle speech comm

  • for more information thanks everybody see you again soon

hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with a quick tip for today our question

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B1 calf sound voice box pronounce spelling loaf

Plural Nouns ending in F & FE Pronounced as VZ - halves, calves, loaves, wives, shelves, knives

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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