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-Hey, guys. -Hi, guys.
-Hello, we are... -[all] BTS.
And this is RM.
Dear Class of 2020,
it's been a strange year so far,
but you made it.
Today, we might not have flowers,
and we might not have graduation caps.
What we do have is possibly
the most special graduation ceremony in history.
Never before have so many gathered to celebrate a graduating class
for their achievements and their dreams.
You could be watching us from your bed
or from your living room,
alone or with somebody.
Wherever you are,
you will all soon be breaking out of one world to soar into another.
Ten years ago,
it snowed really hard
on the day of my middle school graduation.
I remember that day clearly
because I took a picture with my friends,
and kept it as my messenger profile
for the rest of my school years.
On that day,
I was just a boy
who had closed just one chapter
ready to pen another.
And I remember that feeling,
it's really thrilling and breathtaking.
It was a moment I felt most like me, myself.
A feeling I wanted to hold onto forever.
So, as a fellow individual in his 20s,
all the way from Seoul, Korea,
I want to say, congratulations.
We're very excited for what lies ahead of you.
Regardless of where or how far you are,
we hope our stories today can give you some sort of comfort,
hope and maybe even a bit of inspiration.
[speaking Korean]
[speaking Korean]
[speaking Korean]
[speaking Korean]
[speaking Korean]
[speaking Korean]
[in English] Dear Class of 2020,
I hope our stories reached you all today.
To be really, really frank,
we still feel very unsure and unsettled as we speak,
just like the day we left the school gates
for the last time on graduation day.
Some say we have achieved so many things,
but we stand no different from any other youth in their 20s,
our graduation caps still pressed to our heads,
and awkwardly peering into the face of reality.
The recent unforeseen events completely changed our plans,
and the sense of loss and anxiety we felt then, are still with us today.
The fear of an obscure future
as our daily lives turn upside down,
is a moment of realization of the self,
the realization of what makes me a true me, myself.
Us, as musicians,
we are pulling ourselves together by making music.
We write songs, we produce,
and we practice as we think about the people we love.
And it connects to the world during such difficult times.
And with music, we hope we can bring you smiles and courage again.
And V just mentioned memos and the photographs.
For us, our way of remembering
and communicating is to make music.
For you, it could be anything.
And our music and in our hearts,
and in the time that we break out of ourselves,
we're alone, but also together.
We may be seeing each other through just a camera and this small screen,
but I know your future will bloom to something
much bigger and magnificent.
friends, family, faculty,
today, you stand with us, the largest graduating class in history.
[speaking Korean]
[all in English] Congratulations, Class of 2020!
[all cheering]
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BTS Commencement Speech | Dear Class Of 2020

75 Folder Collection
Man Chi published on June 8, 2020
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