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  • hey there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today

  • we have three words to talk about this is a really good one appreciate which

  • means that you value something appropriate proper which is a noun and

  • appropriate a verb which means to direct funds these words are spelled very

  • similarly we do have a few differences the e and the O and then here we have a

  • C and here we have a PR those do give us some clues as to how I pronounce these

  • words so each of these words has four syllables so we're going to break these

  • down into the syllables which makes it a little bit easier to tackle all of these

  • words start with that nice short schwa syllable ah ah

  • preciate appropriate appropriate yes I was stressing it there and you're not

  • supposed to so don't leave me any comments but I wanted to make sure that

  • you actually heard it there so for the word appreciate let's look at each of

  • these syllables ah which is the very short relaxed vowel next add presh with

  • another short vowel the relaxed if the relaxed I sound make sure you have the

  • SH here approch approch so you're gonna do that with rounded lips next add a

  • long e and then end with the word eight like you ate something or the number

  • eight yes those two words do sound the same so we have appreciate now when we

  • go to appropriate the noun we have the short schwa again uh then we're going to

  • add the syllable pro that has a long oh we're going to add another long vowel

  • the e in pre-pro pre and then we're going to end with a nice short vowel

  • like the word it it appropriate lastly for the verb appropriate same exact

  • syllable same three syllables as we had and appropriate pro-free and then end

  • with an eighth appropriate appropriate so we have appreciate appropriate

  • appreciate appropriate appreciate appreciate appreciate appropriate

  • appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate give that a try

  • I know people will definitely hear the difference thank you so much for liking

  • and sharing our videos please do that with your friends we do really

  • appreciate it if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below

  • or visit us at Tarle speech comm for more information thanks so much and I'll

  • see you soon

hey there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today

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