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  • You want to take on mitosis?

  • Let me get your diagnosis;

  • It says you're half the man I am

  • And all your raps are necrosis!

  • Yeah, I am so perfectly perfect

  • In all my careful divisions

  • Creating identical versions

  • While you are like "Oh I'm so different!"

  • Don't talk to me >:c

  • You've been around the block too many times

  • And your duplicate splitting is

  • Constantly spitting out

  • FOUR daughter nuclei?

  • Don't be jealous 'cause I am sexy,

  • And I got 2 sets of phases

  • I like to mix DNA up

  • When I'm entering my pro-phase stages!

  • You're like your parents kid;

  • Just like a clone.

  • You see this chromosomal genetic

  • combination's my own!

  • I'm independent

  • My chromosomes don't need any pairs

  • At the end there's only 23

  • So your mom and dad can share and make

  • LIFE! Yeah, I'm the one that

  • Gives you your offspring

  • Though my genetic variance

  • can create arrogance

  • DNA's changing from New York to Beijing.

  • Sure, if it weren't for you

  • I wouldn't have kids

  • But if I wasn't here


  • And those babies you keep bringing up?

  • Aww, real cute!

  • I'm the one that makes them grow

  • So you can stop CLEANING THEIR PUKE!

  • You're like telophase;

  • The only thing that's worth admiring

  • is your cleavage

  • I don't want to give half of my chromosomes up, what I've built in my nucleus is my achievement.

  • I'm like telophase too, I like to kick back and unwind

  • But I'm secretly Anaphase

  • Pulling you apart from inside!

  • I repair the whole body

  • to make you grow big and strong

  • If I wanted sex cells

  • I would just ask your mom

  • Hey! Here's a question,

  • Maybe you have the answer?

  • Did you know you're the main cause


  • Yeah, your errors cause a LOT of conditions

You want to take on mitosis?

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Mitosis vs Meiosis RAP BATTLE!

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    Summer posted on 2020/06/08
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