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Today we look at two really awesome aircraft and get an understanding of the differences between them
Partially due to the fact that there has been much controversy over
Whether one aircraft should be replaced by the other at least within the United States today
We look at the differences between the historical f-16 and the battle-proven
F-35 how's it going? Everybody? Welcome to FTD facts. My name is Dave Walpole and today
Yeah, we're gonna look at the f-16 and the f-35 me. I'm a big fan of the f-16
I think it's one of my favorite fighters in the modern world, but the f-35, you know
There's a lot of people that say it's just a really good aircraft. But like I said
Controversy, is it worth the price?
let's just find out some of the differences now before I get in this video if you guys like
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So check out this really addictive game. I really think you guys will like it but let's get started on the video
The f-16 is sleek. Its slender and it's just one awesome aircraft
it has been around since the 1970s designed originally by General Dynamics now, basically
manufactured by Lockheed Martin it started its service in
1978 after its first flight commenced in nineteen new form. Now one of the many reasons for the creation of the single-seat fighter and bomber
multi-role aircraft
Was because of the lessons learned from the f4 phantom
Experiences in Vietnam basically, the f4 phantom was a very good fighter. The only downside is it did get shot down quite a bit in
Vietnam and therefore the United States of America wanted to minimize that as well. There was the f-15 which was a somewhat good aircraft
which came before and of course research and development from the f-15 one into the
F-16 the f-15, although being a very good fighter did have its problems. One of the big problems was that not only was it?
Expensive but it was a rather large aircraft to be doing dogfighting with now the f-35
it's very interesting how this fighter came to be very similar to how the
F16 began to be a more cheap and effective improvement off of the f-15
the f-35 is sometimes considered a cheaper more effective improvement off of the
F-22 Raptor the f-22 Raptor was a major improvement on technology
but the downside was it was not only costly but there wasn't a lot of
customization options for foreign buyers as
Well with the introduction of the f-35 the Navy Marines got an opportunity to request that this fighter have a different engine built within it
made for vertical takeoff to replace the Harriers that the Navy currently was downsizing and this just wasn't a feature that the
F-22 had when it was in development
eventually this all led to the cancellation of the f-22 and in
2005 the f-35 had its first flight
Ironically though for the f-35 the B versions which are the ones that have the VTOL ability was introduced first into the military
Before the more conventional take off versions were available. So for combat history, let's just take a look at the obvious
Of course there are way more
F-16s than there are f-35s. That's because it's been around for a long time in today's world
there are currently at least four thousand six hundred and four of these f-16 fighters being made as of
2018 making it the world's most numerous fixed-wing aircraft the f-35 however has at least
380 of these aircrafts made as of 2019 now looking at the f-16
It has had an operational history in the United States Israel
Pakistan Turkey Egypt the UAE
Jordan as well within Europe there has been the Netherlands Belgium Denmark Norway in which all of these countries listed have either flown
Currently or in the past on top of that
there's also Venezuela Morocco Bharani and countries like Croatia and Slovakia have interest in these fighters and
purchased them in
2018 Italy actually did fly of 16s at one point
But the lease was up some time ago and with that so far
They say that there was at least 25 Air Forces from around the world that operate the f-16 for the f-35
The United States is pretty much the main operator
Lockheed Martin stated that there are other countries that are in the process of getting full squadrons or are in development of these deals
These are the countries like the United Kingdom, Australia
the Netherlands in the lead Denmark Norway, Japan, Belgium, Canada
However has been back and forth of whether or not they should invest as well as the country of Norway
Turkey at one point did have an interest in this aircraft. However, unfortunately there was a transfer ban between them
This is because turkey was interested in Russia's s400 air defense system
Which is one of the best airforce defense systems in the world
This is simply because the f-35 is made to beat the S 400 series
So it's kind of like, you know
You don't want to give away too many years secrets
Besides that there is also a large amount of countries that do have interest in the f-35, but nothing's really moved forward
For variants though. Let's take a look now. Yes, the f16 has a lot of them
But like I said, it's been around for a long time
Originally starting off with the a and B versions B being the two-seater
This was eventually
Upgraded to the C & D
which is now pretty much the E and F version of the C and D version there is also the
F-16 n which has some minor changes specific to the Navy keep in mind within these different versions
There's also what you call block changes
There's also a lot of other versions that have specific changes
certain types of jobs on top of that there is country versions and a couple of offshoot fighters that come from the
F16 such as the South Korean Kait 50 Golden Eagle and Japan's Mitsubishi
F2 the f-35 however has three main versions
You've got a B and C a is your traditional take off and you've got B which classifies as a VTOL aircraft?
