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The world of the modern day magicians ascends upon us all with upcoming game Watch Dogs
and I got the chance to try out a few hours of the game, a little from the beginning and
a bit later on where I was more submerged so here's a preview of what you can expect
from Ubisoft Montreal's hackfest. As most of you will know, Watch Dogs got itself
delayed from last year and what I really wanted to know was what happened during the time
between when we were promised it and when we will be given it. So I asked Danny Belanger,
lead game designer for ubisoft montreal. You are Aiden Pearce and alongside the gameplay
is an attempt at an emotional storyline of which I can't give you my full opinion on
because well, I didn't see it all. What I can tell you is what this game is like
in general. Your main piece of tech is the profiler, this will help you assess the people
around you for potential hacks and as to whether they are going to cause you any hassle if
you do launch a cyber attack on them. It will, as the name suggests, let you profile them
with name, age, occupation or interest. Some interests are a little tongue in cheek with
homosexual, infertile and recently released from mental hospital just some of the ones
that popped out at me. Although, it's worth noting your profiler is defunct in areas where
you haven't taken control of the mainframe, the CToS.
Once profiled, you'll be able to hack into anyone that offers you a little something
something in the way of cash which can be picked up later at an ATM.
You will navigate your map which will highlight objectives, campaigns, crime detected, fixer
contract, criminal convoy, gang hideout etc. but as with most open world games you can
pick and choose what you play. But what will help Watch Dogs avoid the curse of the repetitive
task that have sometimes befallen other open world games
like this? Watch Dogs is a reflection on modern life
and with a setting of Chicago, one of the most surveillance stricken states of America,
the game shows how the technology that surrounds us could be used in order to commit and prevent
all new sorts of crime. You can access cameras around you to assess a situation without entering
the area itself. The game has a vast skill tree which will
enable manipulation of your environment such as raising or lowering city blocks, change
traffic lights to cause chaos and optimisation of your profiler. The skills you gain will
help you in tasks such as hacking, combat, crafting and driving.
As well as the single player campaign, there is the opportunity for other players to infiltrate
your world and hack into you. Alongside this are other multiplayer modes that Colin Graham,
Ubisoft Montreal's animation director gives an insight on
But what if you don't want to play with other people and want to get on with your own business.
I had
a go on some of the online multiplayer and it was clear I needed some tips from the top
to help me out. The open world is vast and I'll pay a few
likenesses to GTA here in that you'll need a vehicle to get around but unlike GTA you
don't have to commit, well, Grand Theft Auto in order to get it. Your phone has an on-demand
vehicle service that will deliver you vehicles right next to you in the game. Handy. Plus
like GTA there's a great selection of music from Alice Cooper, to Kid Cudi to Curtis Mayfield
and a rating system based on how wanted you are by police and the appropriate turnout
of vehicles, helicopters and aggressive natures based on this to capture you.
I'm not sure the gameplay had be completely enthralled and I think Ubisoft knew that may
happen as later in the game you've got mini games such as this big metal spider you see
here. It's weird and I was told that there's no real reason for it apart from just in case
you get bored of the normal gameplay. There is a lot to do though and there's definitely
variety but even though the people surrounding you have been given separate profiles, they
will insist on repeating the same reactions vocally over and over again which can get
annoying if you hang around near them long enough.
I'm looking forward to having a go on the full game but for now, this is all I know
and now, you know it too. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.
Watch Dogs is an open world hacking game full of modern day magicians manipulating Chicago
in order to commit and prevent crime. A big part of the game is its multiplayer modes
allowing others to infiltrate your world, you infiltrating theirs and missions requiring
you to play in teams. I had a go at a preview event run by developers Ubisoft Montreal and
it was clear that I needed a few tips from the top on how to catch the hacker. I never
caught the hacker that infiltrated me and I don't want you to come to the same demise
as me. So, here's Colin Graham, animation director for ubisoft montreal giving you some
big help. But don't worry if you don't want to play
online. Danny Belanger lead game designer gave us the lowdown on going offline and the
shield. Check out our preview of the full game by
clicking the video on the screen now.
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Watch Dogs - Preview and Exclusive Gameplay

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Liling Lee Liling published on April 27, 2014
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