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  • hey there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question our

  • question today is how do I say the word golf the game with the little ball and

  • the stick where you hit and the club actually that's the correct word and

  • gulf which is a body of water surrounded on three sides the heart of this lesson

  • is going to be the vowel and we are going to talk a lot about that also

  • people get really confused with that L F at the end and we will address that as

  • well so let's look at these words all right we have golf and gulf let's just

  • start with the G that's the easiest tip of the tongue is in the bottom of the

  • mouth the back of the tongue is pulled up gg g g and let's go to this L

  • F we are going to touch the tip of the tongue to the back of the top front

  • teeth for that L LLL and then pull the tongue down as you gently bite that

  • bottom lip so that you can make the F sound and the air can keep moving out of

  • your mouth do not close your teeth if you close your teeth it's going to sound

  • like a P sound and we're not trying to say gulp we're trying to say Gulf all

  • right now for the vowels what do we do most people will say Gulf and the reason

  • they say that is because the mouth is very relaxed so I hear most people say

  • this word Gulf even if they mean Golf and the reason is is that this is a very

  • open oh sound that English has that a lot of other languages don't and to make

  • this sound think of making a wide oval mouth that's going to help you get the

  • tip of your tongue low in the bottom of your mouth but the back of your tongue

  • pulled up so just try that vowel by itself

  • oh we put it all together we have g all f golf golf golf and then we have with

  • a more closed mouth for that short u Gulf Gulf

  • Gulf and let me add this last word since this could be a mistake as well if you

  • close your lips too much when you're trying to say that F sound you can say

  • gulp which means to drink quickly and you make a noise with your throat gulp

  • gulp gulp so let's give those all the try golf golf golf gulf gulf gulf gulp

  • gulp gulp

  • we like to gulp down drinks when we are on the Gulf playing golf give it a try I

  • know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

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  • thanks so much I hope to see you guys again next week

hey there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question our

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