C however is a little bit larger in its wings as a matter of fact
its wings actually fold up this helps the C version handle better at lower speeds and it's good for
aircraft takeoff and storage the f-35 I is one that is being developed for Israel and it features Israeli countermeasures and
Electronics which the United States eventually had to agree to ask for other upgrades
There's the f-35 D but that's kind of in talks and thought of development
However, they have no plans to do a major upgrade until about
Perform its aspect
Let's take a look one major difference is that the f-35 is classified as a stealth fighter the f16 obviously is not
Both are single-engine fighters and do classify both as multi-role aircraft
But with that let's take a look at how they perform and their engines for speed
The f16 is a lot faster coming in at Mach 2
whereas the f-35 comes in at Mach 1.6 as for their sealing ability, both of them are effective up to
50,000 feet it has been said that the f16 is capable of going higher the thrust on these aircrafts for the f-35 has
43,000 pounds over the f-16s
29,000 pounds for range the f-16 combat radius is approximately 550 kilometers
However, it's ferry range is two thousand six hundred and twenty kilometers the f-35. However is said to go up to
28,000 kilometers
keep in mind that is really hard to say because there is so many different versions that have different engines and even though the
F16 generally has the same engine in all of its versions. There are a few that make this exception for example
f-16s used generally the Pratt Witt engines
however countries like the UAE use a general electric engine the opposite however goes to the
F-35 because the a B and C version I mean because there's different types of aircraft
They got different engines for the f-35 the a and C version use a pratt whitney engine. Whereas the b uses a rolls-royce
Engine for its VTOL on top of that there is a major fuel capacity change on different versions
So that's something to be taken into effect
So when it comes to these ranges of these aircraft and the engine abilities, it's not across the board
However, one of the biggest differences between these two aircrafts is dogfighting
Well, yes, it's true. The f-16 wins in a dogfight
The f-35 keep in mind wasn't really designed for that
It was made for a much longer range being able to use its stealth abilities
Fire and get out of Dodge almost preventing the dogfight from happening in the first place
Some people have also criticized how the f-35 is capable of having a really effective tracking system
For example, it can track up to 20 targets at a time and some say that the f16 is incapable of doing that
Well, that's not necessarily true
Because the new f-16 V variant has the same electronics being able to do the same thing
electronically in terms of tracking for weapons the f16 has so many years of weapon integration that the
F-35 won't be able to compete with it currently also because of its stealth abilities the USA isn't big on giving the f-35 aircraft
To just any country, for example, we learned about Turkey and its ban the f-16
However is more of a foreign friendly aircraft and just to touch on the f-35 stealth abilities
Although not much is known about it because it is very hush-hush top secret
There is some controversy of over how long it will be effective for as Israeli Air Force officials even debate
How long its stealth will be good for they estimate anywhere between five to ten years until?
countermeasures come into effect as for price
This is generally where you get into the big controversy of which one is better and better for countries
Because the f16 has been around for a lot longer
It is much more cheaper than an f-35
Coming in at 21 to 28 million
Whereas one f-35 starts at eighty nine point two million for its lowest version either way guys
That is me looking at the differences between these two aircrafts. Yes
There are a lot of other things that we could talk about but this is getting to be a long video enough as it is
Who knows? Maybe I'll do a part two
So if there are some things that I missed - be sure to leave it down there in the comments section below
Anette be sure to check out our other playlists if you guys like this stuff and you want to recommend another video for us you
Can do it down there as well, but my name is Dave Walpole
Thanks for tuning in and you guys just have yourself a fantastic day? Okay, cool. All right my
Okay, guys well if you like this video you should check out our other cool playlists
We got some great military stuff, especially if you like Fighters, this is just our cool
Videos on fighters we've done so many of them. So feel free to check those out, but we'll see you guys later. Okay. Bye
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The Differences Between The F-35 LIGHTING II and The F-16 FIGHTING FALCON

12 Folder Collection
Henry 楊 published on June 8, 2020
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